Where on earth the happiest people reside? What is the best country to live in? If you have these many questions pop up in your mind, continue to read on. Every year our team, Lifestyle9 releases a list “Best countries to live in the world”. It goes viral and takes the internet by storm. By seeing such massive responses, this year we have taken our research to the next level.

A country’s robust economy doesn’t mean that its people are living a joyful and a satisfied life. To determine the life’s real prosperity and happiness, we have to consider all the basic amenities into account. So to make more sense, after conducting numerous surveys and researches from various countries, we have come up with the new “Lifestyle9 Score” based on the following 10 different factors.

How We Calculated the Lifestyle9 Score?

1. Climate

It is well-known that climate and weather can have a major impact on human lives. Climate can be best defined as the average weather condition experienced by humans in a particular place for a long interval of time. Weather and climate specify different factors, but they are related. Extreme hot weather will make you stay at home, whereas extreme cold weather compels for various layers of clothes to be worn over your body.

2. Safety Index

This aspect concerns the crime rate and safety index in a country. The experiences of tourists, as well as international agencies’ data, have been taken into account to determine it.

Personal security of an individual and feeling vulnerable in case of adverse circumstances in any country have been taken into consideration for this variable. The data covers all risks, right from physical assault to every crime. The after-effects may be numerous such as physical and emotional pain with stress, anxiety and loss of property as well as life.

3. Percentage of people aged 15 to 64 that are employed

The labor force is essential to a country’s economy and in this section, the number of population above 15 years of age suitable for work during a specified period, has been included.

4. Environmental Performance Index

The rankings of EPI are based on the performance of countries on environmental issues in two broad areas – preservation of ecosystems and protection of health (human) from any environmental harm or destruction.

5. Life Expectancy

Usually, life expectancy in a country is calculated by the average number of years an individual might live, assuming that the mortality rates in each age should remain constant in the future.

6. Corruption

The Corruption Index was first launched in 1995, and since that time, it has served as a forefront for determining/measuring the levels of corruption in the public sector companies of every country. The index values are, in fact, harsh realities of people living in those countries and are the combined view and data of business people, analysts around the world.

7. Education Index

The Education Index is determined from the “Mean years of schooling index” and the “Expected years of schooling index.”

8. Per Capita Income

It can be best defined as “evaluating the wealth of the population of a country/nation” in comparison with other nations/countries. It is most commonly used to determine a specific country’s living standard. It is expressed in an international currency such as the United States or Eurodollar.

9. Human Development Index

As the name signifies, it is a combined data measurement of literacy, standards of living, life expectancy and quality of life in countries worldwide. Analysts, by using the data, can calculate – if a country is developed, developing or underdeveloped. It is used for evaluating the importance and benefit of various economic policies on the value or quality of life in a country.

10. Natural Safety Index

This parameter is given in the form of percentage values. The percentage usually denotes the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters around the world. The natural negative effects include floods, earthquakes, droughts, storms and sea level rises (tsunami). The range of values and their classification are as follows:

  • 0.10 to 3.61 – Very low
  • 3.63 to 5.68 – Low
  • 5.69 to 7.43 – Medium
  • 7.46 to 10.37 – High
  • 10.46 to 36.43 – Very High
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty – Winston Churchill

Figures apart, each one of these countries has its own traits that can make anyone astonished. We tell you those facts along the way. Now, let’s start our journey in the reverse chronological order.

Top 30 Best Countries To Live In The World

Tell Us, How Happy Are You?

In the scale of 1 to 100 where 100 is the best (perfect) , tell us which country you reside and how happy are you.Hit your comments in the comment section.We’re all ears !



 Lifestyle9 Score : 55.59

best countries to live in

  • The ever growing economy, efficient management of highest population, unbelievable employment rate (more than 100%), all these factors made China to receive the prestigious award, “best of the world in 2014″ from United Nations General Assembly.
  • This country can reemerge from any recession, no matter how badly it hits
  • The prison population of China is reduced greatly since its trade of prison system with rehabilitation camps. According to Chinese government official,
    “A prisoner is of no use to society and is very expensive to take care of.  To become useful to society, we must reform him. Through our rehabilitation camps, they learn to work and become a productive force for society” .It’s just an example as to how they achieve more than 100% employment rate.
  • People of China produce enough food to feed 25% of the global population on just 7% of their cultivable land.
  • Besides to the economy, China has also shown a sharp increase in their technology and military capacity.
  • The bullet trains, vast highway transportation systems, city subways are few other remarkable things that make this country proud.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 60.05

best countries to live in the world

  • Strong religious freedom, Excellent healthcare, High literacy rate, High life expectancy are some important factors that make Japan standout from the rest of the world.
  • In Japan, people die hardly due to diseases. They maintain a high record for keeping diseases at a minimum. Unlike other countries, in Japan diseases are not a major national threatening issue that kills people in the bunch.
  • In Japan, Garbage Cleaner is given the title of Health Engineer. Getting this job is not that easy. He has to take up certificate courses to qualify for this job. Monthly salary of a typical health engineer come around $8000 while in other countries this role hardly exceeds $300.
  • People of Japan follow the rules and regulations by their nature. It made this country to be recognized as the 8th safest country in the world.
  • Regardless of the work pressure, they undergo in their working environment, they still show their compassion to co-workers and other members of society. It is often represented as one of the best qualities of these people.
  • People of Japan are known to be the inventors. Their inventions and successful adoption of technologies often take the world by surprise.

 South Korea

Lifestyle9 Score : 61.14

best country to live in the world

  • Whether want to visit or settle down in South Korea, you can pack your baggage without any second thought because people of this country are amazingly nice. However, it’s good to not plan around its below freezing winter seasons. Winter of Korea is not a joke.
  • People of Korea are tech savvy and have a strong liking towards the luxury brands. They swipe their credit cards more often than any other people in the world. Their credit card usage, high-speed internet everything turned this country as a perfect marketplace for the online luxury retailers.
  • South Korean Television shows and their pop culture often create a direct influence on international consumer purchases.
  • They are the most wired people in the world.82.7% of the South Korean population use the internet They have a virtual super market, digital countdown installed at bus stops and GPS system in every cab.
  • People around the world fly to South Korea not only for their awesome plastic surgical results but also for getting the ideal deals.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 61.83

best countries to live in

  • This small Island is located exactly in the mid of Atlantic ocean. It is blessed with remarkable scenery and, of course, the amazing people.
  • Being a small country in size, it has made some significant contributions to the world’s culture, science, and technology.
  • It is the only nation that keeps a musical instrument as their national symbol.
  • This Island is so small and is so green. Since the animals and plants utilize the best food, water and light available here, their food tastes way better than it does in any other country. So if you want to enjoy some super healthy, super tasty food, plan a trip to Ireland.
  • Ireland is like a home to Golf hence it takes the pride of producing many best golfers in the world.
  • Ireland has many numbers of restored, not seen anywhere castles in the world.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 63.56

best countries to live in

  • Belgium produces the world class chocolates. It has an interesting mix of history and culture.
  • Most of the Belgians are multilingual and multicultural. This country has 3 languages as their national language.
  • Their healthcare system is recognized as one of the best health care systems in the world. It offers world class medical care at the lowest prices to all of its citizens.
  • Belgium has a sound transport system. You can easily move around the Belgium through any mode of transportation. Its roads, railways, and waterways are known as the densest in the world.
  • Americans, Japanese, French and many other expats can find their own cultural associations. Apart from being the informational resources, they offer excellent supportive mechanisms to all newcomers.
  • According to the international surveys, Belgium is one of the most peaceful countries to live in the world.


 Lifestyle9 Score : 64.73

best country to live in

  • French people are well known for their lifestyle. They usually enjoy a better lifestyle than any other people in the world.
  • France is set to have the highest number of Muslim population in the whole Europe.(Nearly 6 million).
  • One of the main factors which enable France to win the ranking is its world-class health care system. Expecting moms are treated like a treasure here.
  • It has won the title of “Best places in the world “ for 5 times in a row by International Living magazine which awards 100 points for its health care, safety & risk and 92 points for its infrastructure.
  • Special things about France are TGV trains, beaches, Food and culture, ski resorts, Extra hospital beds last, but not least it’s always warm climate.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 65.41

best country to live in the world

  • Netherlands enters this list with the best scores in infrastructure, security, health, education and freedom.
  • It has highest numbers of prestigious universities that make it a perfect place for international students.
  • Holland is known as the bicycle capital of the world. Regardless of the seasons and time, you have to cycle everywhere to get around the cities. Not to mention, it keeps them healthy and happy.
  • It is very common for students at Netherlands to take up a master Degree after their Bachelor. After all, employers at this country only consider what you did in your master’s, they hardly consider the Bachelor’s degree. So students here have the luxury of pursuing their interest in their first degree.
  • Netherlands has many exciting attractions. If you ever get a chance to visit Netherlands, never come back without visiting its most charming city, Travelers who had been into multiple countries claim, no other city comes close to the charm of Amsterdam.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 65.60

best countries to live in

  • The best place to retire, wonderful climate offering country, the safest place to live are only a few of the many titles given to Malta by its residents and tourists around the world.
  • If natural disaster risk is what all you worry about, head on to Malta. This country is rated as the second best country for keeping the natural disaster under control.
  • Though this Island is small, it is well known for its world famous attractions, ancient temples, and entertainment venues. Since it has a warm climate for almost 300 days in a year, you can plan a trip to Malta at any time in a year.
  • Low tax rates imposed by Government has made Malta to be one of the most potential locations to set up international businesses. It makes it the best place for property investments too.
  • Considering the Low crime rate, safety measures, and weather, UK Magazine Telegraph has nominated Malta as “No one place to retire abroad”.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 65.81

best countries to live in the world

  • This country offers the most stable climate than any other country in the whole Europe.(3,300 hours of sunshine).
  • Portuguese are very welcoming, gracious & friendly. 90% of the total population speak foreign languages. Mostly English.
  • Being situated in the middle of 3 continents(America, Europe, and Africa) Portugal serves as a central place for all international routes. You can find international airports all around the country.
  • Portugal is one of the very few countries that has a well-defined border with a political stability.
  • For those who want to explore the beauty of Portugal, it offers a modern road network. It only takes not more than 2 hours to move around the major cities from north to south.Its clear and transparent taxation rules make Portugal to be one of the best countries to invest in properties.
  • According to UBS, Cost of living in Portugal is very low when comparing with the all other European Countries.


Lifestyle9 Score : 66.18

best countries to live in the world

  • Although Israel is perceived as the “less peaceful country” by its surrounding enemies, it is actually a very beautiful and livable country.
  • With remarkable scores for health, life expectancy, education and human development indexes, Israel moves up to the 21st position in the best countries list this year. It did pretty well in all other sub-indices too.
  • Israel is blessed with many exciting attractions and wonderful climate, but these are not the primary reasons for their top ranking(11/142) in the world happiness report. It is all about the people who live inside this beautiful country.
  • Being the only liberal democratic country and scoring high in all 10 different factors, it is ranked as the 3rd best country to live in the middle east just behind the Qatar(2) and UAE(7).
  • Being a home to more than 4000 well established high tech companies & startups, it takes the pride of holding the largest number of high-tech firms in the world (aside from the silicon valley). 90% Windows NT OS, AOL Instant Messenger, Voice mail technology were all developed by the young Israelis.


  • Justin Lott

    Your are absolutely correct about one thing, the know nothing’s are the loudest and most arrogant, these are called the “left wing”, lazy, weak, carry my sorry ass, Liberals. Very rarely do you see a republican say “pay for my shit cuz I can’t or won’t.” Wake up sorry America, your arrogant, entitled ideals are eating you to death.

  • gowtham202

    Qatar is 2nd place??

  • Ana

    Portugal shouldn’t be on that list. I finished my BFA last year and couldn’t find a decent job yet. Neither can all the people of my generation. We only have two options, stay and wait until 30 or change country. Every year tons of people leave portugal seeking better opportunities. It’s hard to have a job, its hard to pay the bills, its hard to build a family. But the weather is ok. Attracts lots of tourists though..

  • fn

    I have lived in Denmark and Australia and now dwelling in New Zealand. Visited Dubai as well, and IMHO the critetia ,which is used to rank the countries in the list ahould be revised.
    I would not place Australia anywhere better than NZ. In addition, although, “residents/citizens” of Dubai have a good quality of life, this does not apply most people (expats) living there.

  • Brian

    Don’t believe the numb-skull (above) who provided the critique of Canada – I am Canadian and have lived in many other parts of the world for business. It is a wonderful place to live. I would not live anywhere else – a safe, prosperous place to live work and play.

  • Brian

    I agree with you whole heartedly – Canada is the place to be. Prosperous, safe and wonderful.

  • richard

    I hear Iceland and New zealand

  • Pedro

    Your right Ana, Portugal is wonderful to live in if you already have money or to visit as a tourist (which is the purpose of this kind of reports I think) but if your a local not so much. Besides…look at the comments here, no one really cares about our country so don’t worry! 😛

  • Trey Wilson

    I have been very lucky to have studied and traveled the world extensively. Japan is incredible, so is Hong Kong and Singapore. In fact, Singapore is probably the cleanest, no crime region in all of Asia. The catch – it’s super expensive.

    America is hardly a great place to live. It may be if you are super rich, but for most people – poor to middle class – it’s a backwards shit hole with way too many guns.

    Australia is a fantastic nation, but it is quickly becoming riddled with crime from immigrants from 3rd world Islamic middle eastern countries. Plus they are severely politically correct and the culture of Australia is being eroded to suit the left-wing ideology.

    New Zealand is kind of like Australia 15 years ago. Some great places to live around Wellington. Plus the people are genuinely nice, and down to earth.

    But my favorite place is Italy. Sure, they have immigration problems from Africa and the middle east like most progressive western countries in Europe, but for the most part, the quality of life there is so beautiful. Plus the food and the culture. It can be expensive though, so unless you can afford it, it may be only a nice place to visit. But if I could, I’d drop everything at move there in a heartbeat.

  • Trey Wilson

    NYC is awesome. If you can afford it. But America as a whole is hardly a
    great place to live. It may be if you are super rich, but for most
    people – poor to middle class – it’s a backwards shit hole with way too
    many guns. Plus the people of America are largely obnoxious, arrogant,
    self-obsessed, dumb, and act like sheep. They are glib and clueless
    about any world events outside their own borders, and seem to only care
    about celebrities and sports. Plus the food is terrible. I always laugh
    when I hear Americans talk about how they are the freest and greatest
    nation on earth. Um, no you ain’t. Not anymore.

  • Mehmet Ali Akın

    I am from Turkey, and I felt bad when I read your comments. I am agnostic, and I believe in science, and I have many friends like me. I did not select the country that I was born, and I do not want to live in a place that has Islamic or Catholic traits. If you had said that these developed countries should check the world view of people who enter their countries, I’d agree on that. Instead, your words are very exclusionary, and racist. A person from middle-east can be more intellectual and intelligent than you. The worst thing in the world is racism, and you have it.

  • Trey Wilson

    Explain to me why you think Islam is an actual race.

    I have nothing against people from the middle east. I have Jewish and Arab friends. I just have no desire to live in any country that is ruled under Islamic law. And the truth is, a lot of the places I mentioned ARE indeed being ruined by immigration. Why is it that truth is always seen as hate speech from those who hate the truth/

  • Paul

    I’m afraid unemployment is too high there now for Spain to take 17th place.

  • Paul

    Totally agreed. I live in Finland, and it was such a nice country. Everyone was polite, the environment was clean. Now there are a lot of immigrants here and sometimes it’s even hard to find a finn. They behave nasty, I got into a fight twice already, ’cause of how they behaved with my girlfriend. Disrespectful. They don’t even want to learn the language and don’t want to work, except making kids and getting money from the government for those kids.

  • Paul

    You talk about superpower, yet you’re basically a colony. Europeans made human beings out of u, barbarians.

  • Trey Wilson

    That’s exactly how Australia is becoming too.

  • Ivan Ryumkin

    Actually Denmark doesnt have such a tradition. Some native tribes have. But it is definetely inappropriate in XXI century.

  • Bee

    Speak for yourself. I’m a US citizen (for now) and I don’t agree with ANY of this. I hope everyone reading this knows that you don’t truly represent this country.

  • Bee

    “racism still run rampant. a sense of fear covers everything, unless you live in a hole.” Or any place in the country where there is a low population of people of color. Around these parts, if you don’t see or experience racism personally, it doesn’t exist. Around these parts “white privilege doesn’t exist” because the people who benefit from the privilege don’t accept that life isn’t as easy for other people who aren’t privileged. Even though they used to make us chant every day about how indivisible our country is, we’re pretty damned divided on a LOT of issues, and I think that’s just the way that the government wants us to be because if we’re fighting each other, we’re not fighting them and their corruption. All over the country lately there are groups of people protesting the needless loss of lives of our people at the hands of our police forces, but there are still other groups of people who just keep saying “Don’t break the law, then, and just do what the cop says”. Instead of supporting one another, we’re always just looking for a reason to fight with “the other side.” We’re being controlled by our government and our media, and most of us appear to be too apathetic to even realize it.

  • Bee

    Switzerland is looking real good.

  • Bee

    It’s true that corporations run this country, and it’s true that Republicans are currently the majority in the country. It’s true that they don’t want to pay a living wage and that they don’t want us to have easy or affordable access to healthcare. Some people in the country are very racist, some are very homophobic and bigoted, some are very religious, some are very anti-woman, and some love their guns. However, I don’t think it’s the WORST place you can live, especially if you’re female. I’m not patriotic, but I know this isn’t the worst place there is.

  • Bee

    You have my sympathy.

    Don’t forget about the for-profit prison system and it’s effects on our laws and citizens. Hopefully that won’t spread to your country too.

  • Bee

    I’ve seen the exact same story with “computer parts distributorship” swapped out with some other business at least a dozen times, and I mean word for word. Go ahead and push your “american dream” propaganda if it makes you feel good, but people are waking up to the notion that there is no such thing, so stories like this serve no other purpose than to expose you as a liar.

  • Mark_in_VA

    Is this a joke? UAE? Did you not read even what you wrote? No one with any respect for an open, free society would even think of living there.

  • Mike Anonymous

    Why is unemployment bad? Please see https://unemploymentisgood.wordpress.com/

  • Harry Boothby

    I believe Australia is the best

  • Harry Boothby

    Denmark, Australia, or Switzerland i believe. the top 2 are way to populated. Denmark has very high living standards, and Switzerland has very good human rights and pention protection, australian people are the richest in the world and also have great living standards, I’ll have to go with a draw

  • Berg

    Hahaha, what? I live in Denmark, and have never ever ever heard of horrible stuff like that.

  • john flowers

    you say US is the most powerful in the world yet they got kicked out of vienam lost millions of troops in the 2dn war against japan and germany let comunist into cuba let russaia rule half the world and still does , please tell us all when did US ever win any thing ?even japan they lost control 5 years after war what was it all for ? the middle east is a time bomb as is n/ korea they may have the big gun but foriegn policy what forien policy shot first ask question later on they are just a bunch of cowboys pricks .and every body knows it yet all the english speaking countries are so far up there ars nobody will ever see the light of none have any balls to say enough is enough wait untill china flexis it might and it will god help all of us get the gun out john wayne

  • dor

    israel for ever!!! between defends* wars we are trying our best to live, the only light in the middle east

  • Kaspar Galli

    Note to the writer of this article: Sorry, but I cannot let this one slide. Having been born and raised in Switzerland and living in the USA for 26 years it never fails to amaze me how many Americans think Sweden and Switzerland is one and the same country. When I tell people that I am Swiss I hear them say on a daily basis: “So then you’re from Sweden, right?” Wrong. To hear this coming out of Joe Schmo’s mouth is one thing, but to read a similar mistake (not a typo) in a serious piece about international quality of living strikes me as quite rich.
    The author of this otherwise informative article writes in paragraph 5 of tenth ranked Sweden:
    “Surprisingly, people in SWITZERLAND are not affected bla blah….”, but the chapter is about SWEDEN.
    Please get it straight: People from Switzerland are called Swiss, people from Sweden are called Swedish. Not that difficult. Two TOTALLY different countries. The distance from Zurich to Stockholm is over 900 miles and there is this huge country called Germany inbetween, and you will have to cross the frosty North Sea to get there. And no, Switzerland is not part of Scandinavia either. The languages could not be more different. I mean I have more trouble understanding Swedish than Chinese. I could go on and on pointing out the vast differences in climate, politics, food, religions etc. but I will spare you. The only similarity between the two countries are the first two letters of their names: Sw………. still confused? Might as well throw Swaziland in the mix. And no, I don’t speak Swaheli either.

  • Benjamin Rudy Kassier

    Were you on crack when you wrote this article? I am a Belgian, NZ permanent resident and been living in Singapore for 5 years. This article made my day – I am 100% sure you are either a very proud Singaporean or you haven’t set foot on the little red dot. Calling it the best country to live in is like calling the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarianism the best religion in the world. It made for a good laugh though – keep it up!

  • a


  • Holly

    At the expense of the Palestinians who are suffering immensely and have lost their homes and rights. Funny how they can’t go back and live on the land passed down to them over generations yet any Euro Jew who never stepped foot on the land can go and get paid to emmigrate. “the only light”… so sad…

  • Holly

    Wow. Just… wow.

  • Holly

    You live in fear. Hard to believe that you have actual friends who are Arab with such an ignorant mind. “racism” is the stereotyping of an entire culture, and yes Islam is a religion but is also a culture. You just grouped all Muslims under the umbrella of the ones who bother you because you overlook the majority of the ones who don’t.

  • Holly

    NYC is cold and shitty.

  • Holly

    Too hot.

  • Holly

    I laugh at how you assume one person speaks for us all.

  • Trey Wilson

    No offense, but you sound pretty dim. Might want to get out and see the world a bit more, sweetheart.

  • Natasha Shneider

    Thanks for your input. It’s fixed now

  • Kaspar Galli

    Thanks for your effort to correct it! Now I can shut up :-)

  • Jim Sarver

    The saddest thing about the comments I read here is simply that Islam might be a culture much of the world would embrace if it were not for the radicals that have given it a bad name. I am American, and no matter what any of you say, the freedoms MUCH of the world enjoy have come at the expense of American lives. I will grant you, we have gotten involved in places we maybe shouldn’t have at times, but I’ll take the bad with all of the good that we have accomplished. Radical Islam is a cancer that is slowly eating away at the world, slowly destroying once peaceful nations, and eventually it will cause the worst form of world war ever conceived, because it will be civil war all at once in EVERY nation. I don’t live in fear, I live in reality. If you look at the percentage of areas that are now occupied with radical Islam groups like ISIS, and others, and compare it…..just geographically….with where the world was 10 years ago…..the rapid advance is absolutely frightening. What makes it worse is that the rest of the Islamic world seems content to sit back and watch it happen for the most part, maybe feeling that is the radicals take over the WHOLE world, THEN they can come forward and calm them down…..let the radicals do the dirty work. Maybe there is a better explanation, but I certainly don’t see it. The great “Satan” in all of this is made by the radicals to be the USA. OUR flags are burned, OUR people are beheaded……even though in the middle of it all we send money to feed their people. I don’t get it, and I never will.

  • Name

    I personally dont care if I offend anybody because truth is truth but notice all those great countries have not much of certain groups of people, well thats why crime is so low, like it or not I have decided no more PC from me, I will talk facts and truth and at my age do not give a rats &ss if it hurts some wimps feelings….

  • Sharmayne Sargent

    Um sorry but any country that follows the sharia law is not a country that i would even want to visit, yet alone live! And singapore? Are we disregarding animal cruelty? Yeah totally don’t agree with this list! Like at all! And by the way if the muslim countries are so peaceful, its because everyones to bloody scared to do anything incase they get stoned to death or 100 lashes…or get there leg chopped off! Maybe they’re happy because they’ve never known any different.
    I believe that the way it should be calculated in order is
    1. Safety 2. Law 3. Animal treatment (eg not sedating animals and generally being cruel for the entertainment of tourists),4. Education and health 7. Access to things like the internet 8. Wealth and employment.
    Safety has to be no.1
    Like if i could leave my house unlocked and feel safe like i already do and dont have to have a gun in my bag, then im in a good country! Australia! (Not saying were the best though but we might be)

  • Sharmayne Sargent

    Thankyou ! Thankyou ! For stating the obvious about australia And the crime from immigrants! If you even say one word about them over here you are labled a racist!! Its ridiculous! I have seen first hand towns turn to shit after the muslim community had taken over.
    I have now left the suburbs because the crime had gotten so bad after the lebanese people took up the majority and formed gangs ect. I now live in the country which is now quickly becoming high in crime aswel due to the immigrants that have been placed up here within the last 10years! Sudanese people have flooded us and have formed gangs and its just horrible! We never had robberies thefts or stabbings rapes, not in our little community! And i cant say anything because they pull out the racist card ! Im not racist im just telling it how it is. Some of them are nice and i would happily have them as neighbors and friends! Too bad the majority give them a bad name. Australia will be shit in 50years guaranteed because they will never crack down on ethinic crime because its ‘racism’

  • Sharmayne Sargent

    Racist card again.

  • Sharmayne Sargent

    Racist card again

  • Trey Wilson

    All the same to an American. Just call her “foreign.”

  • tan yi jie

    in Singapore, nobody carries guns btw because there it isnt allowed and nobody sells it in the first place. Look at the Australia cafe siege and now u saying that Australia is very safe? i dont think so

  • tan yi jie

    if u sat switzerland or sweden maybe i will agree but not australia for sure if you are talking about safety

  • Sharmayne Sargent

    Nobody carries guns down the street legally in australia either lol ! We are not america! The ‘seige’ was carried out by a muslim who migrated here. If you read another comment i made, i mentioned that australia is becoming unsafe due to immigration/gangs/religion which of course I will be labled a racist.. which i am not. Just pointing out the facts which no one wants to face. Singapore has alot of poverty/slums. Each to there own.
    I would never feel safe in the suburbs but living out in the country, it is awesome living in Aus but i don’t know how the UAE got higher than Aus if i remember correctly.. ?

  • Ahmad

    UAE should be number one, safest country, rich, nice, human rights, bla bla bla so why are you talking about UAE

  • Mark_in_VA

    Apparently you didn’t read what the author wrote, either. Let me help you.

    The judicial system is based on the Sharia law – flogging can be
    given as punishment for acts such as premarital sex, adultery and
    alcohol consumption. The number of floggings can vary depending on the
    case – for example, people kissing in public may receive 80 lashes. For
    premarital sex, the number of lashes is 100.

    Homosexuality is considered immoral in Sharia law and labeled a
    capital offense. Stoning and amputation are considered a legal
    punishment in the UAE.

    If you are an expatriate, you are forbidden to publicly smoke, drink
    or eat during the month of Ramadan between the duration of sunrise and
    sunset. People exempted from the strict practice of Ramadan are children
    and pregnant women. The law applies to the entire public, whether you
    be a Muslim or a non-Muslim. You would find all restaurants closed
    during the set time.

  • Nigel Denning

    82% of Americans have never had a passport. They’re the most insular nation on Earth. 40% of them don’t know what country borders them on the south (er, Mexico! Duh!) and 60% couldn’t find Australia on a map. The only reason Americans think America is a great country is because they simply don’t know any better.

  • Nigel Denning

    Denmark is far too socialist, has very high taxes to support the benefit claimants and students, and they have a spineless Government that wants the country to be run by Muslims. With the exception of Sweden, it is the European country most likely to implement Sharia Law. Who on Earth would want to live there?! It’d put it about 150th on the list.

  • Nigel Denning

    Yeah, it look me a full 5 minutes to stop laughing when I saw that! It just tickled me so much! I guess the author has a sense of humour – or just decided a standard of living was something only men should have and not women, children or animals. UAE must surely in the bottom 6 along with Colombia, Pakistan, North Korea, Somalia & Nigeria.

  • Nigel Denning

    For who? Obviously not the women, unless you think they like being raped and stoned to death.

  • Nigel Denning

    And dirty, and expensive, and not very safe! I read that NYPD have paid out $500 million in compensation in the last 5 years to the people they’ve brutalised, I bet the Glenn Broadnax incident will cost them a bunch more. Who want’s to live in a city with the most out of control police department in the World?

  • Nigel Denning

    Denmark is far too socialist, has very high taxes to support the benefit claimants and students, and they have a spineless Government that wants the country to be run by Muslims. With the exception of Sweden, it is the European country most likely to implement Sharia Law. Who on Earth would want to live there?! It’d put it about 150th on the list.

  • Nigel Denning

    New Zealand has to be the number one. But Iceland?! Seriously?! The clue is in the name – ICE. It’s permanently bl**dy freezing!

  • Nigel Denning

    Yeah, it’s a great place if you like Sharia Law, or if you’re a muslim man and want to rape women with impunity! Most spineless Government in the World and certain to be kicking out indigenous Swedes in less than 20 years when you have a Prime Minister called Mohammed, and all the women have been stoned to death for being pretty and showing their faces in public!

  • Mark_in_VA

    Don’t forget 25% of them don’t know/don’t believe the Earth revolves around the Sun, and 46% think humans and dinosaurs co-existed. It’s truly embarrassing the degree of anti-intellectualism here.

  • Johnson

    You can imagine such backwardness. Sorry to say but Islam is very intolerant. You can imagine a country like Nigeria where the president, a moslem is agitating for the implementation of Sharia law.
    Boko Haram is busy bombing churches in the most populous moslem parts. The bad thing is that moslems are not more than the non moslems but they want to subject their will on the majority.

  • Loubna

    The only logical comment here

  • Loubna

    Very wrong calumny !!! no need any racist to make a good assessment. I’m living in UAE more than 10 years now, safe place and respectful specially for woman, and although it is a Muslim country, but it respects all religions and beliefs and impose strict legal punishments against anyone who abusing any religion or belief of others..

  • Hawae Hawae

    The only light in the middle east !!!!!!!!! . do you mean candles lights burning by the
    blood of children

    The most unfortunate sentence in the article is (((Although Israel is
    perceived as the “less peaceful country” by its surrounding enemies, it is
    actually a very beautiful and livable country))).!!!!!!!!

    Who is the real enemy and the oppressor!! Who is the aggressor of the biggest criminal in
    the human history with injustice only destroying people and enjoying the
    ugliest methods of killing and torture children generation after generation…

    Anyone who denies that reality he is a hypocrite inevitably.

    The rest of the peaceable Jews of the world those who are against oppressor and killing
    children they are not lucky to live in Israel. it will smudge them with its
    crimes forever

  • Nigel Denning

    I’m sorry Loubna, but for a woman to subscribe to Islam is like a black man subscribing to slavery. Obviously fear will stop most Muslim women from speaking out, as it does you, but outside of the UAE where censorship allows us to see the level of corruption and oppression, we view deluded women like you with pure pity. Sorry!

  • Kristoffer Lyder

    Denmark better then norway? What a joke poll this is… we also have 52 weeks after birth in norway. And it is Fully paid. Pluss 2 weeks for the father on birth.. also paid. Seriously, most of this poll is made by people who has never stepped a single foot in norway. Ignorants. Most likely cus they will never afford it aswell. On my 4th week of vacation out of 8 in total also fully paid. Why on earth do people risk their life to migrate to norway? Because even they get paid to form a life here whitout lifting a single finger. Regards from Norway

  • sammy

    Its not racist to point out the immorality of a group of people are when they come in and rape, steal, and claim rights that they never had in their previous country. Its dishonest to cry racism for the obvious faults. Instead of saying I’m sorry for my peoples short comings you cry racism.

  • sammy

    With the amount of crime in America in the large cities you would wish you had a gun. Robberies, home invasions? You want to wait for the police? Good luck with that. I totally agree that there is large swathe of people in America who are obnoxious, arrogant, self-obsessed, dumb and act like sheep. Their food supply has been compromised by big corporations. America is not the freest and greatest nation on earth. I think they are one the most corrupt morally deficient cultures on earth. I think God is going to put them in their place.

  • evilED

    That’s probably because the center left could run a cohesive government while in office.