Top 50 Real Life Hacks To Make Up Your Day


Life hacks are some odd-yet-simple ideas which can make our life simpler. Some results in the speedy work while others results in lightening the task.

However there are many occasions in life where you need to think out of box so that you can simplify your life. Here is the collection of some useful funny life hack tricks. Take a minute and check out the pictures. I bet, you will ask yourself “why didn’t i think this?”

Decorative book stands

It’s time to take your old school books once again. Don’t get panic. This time purpose of taking the book is not for study. You are going to decorate your home elegantly with those annoying books. Yes, think out of box.

life hacks

 Wow your breakfast with heart in shaped eggs

life hacks

Life hacks with light bulbs


Smart fish tank cleaner

For all fish loving people cleaning the dirt of the fish tank is really an annoying thing. When the tank is filled up with sand, pebbles or some other decorative thing clean up will become more complicated.

Just apply your old school principle of physics to separate the dirt and protect your hands from getting nasty. This is where the use of simple life hacks come into play effectively.

life hacks

  • I’m just outraged about the books. Reading is my everything, and exploiting the old books in such a way isn’t a life hack, actually. It isn’t eco-friendly as well. I’ve been engaged into with the support of the Earth Day Community from activities throughout the globe, where we also take care about the old and new books people throw away.
    I do expect people to become more nature friendly and respect the people who care about nature. Books should be read.