Where on earth the happiest people reside? What is the best country to live in? If you have these many questions pop up in your mind, continue to read on. Every year our team, Lifestyle9 releases a list “Best countries to live in the world”. It goes viral and takes the internet by storm. By seeing such massive responses, this year we have taken our research to the next level.

A country’s robust economy doesn’t mean that its people are living a joyful and a satisfied life. To determine the life’s real prosperity and happiness, we have to consider all the basic amenities into account. So to make more sense, after conducting numerous surveys and researches from various countries, we have come up with the new “Lifestyle9 Score” based on the following 10 different factors.

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1. Climate

It is well-known that climate and weather can have a major impact on human lives. Climate can be best defined as the average weather condition experienced by humans in a particular place for a long interval of time. Weather and climate specify different factors, but they are related. Extreme hot weather will make you stay at home, whereas extreme cold weather compels for various layers of clothes to be worn over your body.

2. Safety Index

This aspect concerns the crime rate and safety index in a country. The experiences of tourists, as well as international agencies’ data, have been taken into account to determine it.

Personal security of an individual and feeling vulnerable in case of adverse circumstances in any country have been taken into consideration for this variable. The data covers all risks, right from physical assault to every crime. The after-effects may be numerous such as physical and emotional pain with stress, anxiety and loss of property as well as life.

3. Percentage of people aged 15 to 64 that are employed

The labor force is essential to a country’s economy and in this section, the number of population above 15 years of age suitable for work during a specified period, has been included.

4. Environmental Performance Index

The rankings of EPI are based on the performance of countries on environmental issues in two broad areas – preservation of ecosystems and protection of health (human) from any environmental harm or destruction.

5. Life Expectancy

Usually, life expectancy in a country is calculated by the average number of years an individual might live, assuming that the mortality rates in each age should remain constant in the future.

6. Corruption

The Corruption Index was first launched in 1995, and since that time, it has served as a forefront for determining/measuring the levels of corruption in the public sector companies of every country. The index values are, in fact, harsh realities of people living in those countries and are the combined view and data of business people, analysts around the world.

7. Education Index

The Education Index is determined from the “Mean years of schooling index” and the “Expected years of schooling index.”

8. Per Capita Income

It can be best defined as “evaluating the wealth of the population of a country/nation” in comparison with other nations/countries. It is most commonly used to determine a specific country’s living standard. It is expressed in an international currency such as the United States or Eurodollar.

9. Human Development Index

As the name signifies, it is a combined data measurement of literacy, standards of living, life expectancy and quality of life in countries worldwide. Analysts, by using the data, can calculate – if a country is developed, developing or underdeveloped. It is used for evaluating the importance and benefit of various economic policies on the value or quality of life in a country.

10. Natural Safety Index

This parameter is given in the form of percentage values. The percentage usually denotes the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters around the world. The natural negative effects include floods, earthquakes, droughts, storms and sea level rises (tsunami). The range of values and their classification are as follows:

  • 0.10 to 3.61 – Very low
  • 3.63 to 5.68 – Low
  • 5.69 to 7.43 – Medium
  • 7.46 to 10.37 – High
  • 10.46 to 36.43 – Very High


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty – Winston Churchill

Figures apart, each one of these countries has its own traits that can make anyone astonished. We tell you those facts along the way. Now, let’s start our journey in the reverse chronological order.

Top 30 Best Countries To Live In The World

Tell Us, How Happy Are You?

In the scale of 1 to 100 where 100 is the best (perfect) , tell us which country you reside and how happy are you.Hit your comments in the comment section.We’re all ears !



 Lifestyle9 Score : 55.59

best countries to live in

  • The ever growing economy, efficient management of highest population, unbelievable employment rate ([symple_highlight color=”blue”]more than 100%[/symple_highlight]), all these factors made China to receive the prestigious award, “best of the world in 2014” from United Nations General Assembly.
  • This country can reemerge from any recession, no matter how badly it hits
  • The prison population of China is reduced greatly since its trade of prison system with rehabilitation camps. According to Chinese government official,
    “A prisoner is of no use to society and is very expensive to take care of.  To become useful to society, we must reform him. Through our rehabilitation camps, they learn to work and become a productive force for society” .It’s just an example as to how they achieve more than 100% employment rate.
  • [symple_highlight color=”blue”]People of China produce enough food to feed 25% of the global population on just 7% of their cultivable land.[/symple_highlight]
  • Besides to the economy, China has also shown a sharp increase in their technology and military capacity.
  • The bullet trains, vast highway transportation systems, city subways are few other remarkable things that make this country proud.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 60.05

best countries to live in the world

  • Strong religious freedom, Excellent healthcare, High literacy rate, High life expectancy are some important factors that make Japan standout from the rest of the world.
  • In Japan, people die hardly due to diseases. They maintain a high record for keeping diseases at a minimum. Unlike other countries, [symple_highlight color=”blue”]in Japan diseases are not a major national threatening issue that kills people in the bunch[/symple_highlight].
  • [symple_highlight color=”blue”]In Japan, Garbage Cleaner is given the title of Health Engineer[/symple_highlight]. Getting this job is not that easy. He has to take up certificate courses to qualify for this job. Monthly salary of a typical health engineer come around $8000 while in other countries this role hardly exceeds $300.
  • People of Japan follow the rules and regulations by their nature. It made this country to be recognized as the 8th safest country in the world.
  • Regardless of the work pressure, they undergo in their working environment, they still show their compassion to co-workers and other members of society. It is often represented as one of the best qualities of these people.
  • People of Japan are known to be the inventors. Their inventions and successful adoption of technologies often take the world by surprise.

 South Korea

Lifestyle9 Score : 61.14

best country to live in the world

  • Whether want to visit or settle down in South Korea, you can pack your baggage without any second thought because people of this country are amazingly nice. However, it’s good to not plan around its below freezing winter seasons. Winter of Korea is not a joke.
  • [symple_highlight color=”blue”]People of Korea are tech savvy and have a strong liking towards the luxury brands[/symple_highlight]. They swipe their credit cards more often than any other people in the world. Their credit card usage, high-speed internet everything turned this country as a perfect marketplace for the online luxury retailers.
  • South Korean Television shows and their pop culture often create a direct influence on international consumer purchases.
  • They are the most wired people in the world.82.7% of the South Korean population use the internet They have a virtual super market, digital countdown installed at bus stops and GPS system in every cab.
  • People around the world fly to South Korea not only for their awesome plastic surgical results but also for getting the ideal deals.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 61.83

best countries to live in

  • This small Island is located exactly in the mid of Atlantic ocean. It is blessed with remarkable scenery and, of course, the amazing people.
  • Being a small country in size, it has made some significant contributions to the world’s culture, science, and technology.
  • It is the only nation that keeps a musical instrument as their national symbol.
  • This Island is so small and is so green. Since the animals and plants utilize the best food, water and light available here, their food tastes way better than it does in any other country. So if you want to enjoy some super healthy, super tasty food, plan a trip to Ireland.
  • [symple_highlight color=”blue”]Ireland is like a home to Golf hence it takes the pride of producing many best golfers in the world[/symple_highlight].
  • Ireland has many numbers of restored, not seen anywhere castles in the world.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 63.56

best countries to live in

  • Belgium produces the world class chocolates. It has an interesting mix of history and culture.
  • [symple_highlight color=”blue”]Most of the Belgians are multilingual and multicultural. This country has 3 languages as their national language.[/symple_highlight]
  • Their healthcare system is recognized as one of the best health care systems in the world. It offers world class medical care at the lowest prices to all of its citizens.
  • Belgium has a sound transport system. You can easily move around the Belgium through any mode of transportation. Its roads, railways, and waterways are known as the densest in the world.
  • Americans, Japanese, French and many other expats can find their own cultural associations. Apart from being the informational resources, they offer excellent supportive mechanisms to all newcomers.
  • According to the international surveys, Belgium is one of the most peaceful countries to live in the world.


 Lifestyle9 Score : 64.73

best country to live in

  • French people are well known for their lifestyle. They usually enjoy a better lifestyle than any other people in the world.
  • France is set to have the highest number of Muslim population in the whole Europe.(Nearly 6 million).
  • One of the main factors which enable France to win the ranking is its world-class health care system. [symple_highlight color=”blue”]Expecting moms are treated like a treasure here[/symple_highlight].
  • It has won the title of “Best places in the world “ for 5 times in a row by International Living magazine which awards 100 points for its health care, safety & risk and 92 points for its infrastructure.
  • Special things about France are TGV trains, beaches, Food and culture, ski resorts, Extra hospital beds last, but not least it’s always warm climate.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 65.41

best country to live in the world

  • Netherlands enters this list with the best scores in infrastructure, security, health, education and freedom.
  • It has highest numbers of prestigious universities that make it a perfect place for international students.
  • Holland is known as the bicycle capital of the world. Regardless of the seasons and time, [symple_highlight color=”blue”]you have to cycle everywhere to get around the cities. Not to mention, it keeps them healthy and happy.[/symple_highlight]
  • It is very common for students at Netherlands to take up a master Degree after their Bachelor. After all, employers at this country only consider what you did in your master’s, they hardly consider the Bachelor’s degree. So students here have the luxury of pursuing their interest in their first degree.
  • Netherlands has many exciting attractions. If you ever get a chance to visit Netherlands, never come back without visiting its most charming city, Travelers who had been into multiple countries claim, no other city comes close to the charm of Amsterdam.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 65.60

best countries to live in

  • The best place to retire, wonderful climate offering country, the safest place to live are only a few of the many titles given to Malta by its residents and tourists around the world.
  • If natural disaster risk is what all you worry about, head on to Malta. [symple_highlight color=”blue”]This country is rated as the second best country for keeping the natural disaster under control.[/symple_highlight]
  • Though this Island is small, it is well known for its world famous attractions, ancient temples, and entertainment venues. Since it has a warm climate for almost 300 days in a year, you can plan a trip to Malta at any time in a year.
  • Low tax rates imposed by Government has made Malta to be one of the most potential locations to set up international businesses. It makes it the best place for property investments too.
  • Considering the Low crime rate, safety measures, and weather, UK Magazine Telegraph has nominated Malta as “No one place to retire abroad”.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 65.81

best countries to live in the world

  • This country offers the most stable climate than any other country in the whole Europe.(3,300 hours of sunshine).
  • Portuguese are very welcoming, gracious & friendly. 90% of the total population speak foreign languages. Mostly English.
  • Being situated in the middle of 3 continents(America, Europe, and Africa) Portugal serves as a central place for all international routes. You can find international airports all around the country.
  • Portugal is one of the very few countries that has a well-defined border with a political stability.
  • For those who want to explore the beauty of Portugal, it offers a modern road network. It only takes not more than 2 hours to move around the major cities from north to south.[symple_highlight color=”blue”]Its clear and transparent taxation rules make Portugal to be one of the best countries to invest in properties.[/symple_highlight]
  • According to UBS, Cost of living in Portugal is very low when comparing with the all other European Countries.


Lifestyle9 Score : 66.18

best countries to live in the world

  • Although Israel is perceived as the “less peaceful country” by its surrounding enemies, it is actually a very beautiful and livable country.
  • With remarkable scores for health, life expectancy, education and human development indexes, Israel moves up to the 21st position in the best countries list this year. It did pretty well in all other sub-indices too.
  • Israel is blessed with many exciting attractions and wonderful climate, but these are not the primary reasons for their top ranking(11/142) in the world happiness report. It is all about the people who live inside this beautiful country.
  • Being the only liberal democratic country and scoring high in all 10 different factors, it is ranked as the 3rd best country to live in the middle east just behind the Qatar(2) and UAE(7).
  • [symple_highlight color=”blue”]Being a home to more than 4000 well established high tech companies & startups, it takes the pride of holding the largest number of high-tech firms in the world (aside from the silicon valley)[/symple_highlight]. 90% Windows NT OS, AOL Instant Messenger, Voice mail technology were all developed by the young Israelis.