Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Visit Or Settle Down – Updated Nov 2023


The world is an unsafe place in every sense of the word. Due to natural disasters, terrorism, homicides, robbery and massacres, everyone wants to settle down in a safe place. But these days, it is extremely hard to find such safe countries.

So now, what according to you would constitute a safe country?

Is it

  • Low crime rate?
  • No natural disaster?
  • Low corruption?
  • Immunity to the economical crisis?

Ideally, we would want to find at least one country that satisfies all the above criteria. But is it possible? While the increasing crime rates make all of us lose hope, strict laws, culture, values and a good judicial system and economy make some countries better than the others to live, raise kids in and happily retire. So, here is a list of the Top 10 Safest Countries In The World.

Source : The list, top 10 safest countries to live in the world is prepared based on the recent “Global Peace Index (GIP)” report released by “The Institute for Economics and Peace“.

How Global Peace Index Is Devised?

In an attempt to identify the safest countries in the world, 162 independent states, covering nearly 99.5% of the world’s population were considered. Countries are ranked based on the Global Peace Index Score (1 to 5) which is the median of 23 different metrics which include “violent crime levels, prison population, safety and security in society, weapons import & export, the extent of domestic & international conflict, the economic impact of violence, political instability and many more. Sources for these metrics are collected from highly respective resources like intergovernmental organizations.

10. Japan
GPI: 1.408
  • The next country on our list of safest places to live in the world is Japan. The Crime rate in this country is really low.
  • Japanese respect their culture, and it is one of the main reasons why people honor this country. I am sure you must have heard how well disciplined the Japanese are and therefore, they will never get involved in activities, which brings shame to their country.
  • Possession of firearms is strictly prohibited according to their laws. Firm gun control, strict laws and a wealthy economy make sure that its inhabitants are 100% safe.
  • According to the 2010 GPI (Global Peace Index) framed by IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) report, Japan has also been ranked as the third most peaceful country in the world.
  • With the occurrence of homicides, terrorism and violent crimes highly unlikely in Japan, this place becomes extremely safe for one to reside in.
10. Ireland

GPI: 1.408

  • In Ireland, safety is of main concern. Visitors here rarely encounter problems. Violence is no longer exists here. It is the reason why Ireland tops the list of safest countries in the world.
  • Since the 20th century, Ireland has seen tremendous economic growth. Even in 2009 when the financial crisis piled up, it had higher GDP in Europe.
  • Europe’s more than 25% of computers are manufactured in Ireland. The hi-tech companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle have their headquarters operating from here.
  • Ireland has a traditional bar founded in the year A.D 900 which is still in operational condition.
  • Healthcare here in Ireland is comparable to that of one in other European countries.
  •  Ireland is filled with full of greenery and gorgeous lakes. These lakes have made their unerasable mark on the local culture.
9. Switzerland

GPI: 1.373

  • Switzerland has four official languages and is divided into 26 independent states known as cantons. Each one of them has its own laws and regulations.
  • Switzerland’s well-functioning government is renowned for keeping violence, political conflicts/issues and the unemployment rate at an all-time record low.
  • Its robust economy and strict laws continue to attract highly skilled international investors to this country. It’s home to the world’s most famous banking institutions and businesses. In fact, one-third of Switzerland’s total population consists of people who were born outside the country.
  • In tandem with the diversity found among the local population, Switzerland welcomes outsiders with open arms.
  • The transportation system of Switzerland is punctual by the second. They value time!.
  • The bustling cities, the diplomatic relationship it has with its neighboring countries, low crime rate, and a strong economy make this country one of the safest and most beautiful places to live in.
8. Canada

GPI: 1.371

  • Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world and 20.6% of its total population comprises foreign nationals. Not to mention, it is claimed to have the highest immigrant rate per capita in the world. Though this factor alone is more than enough to call it the safest country in the world, it has a lot more other lucrative factors. Read on.
  • The healthcare system in Canada is highly commendable. It offers “universal public health Insurance” to all citizens and permanent residents at very cheap prices. By using this Medicare, one can have access to the universally high standard treatments at both private and public hospitals.
  • This system has inspired many people who suffer from chronic conditions to move to this country for healthcare purposes. However, people with temporary residency can’t avail the same benefits.
  • When it comes to employment, it offers enormous scope with many open positions in energy sectors, in the communication industry, real estate and in financial services.
  • People at Churchill (part of Canada) leave their car in unlocked status, in order to give escape for the persons who might encounter polar bears.
  • Canada has 1/5 of the world’s freshwater. This water count is accumulated from its 250,000 lakes. Their quality of tap water is often better than our bottled water. Canada is being the world leader in producing hydroelectricity.
  • Canada has never been a target of terrorism.

All this makes Canada one of the safest countries in the world.

7. Slovenia

GPI: 1.364

  • Slovenia is a tiny beautiful country. People here seem most pretty and most welcoming. It has cavemen-friendly territory which has over 10000 caves in Slovenia.
  • Practically Slovenes have an abundance of self-confidence, have great respect for each other and are broad minded people. So no wonder why it’s on the safest countries list.
  • Slovenians love their towns. Their capital Ljubljana can be translated into “The Loved One”.It has a coastline of around only 46km but the entire coastline is like heaven made.
  • It is the safest country not only for humans but for animals too. This is the reason why Slovenia still has over 400 brown beers.
  • It is surrounded by four friendly countries Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungry. Thus it doesn’t need to involve in a fight with any country.
  • Half of Slovenia’s surface is filled with forest (10,000km2). It is the third most wooded country in Europe.
  • Slovenes have 53.6% protected land which is higher than any other country except Venezuela in the world.
6. the Czech Republic

GPI: 1.360

  • This fairly new European country attracts tourists from all over the world with its magnificent city “Prague” and its breathtaking scenery.
  • Its development mainly concentrates on creating the most favorable climate for investment. As a result, it has built a robust economy in a relatively short span of time (1989 to 2015). In 2009, HDI declared the Czech Republic as “A Country With Very High Human Development“.
  • The rate of crime is very low here. Helpline number 112 is available for people who don’t know the local language.
  • If you are a U.S resident, you wouldn’t require any VISA to enter this country for business or tourist purposes for the first 90 days. However, having a passport that is valid for at least 90 days beyond your period of stay is mandatory.
  • The cost of living in this country is very less. For example: Though Prague is located at the center of culture and all other main tourist attractions ( historical spots, palaces, museums, etc.), apartments here cost much lesser than in any other European country.
  • The transportation system of the Czech Republic is extremely punctual and is managed well. You can take a public transit pass for just $29 USD which is valid for a month. It can be utilized in trams, subways and buses.
  • When it comes to entertainment, everyone will find something despite their age, gender, and ethnic preferences. So in no way, can anyone feel bored in this country.
  • If you love the outdoors, you will love the Czech Republic too, without a doubt. Situated at the border of mountains, it has so many well preserved deep forests. If it’s summer, you can go hiking or just cycle around the countryside. If it’s winter, downhill skiing is an option.
5. Denmark

GPI: 1.337

  • Despite being a small country, Denmark used to face many serious issues due to crime and terrorism in the past. However, it has successfully tackled all those problems and today, it proudly stands second on the list of safest countries in the world.
  • Since the year 2012, Denmark has regularly reserved its spot on the list of happiest countries too.
  • Denmark consists of more than 400 small islands, and it is well known for offering equal opportunities and individual freedom. There is almost no gap between the top level and lower level of organizations.
  • The government of Denmark is keen on the concept of internationalization that makes this country as one of the most popular destinations for expats.
  • Since Danish and Swedish languages are closely related to each other, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see a Dane and Swede conversing happily in their own tongue. English is taught as a compulsory second language in secondary schools. So almost everyone here can converse well in English.
  • Irrespective of its small size, Denmark has many things to offer in terms of outdoor activities, sports, and culture.
4. Austria

GPI: 1.265

  • By providing a high level of security, this country continues to rank in all the lists of the “safest and best countries” in recent years.
  • The population of this country is low, and it possesses a rich folk culture. The cities are very clean.
  • Austria is popularly known as “The land of Music“. It has produced many timeless musicians to the world. FYI, since Mozart is from Salzburg, it is also known as “The land of Mozart“.
  • Austria is also one of the most scenic and richest countries in the world. Its ever growing tourism sector contributes greatly to this country’s economy. Expats who move to Austria looking for jobs in the tourism industry are sure to be successful. Other areas of employment include research and engineering.
  • To help the locals and tourists commute easily, Austria maintains a well managed integrated public transportation system. Railways connect the major cities while the bus routes connect most of the smaller towns with major rail networks.
3. Portugal

GPI: 1.258

  • Portuguese is now proudly sitting at 3rd place in the Global Peace Index.
  • In history, the Portugal was the very first global empire which is also the oldest country in Europe.
  • Portuguese is being the official language of 8 other countries (outside the Portugal). It is the sixth most spoken language in the world.
  • Portugal is blessed with a Mediterranean climate hence it became most popular among international tourists.
  • Lisbon is the capital of Portugal which accommodates over 552,700 people and plays an important role in the fields like arts, finance, trade, media and commerce. Its ever growing financial sector makes it an important economic canter too.
  • It legalizes same-sex marriage as the 6th country in Europe and 8th country in the world by not having any opposition especially from the Catholic Church and the media.
2. New Zealand

GPI: 1.241

  • Global Corruption monitoring entity, Transparency International‘s recent report says, New Zealand is “The country with the most transparent political status“.
  • New Zealanders lead a very satisfying life with their calm and easy going nature. Generally, these people prefer keeping themselves free from community strife and personal violence. Its strict laws and tough punishments are other reasons for its low crime rate.
  • Cities of New Zealand are culturally rich and are worth visiting. Grandiose mountains, green meadows and frozen glaciers decorate this island making it seem like heaven on earth.
  • In 2013, Corruption Perception Index ranked New Zealand as the “Least corrupted country in the world“. Unlike other countries, here you can expect the government officials to do their job without charging any extra cash. Collecting the hidden or unadvertised fee on goods and services is considered illegal here.
  • Since it boasts of a safe and secure environment, you can freely move around, explore the bushes, climb mountains, play, have picnics, catch the public transports, and discover the beaches to your heart’s content without any fear.
1. Iceland

GPI: 1.111

  •  If you ask what is the most peaceful country in the world, your answer is Iceland. By securing the Best Global Peace Index Score 1.148, Iceland wins the title of the most peaceful country in the world.
  • This country is well known for its frosty climate, breath-taking attractions, glaciers, hot springs, and of course for the low crime rate.
  • Iceland does not have a standing army. Instead, it has rescue teams that ensure the safety of its citizens. Even the pettiest crimes like pickpocket, wallet snatching are nonexistent in this country.
  • According to the “Global Study on Homicide,”, Iceland’s homicide rate has never exceeded over 8 per 100,000 to date.
  • Icelanders love the peaceful state of their country more than anything else. For example, in 2013 when the police force killed a man, the whole nation gathered and grieved like they lost a member of their own family.

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