Top 8 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends


Speaking about challenges, there are many things that people can test themselves with. Whether it be sports, personal goals, or something fun, these dares are best done with friends who can cheer you on, or playfully discourage you. But whatever is the output of the challenge, what is important is that you and your friends will arrive victoriously and have a stronger relationship than what you already have before the challenge. We have listed the top 8 fun challenges to do with friends that can enhance you as a person as well as how you handle the relationship you have with your group of friends.

8 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

Friendship is one of the best relationships in the world. No break-ups, no broken hearts, and no moving on. Though friendship can be a rocky road at times, it still gives you something to hold on to. No matter the arguments that you and your friend have, at the end of the day, one of you will lower down your pride and say sorry, or most often, you and your friend would simply laugh it off.

1. Enjoy A Water Rafting Challenge With Your Friends

Water rafting is one of the fun challenges to do with friends. Water rafting is an extreme sport that is cool, exciting and amusing. With water rafting, all the muscles in the body start working. You will also feel the adrenaline rush and the excitement of the butterflies in your stomach. This challenge is a group effort. Hence, this is best done with your friends.

Since water rafting is one of the upcoming extreme hobbies, many are now indulging themselves in it. And since you need coordination and teamwork to tread on the water successfully, it is a sure way that this kind of challenge will test how you communicate and coordinate with your friends. With the proper communication and the right amount of guts, this challenge is one of the best.

2. Jump And Pull Through Bungee Jumping

If you want a thrilling challenge for you and your friend, then you should try bungee jumping. This challenge is only for the bravest of the bravest of hearts. This is somewhat fun to do with friends, especially if you have one or two friends who have a weak heart for this kind of thing.

You can tease him/her all way round, and make fun (but not in a rude way) of him/her. You can hear your friend scream, and you can hear them breathe a sigh of relief too once they land back up. Bungee jumping is also one way to help you release your stress since you can let it all out through shouting and the adrenaline rush. Isn’t it great? A bonding moment with your friends plus a stress-reliever all rolled into one.

3. Win A Basketball Game

For men who are up for a team challenge, there is no better way than playing a basketball game. So if someone challenges you up for a fight, why not round up all of your friends to make a team and see the challenger on the court? I am sure that you will enjoy the game as much as your friends and opponents will do.

Since basketball is a game of teamwork, coordination and skills, you need your friends here. It will test how much you know each other when it comes to analyzing your next moves, and knowing where you will go or to whom will you pass the ball. A basketball game will make you sweat, but it’ll add up to your bonding moments with your friends.

4. Play The Dota Computer Game Challenge

For all of those who are computer game lovers out there, one of the best challenges to do with friends is obviously the Dota challenge. People who are into computer gaming know how famous and addictive Dota is. Since it is a bit “addictive” as what many claims, parents and other concerned adults are not a big fans of the game stating that it ruins education as much as the players’ social life considering that they are always facing their computers and not the actual persons.

But then again, the players would come to the rescue of their beloved game and say that through Dota, they have gained more friends. Within not only their local places but all throughout the world as well since Dota is global. There are many people who made groups through Dota, and they compete with the other groups for a challenge. With that, you can also do the Dota challenge with your friends should you be up for some computer games.

5. Enter A Haunted House

Oh, come one! A haunted house? I, will not enter a house that will give me the creeps and goose bumps even if I am with my friends. Then again, a ghost hunting trip to some haunted house can be quite fun too, right? Sure that you may get your heart racing out before you towards the door when you see some elements, but knowing that you are with your friend should somehow make you feel secure.

If ever you decide to go up for a challenge and into a ghostly escapade, then I must say that you should stick with the bravest person in your group. In that way, you can be sure that you have someone to depend on to if you get scared or if you feel or see something. Just make sure that you are wearing your best runner shoes because you will need them to bolt out the door as fast as you can.

6. Reach The Highest Number Of Jumps In A Trampoline

Why don’t you spend one Saturday with your friends and you simply hang out in your backyard having a barbeque, lemonade and of course a trampoline! It will be a blast Saturday where you just chill with your close friends. To stop boredom and add a pinch of fun and a slice of spice, I strongly recommend that you use the trampoline to challenge your friends as to who can reach the highest number of jumps.

Trust you, your friend and me will simply go tired, but no one will give up as everyone wants to become the one who can reach the highest number of jumps. This is one of the greatest challenges to do with friends considering that it is a form of exercise and will improve your stamina aside from the fun and bonding moment it brings you and your friends.

7. Challenge To Wake Up Every 4 AM Every Day For Three Months

Among all of these challenges to do with friends, this is perhaps the hardest considering that it requires more effort from all of you. Waking up every 4 am for three months every day will become tiresome and boring. The challenge is how you can complete the entire three months, or if you can complete it at all? Some people who have undergone this challenge stopped within two weeks! So if you want to try and see how far can your friend go, then you should choose this challenge.

8. Become Your Successful Person Within Three Years

Of course, this challenge is for those who are just newly graduated or are still in school. For me, this is the best from all of these top 8 challenges with friends considering that this will push you to become a better person. This challenge is a bit personal, and this kind of challenge will drive every person to work hard for his or her future. Most often, people have bets as to who will succeed first and who will fail the challenge. However, as a challenge, I am sure that you or any of your friends will give up.

Human nature’s ego simply won’t allow him/her to give up on a challenge. Hence, if this challenge is given, then I am pretty sure that every individual will work hard to prove themselves and let everyone know that he/she is a survivor. Once you passed this challenge, you can also be sure that you already have a bright future considering that you are already successful. Wouldn’t it be great to go to friends’ parties and you can see all of your friends successful? And all of the success that all of you are enjoying stems from one challenge while you were still young.


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