Cheat Sheet To Obtain The Magical 800 Credit Score


So you want to have 800 credit score? Although it’s a dream for almost everyone only 13% of the total population have this magic credit score. National average credit score is 692 and the National median score is 723. Securing this magical score to stand out from the rest is somewhat a difficult task. So how you can achieve this magical 800 credit score?

So if you want to unlock the secret behind this 800 credit score you should take the suggestions straight from the horse’s mouth.




Its FICO’s official website. Mostly in this site most of the people will try to sell different things with the name of credit score monitoring services. Apart from those this site offers so many useful info on increasing your credit score.

Winners of 800 Credit Score

If you already know anyone who have attained the credit score in this desired range, you can better ask them and dig into the details of their payment history, credit utilization, their credit history and more.

Do you think it’s too much work? here is your cheat sheet.

Following suggestions are given from the MyFICO website about their so called achievers.

1. Age of accounts

People who have achieved the credit score in the range 760 to 800 have their account with an age of at least 6 years. But I know you can’t have control over this factor. But don’t worry , it’s not the only thing that contributes to the 800 credit score.

People who hit this score in their 20’s is a rare case. Most of the people fail to hit this score even in their 30’s.

2. Bad debt

Do you have any collection or public records on your credit history? No high achiever have this on their record. Although you did everything else in a good shape, you can’t obtain a perfect score with even on ER charged off. Don’t think I am discouraging you. With the bad debt charged off, you can attain a credit score in the range 700+ but seriously, if you want to hit the 800 credit score, just take action whatever you can do to prevent the charge-offs. Unfortunately if you have that on your record already, just find out some ways to clear them.

3. Number of accounts

I know some people who want to scare people with the horror stories of credit cards. But to be frank, if you use them in a correct way, it can help you a lot in achieving the 800 credit score. There is no limit on how many credit cards you can have as long as you manage them rightly.

4. Mix of credit

If you are serious about obtaining the 800 credit score, then you have to accept the fact that a right mix of many different credit account is imperative.

Your credit card limits plays a major role in achieving the 800 credit score. How FICO calculates its credit score is kept as a secret. But one thing is sure. If you keenly notice the high achiever’s credit limit, these are not confined to some $1000 or $2000 credit limit. So just try to get a credit card from the players who offers high credit limits.

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  • James Moninger

    RE: Collections or public records on credit report

    “No high achiever can have this on their record.” Really? People who have experienced serious and unplanned medical conditions, people who lost their homes in the recession, people experiencing chronic unemployment despite having college degrees and years of experience: these folks should just suck it up and come to the self-realization that they are losers.

    This article feeds into the popular dogma that one’s credit score is a measure of one’s worth as a human being. I hope I live long enough to see a time when this is no longer the case.