Best Epilators 2019 – Top Rated For Women Face and Body


Are you looking to clear your face of hairs, deep pore impurities, and makeup? Choosing from the best women epilators in the market will leave your face looking shiny, smooth and spotless. Epilators have been used for a long time to help pull out hair from the face and the face looking spotless.

Epilators work by spinning small metallic tweezers that help remove hair deep from the roots without affecting the epithelium cells. Epilators work in the same manner as waxing removing hair from the root. The results from using epilators are long lasting as compared to shaving making the devices a great hit. This article aims to review the top ten best epilators for women in the market currently. Please read through and choose one today that best suits your needs and desires.

Best Epilators 2019 Review:

1. Braun Silk Epil Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

The Braun Silk is one of the best epilators for women out there giving a smooth, clear skin for up to four weeks with just one stroke. The Braun uses the MicroGrip technology that has wider, longer and deeper tweezers pulling out hair effectively. It is 4x more effective than waxing making it a good value for money. It is a versatile device that can be used wet or dry without any effect. With regular uses, the pain just disappears, and the Braun silk becomes virtually painless.

2. Panasonic ES-ED50-N Multi-functional Wet and Dry Epilator

The ES-ED50 Panasonic is another multi-functional epilator for women with high-speed performances. It also comes with four snap attachments that allow users to easily remove hairs at home. The epilator comes with head Shaver that contains hypo-allergenic blades that work well on sensitive skin. There is a further bikini comb that gently trims and combs the bikini areas leaving your skin looking spotless. It is a high-quality epilator that removes short hairs without causing any irritation.

3. Braun Silk epil Hair Removal Tool and Electric Epilator

The Braun epil hair removal tool and epilator come with a 20-tweezer system that delivers excellent hair removal results for up to four weeks. The epilator comes with massaging rollers that smoothly massages the body easing the epilation pain. It has a Smartlight that helps you find the finest hairs. The speed can also be regulated to help you set the ideal speed for your hair needs.

4. Codream 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Epilator

This is a versatile women epilator that works on all parts of the body from head toe. Apart from removing hairs, the epilator removes dead skin working as a perfect pumice stone for people with calluses on the heels. It is a cordless epilator and can be recharged helping users save a lot in the long run. It is quite easy to use and maintain making it a great purchase for women looking for the best epilators in the market.

5. Remington EP 7010 Women’s Total Coverage Epilator 

The Remington is another high-quality women’s epilator that removes hair deep from the root giving lasting results for up to six weeks. It comes with the two-speed adjustment that allows you to adjust the speed for a personalized effect. It is corded to give consistent power supply while the removable head makes cleaning quite fast.

6. Remington WDF5030A Dry and Wet Rechargeable Epilator

This is one of the best women epilators out there designed with a unique blade system and optimal head angle so that it can shave hairs in all angles. It can get to any part of the body for that close smooth and silky skin. It has dual sided blades that help lift long hairs and make a great shave.

7. Sminiker 3-in-1 Lady Waterproof Rechargeable Epilator

The Sminiker comes with a dual integrated hair trimmer for easy and quick trimming of hairs. It is a perfect option for arms, legs, and underarms and works well for shorter hairs. It is a high-quality epilator with a great head angle that reaches to all parts of the body. It also gently removes the callus on your skin leaving your skin feeling smooth.

8. Cordream 5-in-1 Beauty Tool Rechargeable Wet and Dry Eepilator

This is a dual hair removal epilator and a lady hair shaver with capabilities of tweezing some of the finest hairs. It is a versatile option that also removes dead skin and tough calluses on foot. It is a great value for money and one you can order without any fear.

9. Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

The Philips epilator is a great design and a good addition to your home beauty tools. It is a great epilation system that removes hair from the root. It comes with an efficiency cap that ensures hair is removed from the sensitive areas without any irritation. It comes with two speed settings for maximum performance. It is quite easy to use and comes with an ergonomic handle for easy handling.

10. Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6 Epilator

The Emjoi is an extra sensitive epilator and one that works well for the most sensitive areas of the skin and the body. It comes with a further erase glide technology that glides forth and back leaving a skin free hair. It has a safety feature that prevents the until from working when it is pressed too hard against the skin.


You have no reason to have hairs on your skin when any of the epilators above can do great work on your body from the comfort of your home. Go ahead and order one that best suits your needs as you look forward to a smooth and spotless skin.


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