Makeup is a very tricky business. It is something that some women can’t do without and some women can easily live without. But if the latter learn how to apply makeup flawlessly, they will fall head over heals in love with it. There are many myths that surround the enigma that makeup is and in this article, we shall bust those myths and also learn how to apply makeup flawlessly.

Step 1: Prepping your face

I cannot stress on the importance of this step. Everything that you do before the makeup touches your face, will determine how the makeup looks on your face. The first thing that you have to do is, scrub your face. Completely. Especially the sides of your nose. And don’t forget the neck. And if you have a big event coming up, you can start at least 5 days ahead and tone your skin with rose water every time you wash it. This will make your face soft and supple. And your face will also glow naturally. But even if you don’t have time for this, don’t skip scrubbing. I cannot emphasize on how important this step is. This is in fact, the most important step in learning how to apply makeup flawlessly.

Step 2: Drying your face

Once you have scrubbed your face, do not wipe your face with a towel. Instead, just dab your face with it. Or even better use a soft tissue. But no rubbing whatsoever. This is because, the more you rub, your skin will become rough and you will tend to look older than you are. You can also just air dry your face. Get your clothes ready while your face dries.

Myth: Using makeup on your face will cause blackheads
This is actually true if you do not remove your makeup before going to bed. No matter how tiring your day was or how sleepy you are, ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP before hitting the sack. If your skin is sensitive, you might just wake up with a pimple. No matter how organic or natural your makeup is, it will spoil your skin if it is not removed when you go to bed.

Step 3: Primer

Many makeup artists swear by the use of a primer. But most primers are very expensive. In my experience, you can use a subtle moisturizer. Before you decide on what to use in order to apply makeup flawlessly, let us understand why one should use a primer. When you apply a primer, it makes your face like a canvas that is ready for the artist to paint on. The primer makes your face absorb the foundation better and makes it stay on for longer. So if you need your makeup to stay on flawlessly for more than 5 – 6 hours, getting a primer may be the best option. But if your event will not last more than 4 hours, your daily face moisturizer may do the task.

Step 4: Concealer

This step is not compulsory. But it is an absolute necessity if you have dark circles. Don’t just apply it in the shape of a crescent under your eye but in the shape of a triangle and blend it in. But if you do not have dark circles or any other marks on your skin, you can totally skip this step. Or, if you have very feeble marks, your foundation will cover them and you do not need a concealer. Keep in mind that the trick to applying makeup flawlessly is to reduce the number of products you apply to your face. So just apply what your face needs. Do not apply every product that is listed in your makeup guide. Usually, concealer is just applied where your marks are, around your lips and on your T-zone. Never apply it all over your face.

Step 5: Foundation

This is the most important product that you will use. There are many kinds of foundations. Some offer minimal coverage, some provide medium coverage and some provide full or complete coverage. So the first decision that you have to make is the kind of coverage that you need. If you have too many marks, you will need a foundation that has full coverage and if you have very few marks, you will need a foundation with minimal coverage.

Once you choose the kind of coverage you need, pick the consistency. There are liquid foundations, stick foundations and even powder foundations. If you have dry skin, go for liquid foundations. If you have oily or combination skin, use stick or powder foundations.

The next and final task is to pick the shade. It is never a good idea to just try and guess what your shade could be if you are a first time buyer. So, go to a store, pick a brand and try their foundation on your face. The foundation has to blend with the color of your skin. The foundation should not be visible separately at all. If it blends perfectly, it is your shade. And most importantly, do not forget to apply makeup to your neck. 

Step 6: Powder

Personally, I skip this step. But many swear by this step. They say it helps their foundation last longer and that it also does not cause your foundation to transfer. I do not know if it makes your foundation last longer, but it certainly does make your foundation non-transferable. Again, there are many shades of powders. If you are very fair and you look ghostly after applying the foundation, you can get a darker shade of powder, to bring a natural tone to your face. But then again, this is what a bronzer does.

Step 7: Blush and Bronzer

You will definitely have to use blush and bronzer if you do not want your makeup to appear cakey. The blush will make your face seem to have a natural blood flow and the bronzer will keep your face from appearing too white or fair. Your face will have natural notes. Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and the bronzer along with your cheek bones, your hair line and along your chin until your ears.

Step 8: Setting Spray

A setting spray will ensure your makeup stays on flawlessly and perfectly throughout the day. But it is not a mandatory step.

When you go to a mall and try on makeup at a store, do not buy it immediately even if you love it. Wait it out and roam around in the mall, get some shopping done and then check how your makeup looks closely in a mirror and if you are satisfied, then go and get it. You could even go home and come back the next day to get it if you are completely happy with it.

And also, keep in mind that just because a product worked for your friend, it will not work for you. Each one of us has a different skin type and everything that we use will impact our skin in different ways. So, always do a skin test before you try anything on. The safest place to try it is your wrist. So, let me know how this article helped you learn to apply makeup flawlessly or improve your makeup skills, in the comments section.


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