Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based On Their Fatalities


Some dog breeds have more potential to cause injuries to a victim than other breeds and this is exactly why we call them “dangerous”. Based on the number of accidents caused by different dog breeds in US and Canada, I have compiled the list of top 10 most dangerous dog breeds.

According to the research from Animal people in US and Canada – right from the period September 1882 to 31 December 2012 — Pitbulls and Rottweilers have topped the dangerous dog breeds list because they are supposed to be causing more dog fatalities and injuries.

Check out the table below for detailed statistics

Breed Bodily harm Child Victims Adult Victims Deaths Maiming % of dog population
Pit bull 2235 911 806 233 1268 4.4
Rottweiler 495 278 131 81 277 2.2
Husky 71 44 5 24 20 0.05
German shepherd 96 60 28 14 59 2.3
Chow 55 36 16 7 37 0.01%

No 1: Pitbulls

If you are someone, who is familiar with almost all the dog breeds, then I am sure, seeing a “Pitbull” in the list of “top 10 most dangerous dogs” must be a big surprise. When compared to other dog breeds, death rates caused by Pitpulls are far higher. Due to its aggressive nature, some state governments have even banned breeding of Pitbulls.

dangerous dog breedsIt weighs around 55 to 65 lbs.

Facts About Pit Bulls

  • Though these dedicated companions love people more than anything but improper training can sometimes make them aggressive. They can even attack humans if not trained the right way. Otherwise, they won’t harm humans
  • 86.8% of American Pit Bull Terriers have passed their temperament tests
  • No matter what the task is, when pit bulls are committed to any task, they carry out it with full enthusiasm. It’s often the nature of pit bulls, which make us think that they have locking Jaws especially when they bite on something and refuse to release it that easily
  • Pitbulls are widely known for illegal sport of dog fighting

No 2: Rottweilers

Rottweilers occupy second place in my list of “top 10 most dangerous dog breeds”. As a territorial animal, these can guard your home really well. Most owners of Rottweilers find them bit soft. But they can get aggressive if they are not trained right.

top 10 most dangerous dogs

These dogs weigh around 100 to 130 lbs

Rottweiler Facts

  • Rottweilers fall under “working dog breeds” category. It is one of the widely known Rottweiler facts
  • Life expectancy of this dangerous dog breed is around 12 to 14 years
  • After completing their first year, Rottweilers are considered as adults. 1 Rottweiler year is equivalent to 16 years of human age. After they complete 2 years, just add 5 years to find its equivalent human age
  • Generally, Rottweilers are considered unsuitable for family pet

No 3: Huskies

Although Huskies look puffy and soft, reports say that 15 people have died in the last 20 years because of them. Since these dogs are very energetic, they should be taken on regular walks. A well-trained Huskey will be very loyal to its family’s lives.



It weighs around 66 lbs.
Husky Facts

  • Although huskies have nabbed a spot in the list of most dangerous dog breeds, generally they are more friendly towards children, your visitors and other dogs. But again, you should train them properly
  • However, factors like improper training, poor socialization and bad social experiences can turn them aggressive
  • Due to its high shedding, huskies often don’t suit people who are allergic to dog hairs or want their home to be clean all the time

No 4: German Shepherds

“German Shepherd” is a very intelligent and powerful animal. However, they are reported to be more dangerous too. That’s why it has raised them to 4th in the list of top ten most dangerous dogs. These dogs can serve you loyal but when they are not treated well, they can be dangerous too.

dangerous dog breeds

It weighs around 100 lbs.

·         German shepherd Facts

  • Even though their aggressive nature had labeled them to be as one of the dangerous dogs but when they are trained properly, believe me — they are your best companion (and I’m saying this from my personal experience)
  • By nature, German Shepherd is fond of food, fun and friends
  • These dogs show immense curiosity in exploring their surroundings. If you own one, you must have observed. This inquisitiveness behavior is apparently when he or she is a puppy
  • German shepherd can pick up great speed & at the same time can halt all of a sudden without stumbling on anything or its surroundings
  • German shepherd is an extreme hair shredder. Even if you brush its hair for every 15 minutes, you will still see hairs floating in air. So brush its hair every day if you want to keep your home hygiene
  • Though German Shepherds are subject to suffer from many different types of illnesses, most common one is “hip dysplasia”, which occurs due to poor breeding practices

No 5: Alaskan Malamutes

In my list of list of top 10 most dangerous dogs, Alaskan Malamutes are very intelligent breeds. Just like Huskies, these are very energetic. However, when their energy is not used positively, they can turn aggressive.


It weigh around 100 lbs.

Facts About Alaskan Malamutes

  • Alaskan malamutes are slow learners. So you will need a lot of patience to train these dog breeds
  • These dogs are prolific hair shedders. Just bring Alaskan Malamutes to your home and watch how sooner your home is piled with whole lot of hairs
  • Alaskan Malamutes have the ability to make variety of sounds in order to convey their needs to you. As these dog breeds enjoy human company, you got to spend plenty of time with them to keep them happy
  • They need whole lot of energy, exercise, love and your attention too. Malamutes that lack exercises frequently misbehave & at times can turn dangerous too
  • They are ridiculously friendly with well-behaved kids
  • These dog breeds insist you to allow them to be a part of your family activities

No 6: Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans are widely known for alertness, loyalty and intelligence. You can see these dogs guarding almost everywhere. It usually attacks when its master’s family faces some sort of danger. It also takes over when it is aroused.

top ten most dangerous dogs

It weighs around 65 to 90 lbs

Doberman Pinschers Facts

  • These intelligent dog breeds are often referred as “Dogs with a human brain”. Although Doberman pinchers serve you faithfully, you still have to train them properly with your leadership. Else, they assume they are the leaders
  • These dogs will do their best when they have something to do. They can even watch TV, help your business and suddenly can sit on your lap too. However, they are completely reserved with strangers.
  • Doberman pinchers can do self-estimations. So if your family is being threatened, you don’t have to utter a word. They will automatically sense and do everything to protect you
  •  As these dogs are highly intelligent and energetic, improper training can cause behavioral issues. This is why it has made my list of dangerous dog breeds.
  • These dog breeds are more sensitive to sounds. In fact, they can hear sounds 250 yards away

No 7: Chow Chows

These dogs are very independent. However, when they are not bred with proper attention, they easily turn aggressive. As one of the top ten most dangerous dogs, it weighs around 70 lbs.


Chow Chow Facts

  • Chow Chow dog breed is the only dog breed that has purplish lips and tongue
  • Originating in China, Chow Chows are there since 4000 years. Therefore, they are believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds. Some experts believe that these dogs were the very ones to be evolved from wolves.
  • Chow Chows are usually stubborn. As they are more dominant, it’s good to train and socialize them when they are young
  • Once Chow Chows complete 1 year, they should be considered adults

No 8: Great Danes

Great Danes are claimed to be unique dog breeds, capturing the attention of public wherever they go. These dogs weigh around 200 pounds. Since they are gigantic, you can imagine the kind of fear they can pose on an opponent. Even if you are fond of dogs, when you look at it suddenly, it can startle you. However, Great Danes must be trained with adequate exercises. On the other hand, if you fail to give the kind of attention it requires, it starts to rebel. Long walks are necessary for this dog breed.

top ten most dangerous dogs These dogs weigh around 200 pounds.

Facts About Great Danes

  • “Giant George”, a Great Dane was measured 43-inches tall but it weighed only 245 pounds. It made a Guinness record for being the world’s tallest dog ever. There is a short sweet story about this gentle giant. You can read more about this here: “Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World”.
  • Apartment living is quite fine for this huge dog breed. Just half-an-hour walk a day can keep Great Danes fit
  • Great Danes grow rapidly. Within a year, it can grow 6 feet tall
  • These dog breeds barely eat their food
  • Great Danes are one among emotionally sensitive dog breeds. They won’t respond well to hard training methods. On the other hand, anxiety can easily kill this dog (in less than an hour)
  • You can’t expect a poorly bred Great Dane to be a Scooby Doo friendly anyway

No 9: Boxer

Even though “Boxer” is listed one among the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds, by nature these are not so aggressive. Boxers are very intelligent and hard to train. Since these dogs stay energetic the entire day, their energy has to be utilized in positive ways.

top 10 most dangerous dogs

It can weigh around 70 lbs.

Facts About Boxers

  • In United States, Boxers are the sixth most popular dog breeds
  • They became popular after WW-II when soldiers brought them home as their pets
  • One of the most funny facts about boxers is that they snore loud
  • In the past, you could have seen boxers in circus ring performances. The reason: they are intelligent and easily trainable. Thus, people used them to make money
  • Originally, these dog breeds were developed in Germany. There they are still used as police dogs
  • Boxers are loyal and die to please you. But if you punish them hardly for their wrong behaviors, they will turn worse

No 10: Akitas

Akitas are very bold dogs. They are not much dangerous. They can be easily controlled with little training.

top ten most dangerous dogs

Facts About Akitas

  • Akitas are loyal and fearless companion for your family
  • This dog breed would not back down from challenges in any situation and can’t be frightened so easily
  • If you don’t train and socialize them properly, this affectionate yet bold animal can screw up and turn into one of the most dangerous dog breeds

How To Handle Dog Aggression

  • I love pets very much when they love when they show you some care when they go over possessive for you but I hate when they are out of control and sick so great collection of dangerous pets I mean Dogs bread.

  • Cat Birt

    I hate these list I really wish people would understand that any dog that slightly resembles a pit is called a pit bull by the media notice there are no American Bulldogs Mastiffs Argentine dogos staffies or any other dog that resembles a pitbull on this list because they are all grouped together as one breed so of course pit bulls are going to be the highest if they grouped Huskies Collies German Shepherds Chow Chows another fluffy dogs together they would be the highest I’ve raised 2 American Pitbulls and a wonderful am staff they are the best dogs I just got my toddler a pit puppy of his own they are besties

    • Psst

      My favorite book by Brian Kilcommons is “Good Owners, Great Dogs”.

      Be one, have one.

  • Chris Kinco

    LMAO if you going to wrote a BS article atleast put the right picture with the breed!!

    Pitt bulls look nothing like Rottweilers, you screwing that up alone is proof this article is crap!

  • Paul Blackstock

    You say reports of deaths due to Huskies, where are these reports, cloud cuckoo land…

  • Ryzo McGregor

    I have no idea who wrote this list but it’s bollocks utter bollocks I make no apology for the use of the word bollocks the dog most likely to bite its handler or owner in the uk (drum roll please) theses are the breeds most reported for biting in the uk
    Jack Russell.
    Australian Cattle Dog.
    Cocker Spaniel.
    Border Collie.
    Pit Bull Terrier.

    • Psst

      Your list seems reasonable based on the breed ownership of dogs in the UK and the higher probability of a small dog bite being medically treated in the UK than in the US. (Thank Churchill).

      All dogs can and do bite if put in the right situation, and more likely to do so if given the wrong treatment and training. The first two breeds you list were bred as terriers and generally strong enough and courageous enough to kill rats for food if required. Treat them like toys instead of power tools with fast moving cutting bits and someone will get hurt.

      As an owner of a small breed dog, I maintain that a small dog is more likely to bite simply because people in general assume a small dog is safe. They do not believe that a “cute little dog” requires as much training, discipline or respect as a larger one.

      I see this every day. Parents don’t stop their toddlers from rushing up to my Lhasa and trying to pet or grab her. . I have to protect my dog from them AND these kids from the predictable consequences of bad parenting.

      If it weren’t for lawyers, I’d let nature take its course and let the children get scratched for crowding a dog trying to escape, and nipped for not stopping. My dog has a soft bite and is unlikely to draw blood unless given no choice.

      Worse than clueless parents are dog owners who do not own up to the responsibility of properly and completely training a dog. The 8 year old dog I adopted took 2 years of consistent remedial training to extinguish some unacceptable defensive/agressive behaviors toward men that were tolerated, perhaps encouraged, by her previous (female) owner. What could have (might have ) been learned in a few weeks of good socialization I had to train against resistance.

      With any dog, a gram of training and milligrams of reinforcement is worth metric ton of cure.

    • KaD

      A bite is very different from a mauling or a fatality.

    • Ri Ho

      Agreed…as far as bullock, see my recent comments about Malamutes.

  • Psst

    I think the statistics may be correct, but what is missing that puts into question the dangerous breed lable is the degree of training each dog received.

    In the same way that accused human criminals can be evaluated psychologically to determine if they are “sane”, so should be individual dogs.

    Dogs have been bred for specific physical traits, some of which can be dangerous if directed improperly.

    Humans who have not been intentionally bred for specific physical traits nevertheless have regional variations in external appearance to called “breeds” using the same standards as applied to dogs, and ALL be dangerous if given motive, means and opportunity.

    However, no scientist would ever consider labelling one of humans natural “breeds” as more dangerous based on the kind of statistics used here, even though EVERY group of humans a far higher incidence of violence behavior than do dogs, andi
    had created institutions to conduct violence in the name of “peace”.

    Humans labelling dogs as dangerous is a case of a blast furnace calling a frying pan hot.

    • KaD

      A dogs BREED is a template for it’s size, color, and behavior. This is NOT true in humans, who have not been purpose bred to perform certain tasks. At issue here is our ability to recognize that specific breeds were created with specific
      purposes. We deny reality at our peril – a quick look at the statistics
      for serious and fatal injuries from dog attacks over the past 30 years
      makes it clear that breed, more than anything else, is the most relevant
      factor, not the owner and not the upbringing.

      Bottom line: It’s
      absurd to pretend that breed specific characteristics which were
      deliberately created by humans don’t exist. And to call those who
      recognize these breed specific characteristics “racist” reveals a
      profound ignorance on the part of the accuser.

      A final thought:
      When someone speaks of the unfairness of “killing off a breed” what they
      are actually talking about is eliminating a specific set of
      characteristics which have proven to be a problem. The fact that
      sadistic humans created a “breed” to torture animals is no mandate to
      continue the existence of said breed. Nobody has suggested killing off
      the domestic dog – only those man-made expressions of temperament and
      behaviors which have proven to be harmful and cruel.

    • Kiana Lee

      Thank you for having this perspective.

  • KaD

    Pit bulls are six times more likely than other breeds to turn on their owners and are even killing the people who breed, rescue, and advocate for them. That is NOT what any sane person calls ‘loyalty’.

  • KaD

    On their “Pit Bull Information” web page, they write: “Sadly, pit bulls
    have acquired a reputation as unpredictable, dangerous, and vicious.”
    Yet, spelled out in the ASPCA Shelter Guidelines — designed to protect
    shelter workers — are the unique risks attributed to pit bulls. One of
    them is that they “attack without warning,” which is equivalent to unpredictable behavior.

    ASPCA: Shelter Guidelines for Pits

    There are many guidelines presented in the 19-page document (which
    appears to be a PowerPoint slide show), as well as a brief history of
    the pit bull and the results of selective breeding to achieve the
    “ultimate canine warrior” designation. Some of these results directly
    correlate to the safety guidelines, such as the pit bull’s genetic
    “unpredictability” (specifically when attacking), dog-aggression and
    high prey drive. We’ve listed a few of the guidelines below:

    There are “cases of experienced handlers who had developed good relationships with the dogs over a period of months still being attacked without warning or obvious provocation.”
    Pit bulls “ignore signs of submission from other dogs” and “give no warning prior to attack.” They add that this is “different than normal dog behavior.”
    “Today’s pit bulls” have multiple names including: “Staffordshire
    Terrier (AKC 1936), American Staffordshire Terrier (AKC 1972, Am Staff),
    American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier.”
    “These dogs can be aggressive towards humans and more likely to cause fatal attacks to people than other fighting type dogs.”
    “Pit bulls will climb fences, chew up
    stainless steel food and water bowls, destroy copper tubing of automatic
    water systems and conventional cages, and attack other animals through chain link fences.”
    “Pit bulls can break through conventional cage doors and destroy typical epoxy paint on the floors and walls.”
    “Pit bulls require special housing considerations” and “isolation from other animals if dog aggressive or have a high prey drive.”
    “Install a panic button in rooms housing pit bulls along with other restraint equipment in any room housing pit bulls.”
    It seems unlikely that the ASPCA or
    shelters participating in the “Adopt-A-Bull Contest” will tell potential
    adopters to install a panic button in their home or that pit bulls
    attack without warning.

  • KaD

    Pit Bull Rescue Central — one of the leading pit bull educational
    websites on the Internet — is startlingly clear when it talks about the
    realities of pit bull ownership.

    Pit Bull Dog Aggression:

    is a fact that our APBTs, ASTs and pit mixes come with a built-in
    fighting heritage. It doesn’t matter where we get them from, whether it
    be the pound, a stray we pick up, or a puppy we buy from a breeder. The
    majority of pit bulls will, at some point in their lives, exhibit some
    degree of dog-on-dog aggression … We cannot predict when or where it will happen and we can’t love, train or socialize it out of the dog. Pit bulls may not start a fight, but they will finish it.Pit Bull Fight Prevention:

    not bring an adult Pit Bull to an off-leash dog park or any other area
    where it may come into contact with other dogs running loose.
    socialization MAY help, but is not a guarantee that your Pit Bull won’t
    become dog-aggressive at some point. ALWAYS be prepared for it!
    note that a fight can strike suddenly and for no apparent reason.
    Warning signs can be very subtle with Pit Bulls and even completely
    absent in certain cases.
    Remember that these dogs were “bred” to
    fight Submission signals that would indicate the end of the
    hostilities can be ignored in the heat of a fight by Pit Bull type dogs.Breaking Up a Fight

    Pit bulls are terriers and were bred to recognize other dogs as “prey.” Simply put, in a fight, the other dog becomes a “rabbit.” Terriers grab a hold of their prey and shake.
    that a fight may not always be preceded by growling, barking or
    posturing. One second everything is fine and the next the dogs are going
    at it. Excitement and external stimulus, such as a squirrel or cat
    running up a tree, can trigger a fight.

    A wagging tail
    doesn’t mean a dog won’t fight. In fact, a wagging tail is often a
    signal of excitement and the faster the tail goes the more excited the
    dog is. As explained above, intense excitement can trigger a fight.How to Use a Break Stick

    break stick is a device made to be inserted in the mouth of a Pit Bull
    (behind the molars) to gently pry its jaws open and release its grip on
    another animal or object.
    Keep in mind that most dogs fight differently than pit bull dogs.
    A pit bull’s inherent reaction in the heat of a fight is the one of a
    Terrier with a prey. The pit bull will work to get a solid grip and then
    hold and shake.
    Turn the stick as if you’re twisting the
    throttle of a motorcycle. This action will open the dog’s jaws enough to
    pull the dog back by the collar. If both dogs have a hold, you will
    then have to break the second dog from the first. Just remember… Straddle, Grab, Break!

    • Deanna Marie Tingley

      Lol and did u also ever research the fact that ANY mutt, or dog that they don’t know the breed of is labeled a “pittbull” . DID YOU EVER actually research their history? Because they were known as the nanny dog because they were trusted by their owners to look out for their children? People would even have them in family portraits. Your comments are based off of old information that is vague, the link is from 2012. Cocker spaniels, chihuahuas and others are way more likely to bite then a pittbull. Did you know they placed in the top 5 in temperment tests , that tested near 80 breeds!the defense that a bite is different than a mauling is ridiculous, little dogs would maul you if they could too, THEIR JUST NOT ABLE. You probably have never owned a dog in your life, that’s the only way you can be that small minded. Your statements are the same as saying black people are all like (fill in blank ) or white people are all like (fill in the blank) , idiot, were all human! Just like Pitts are just dogs, like any other kind. Unfortunately Mal informed people like you go around spewing statistics and propaganda like you actually know what the fuck your talking about. Do more research, when you find how many breeds of dogs are labeled Pitts, you might open your eyes a little bit, but by your mindless comments, I doubt it.

  • Mary

    Pit bulls are the deadliest because their breeds were created to kill once they attack. The fact that they are like gentle breeds most of the time isn’t a surprise. Retrievers don’t retrieve every day unless their retrieving gene is triggered with a thrown stick, ball, downed fowl.

    Herders may lie around like lap dogs all the time unless their herding instinct is triggered then they nip heels and run around people and animals like the herding dogs they are.

    Pit bulls may play, cuddle, give kisses until their kill instinct is triggered then pit bulls will killed unless made to stop, often with bullets, axes, shovels, knives, tasters, bear spray. Their breed work is as normal to them as pointing is to a German Shepherd.

    Pit bulls were not created to be family pets, but the pit bull propaganda is blinding people who don’t research, and these “pet” pit bulls continue to do their breed nature.

    • Kiana Lee

      You also realize that sick people have been breeding Pit Bulls specifically for dog fights. It wasn’t innately in the breed. They were initially breed as hunting dogs, in Britain. Pit Bulls are also under the category of Bully Breeds, which all look incredibly similar; so the misidentification of dogs as Pit Bulls is fairly common, which is why there are so many statistics piled against them. When tested for their temperament, they ranked 4th out of all breeds; even above Golden Retrievers and Labradors. And if you do some REAL research you’ll see that Pit Bulls have only become aggressive because we have made them that way. Blaming the animal only allows for despicable people to get away with what they’re doing. As a child i was around 4 different Pit Bulls and NONE of them, even the one we rescued from an incredibly abusive home, ever even nipped at me. So really, you’re the one falling under the guise of propaganda.

  • Ri Ho

    Malamutes slow learners…really…don’t know which ones you have been working with but it might be useful to know that it is one of the few dogs that can form a gestalt; know what you are about to do before you do; and in some regions in Alaska are not even considered ‘dogs’; or as a native said to me “not dog, Malamute”.

  • rozbeh

    how many dogs and other animals are sacrificed for human pleasure daily ? do u have any report on that ?? ? dogs are one of the most kindhearted animals in the world and i iknow that because ive been living with one my hole life , i find this article meaningless , the writings of a self serving idiot ,….. a dog like any other animal, humans included will take affect of his/her daily events and their life style , if u see wild behavior from a dog i will hold his/her owner responsible just like i would hold a parent responsible for a childs behavior , o and something else 🙂 dogs are living beings they feel love pain … etc , they can be a part of your family not your servant

  • meaghanedwards

    Bullshit article that can’t even put the right pictures to the right breeds.

  • Jmichael Isbell

    I’ll put aside the poor grammar. There was a LIE told–or maybe it was simply false information and you did not know any better. About Pits, you said that they are SAFE if trained correctly. False, they were bred–by design, to have the killer instinct of ANY terrier with the large jaws of the English bulldog. They are supposed to be aggressive and sometimes even after proper training “something happens” and they hurt or kill a person. NO, it is not JUST bad or missing training. So many people push the line “it’s all how they are treated” and it’s false. It is as wrong as saying “if you train a cat properly, it will not kill a mouse”. That’s bull and gives people a false sense of security about this breed. Is it the “dogs fault”? Of course not, it is the human’s fault to came up with this breed.