10 Best Envelope Printer 2019 – Top Bands Reviewed and Editor’s Pick


Meta description: Even today, certain official documents that are supposed to be sent via conventional mail. If you need to make it look professional, some printers with the possibility to print on envelopes will help you with this.

Even though we’re living in the 21st century and that we’re used to e-mails and all sorts of messengers, there are certain situations where you have to send something the traditional way. And if you’re sending any official documents via mail, one of the priorities is to have your envelope and everything on it look as formal as possible. The last thing you want to do is to have it look improper for the occasion or just outright unprofessional. This is when printers come into play. However, not every printer is good enough for envelopes, and quite often, you might have issues and troubles getting things in order. So we decided to help you find the best envelope printer for your needs.

With this in mind, we did some digging and research and managed to come up with an envelope printer review, featuring ten great products worth checking out.

Best Envelope Printer Review:

1. Canon MX922

A lot of people would argue that Canon’s MX922 is the best printer for envelopes. And we completely understand why since it offers so many features and possibilities, as well as great operation for a purpose we’re discussing here.

First off, it’s a wireless printer LAN printer that supports AirPrint as well as Google Cloud Print. Of course, there’s the very useful mobile printing feature. The printer also works with 2.0 USB connection which is fast enough for all the data transfers that you need.

Now going over to some other features, it has a Duplex Auto Document Feeder with 35 sheets, making it easier for you to copy all the documents that you want. There’s no need to feed the copier one page at a time, and you can use multiple sheets at once. It also allows you to print on both sides at the same time with its Auto Duplex Printing feature, without bothering to do it manually. This comes as a pretty useful feature for printing on envelopes and other smaller formats.

Of course, it’s also compatible with many different types of ink tanks so you won’t have to worry about any potential compatibility issues. Overall, it’s a pretty great printer that will definitely find use with envelopes. The operation is quite simple, and it allows this kind of printing with its smaller slot in the middle, which is just about right for an envelope format. It’s needless to say that the printing quality is superb, so everything you do on it will look professional.

Looking at all the features, we would say that this is the best printer for envelopes and labels that you can find these days.

Highlighted features

  • Supports AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
  • Duplex Auto Document Feeder that allows copying of up to 35 sheets at once
  • Printing on both sides with the Auto Duplex Printing feature
  • Compatible with different ink tanks
  • Great printing quality

2. Brother HL-L2350DW

If we’re talking about the topic of the best envelope laser printer, there’s just no way not to mention a piece like Brother’s Compact Laser Printer HL- L2350DW. The obvious thing about this one is its very compact size, which makes it a perfect solution for smaller desks or just crowded workspaces. Or, maybe you wish to keep it simple and minimalistic, so this one comes in handy.

The very next important feature is its speed and efficiency. With the capacity of 32 pages in one minute, the HL- L2350DW won’t make you wait for ages for the work to be done. Just imagine how easier it would be to print hundreds of envelopes at once through this printer. And that’s something that will definitely happen in a professional and corporate environment.

Despite this speed, the quality is not affected. You’ll still get fine-grade print whatever you do. The efficiency is also boosted with its high capacity of 250 sheets, so you don’t need to worry about refilling papers or envelopes, or any other format you’re planning to print on.

Of course, such a great printer also has the double-side printing, the standard duplex feature. And it’s only expected to have the wireless option to avoid all the hassle with the cables. One very compact, fast and practical wireless printer with high capacity cartridges that also allows excellent quality for envelope printing. Is there anything more you need?

Highlighted features

  • Very compact
  • High capacity cartridges
  • Wireless operation via WiFi direct
  • High-speed printing with 32 pages per minute
  • The maximum monthly cycle of 15,000 pages
  • The capacity of 250 papers

3. Canon MX492

With such a variety of great products, it’s no surprise to see yet another Canon printer on the list. This time we chose the MX492 printer. It’s also fairly compact, not as the one described above, but it will still provide enough of a clean office space, which is also something you’ll need to think of in both professional and home environment. It’s designed to be about 30% smaller compared to any previous models of the MX series.

The MX492 is pretty useful for all the Apple products users since it supports the AirPrint app. It’s compatible with Macs as well as iPhones and iPads, so it’s an excellent option for all the fans of these products. Also, you can also use other mobile devices for quick and simplified operation using Canon’s specialized Canon Print app. Of course, just like with many other Canon printers, it also supports Google’s Cloud Print feature.

Another thing that will help you save time and allow you to avoid all the tedious and annoying repetitive operations is this printer’s integrated Auto Document Feeder feature.

It’s an inkjet printer and not a laser-based one, which might not be a preference for some. However, we assure you that the printing quality will not disappoint you. While we’re at envelope printing, it allows all the features for this purpose as it will for any regular A4 format printing. You can even feed it with numerous envelopes at once and get an excellent and fast operation.

Highlighted features

  • Supports AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
  • Auto Document Feeder for faster and easier operation
  • Inkjet
  • Solid quality printing for envelopes
  • Compact size
  • Great support for US-based users

4. HP OfficeJet Pro 6968

Then we have the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968, which is, in our opinion, the best HP printer for envelopes. But, of course, it’s a great all-round printer with a copier and a fax machine all in one. The whole thing is made more accessible with the addition of wireless printing, and you can do all the work from your computer, laptop, tablet, or even your phone. It supports any of the standard operating systems you might have on your device today.

The printer itself also features a handy color touchscreen for all the operation that you need. Combined with its design, it brings a perfect touch to its already modern-looking design.

Going over to some other features, it’s pretty much the improved version of the older 5700 series. It is capable of delivering around 20 printed pages per minute. Combined with the maximum operation of 20,000 pages per month, it makes a reasonably fast and efficient printer for any type of work that you need.

It supports many different sizes of paper for printing. Among others, it’s very suitable for envelopes and other smaller formats and sizes. This inkjet printer will surely bring quality work for this particular use, or any other that you might need. In addition to all this, you get an all-around the clock support at any time of day and night. After all, what else would you expect from such a great manufacturer like Hewlett-Packard?

Highlighted features

  • Inkjet
  • Suitable for many sizes and formats
  • 20 pages per minute print speed
  • The maximum operational capacity of 20,000 pages per month
  • Wireless connection
  • Supports different devices and operating systems

5. Epson Workforce Pro WF-3720

Now we’re heading over to Epson and some of their great products. Here we have the Workforce Pro, labeled as WF-3720. The thing about it that might not sit well for everyone is that it only supports Epson cartridges. If you’re supplied by any of the larger retailers in your area, Epson has pretty great coverage all over the world, so this shouldn’t be that much of an issue in most cases. But aside from this, no one has complained about this printer’s operation.

And why would they? This laser-based product provides printing of fantastic quality, no matter the size or the format you’re working with. The secret behind its great operation is the so-called “PrecisionCore” printing, often referred to as the leading technology in printing. It also allows faster printing speeds in lower resolutions.

Arguably one of the biggest strengths of this printer is the price. It is, without any doubt, one of the cheapest models you can find out there. But don’t let this fool you – the Workforce Pro WF-3720 still manages to provide more than just a decent quality of printing. And not only that – it’s also easy on the overall budget and is designed to spend less material for the same amount of work. If you’re looking for a great value for the money, this is the one you need to look into.

What’s more, the “Dash Replenishment” feature helps you keep track of your ink spending over time, making it easier for you to save resources in the long run.

Highlighted features

  • Best value for the money
  • PrecisionCore printing technology
  • Budget-friendly operation
  • Dash Replenishment feature for keeping track of ink usage
  • Allowing lower resolution printing

6. HP Envy Photo 7155

Hewlett-Packard is very well-known for its wide variety of quality products. So it comes as no surprise that we see one more of the company’s products on a list like this one. While we did mention the OfficeJet Pro 6968 as the best HP printer for envelopes, the HP Envy Photo 7155 is not that far behind.

Aside from a very sleek design, the 7155 offers some pretty high-quality color printing. At the same time, it can also print photos and do other kinds of borderless printing. In addition, these color printings are generally budget-friendly, and you’ll basically spend less than 5 cents for one photo.

But while we’re at budget-friendly stuff, this inkjet printer itself is pretty cheap as well. In addition, there are some offers by HP for this product that will provide you with free ink for a few months. Along with the Epson printer we mentioned above, this is clearly one of the cheapest deals you can find.

Despite lower costs, the 7155 allows wireless printing and the possibility to connect it to any of your devices, like tablets, phones, or personal computers of any kind. Just connect it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and you’ll be able to operate it through other devices with ease.

To add to all this, the printer is really easy to set up and even allows printing directly from popular cloud services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

Highlighted features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Wireless connectivity with phones, tablets, and computers
  • Allows printing directly from cloud services
  • Solid quality color printing
  • Has an SD card slot

7. HP DJ 3520

And yet another Hewlett-Packard product on here. However, this time we have a bit of a higher-end product on our hands. HP DJ 3520 is one of the most prestigious printing products that you can find these days. The only reason why it’s a bit further down this list is due to its costs. But we assure you – the price is pretty much justified.

The first thing to notice about it is the overall modern-looking and straightforward design. This is accompanied by highly efficient energy use, which is not only eco-friendly but also saves enough money in the long run. And seeing the quality of such a product, it’s fair to say that it will serve you for quite a while.

What makes it stand out is its simplicity and ease of use. You won’t have any hard time getting used to this printer, compared to some unnecessarily complicated options on the market these days. Of course, it also supports different formats for printing, including envelopes and labels. This is why it made it to the list, among other reasons.

It is also an “all-in-one” kind of deal with a scanner, copier, and printer in one machine. It is all rounded up nicely with wireless connectivity, as well as the option to connect it to any of your external devices, including personal computers and mobile phones. As we said, it is a bit of a more expensive choice, but you’ll be more than amazed by its operation.

Highlighted features

  • High-end product
  • Fantastic quality of black and color printing
  • Great-looking design
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Very easy to use
  • All-in-one scanner, printer, and copy machine

8. Canon MX532

Third Canon on the list, we have yet another model from the MX series. This time, it’s the MX532, a slightly cheaper model, yet it still manages to deliver some punches and impress us with its quality. Just like the series’ other models, it supports the duplex printing, making it easier and faster to print on both sides of the envelope or a piece of paper, or any other supported size and format.

Its strength also lies in the auto feeder that supports up to 30 sheets and makes it easier to print or copy multiple documents or envelopes in one session. This is just one of the features that make the whole process quicker.

Another thing that makes it great is the possibility to connect it with Google’s cloud services. Basically, wherever you are in the world, if your MX532 and your other device have a connection to the internet, you’ll be able to print anything on it. You just need access to it, and that’s all there is to it.

The ease of use and practicality can be seen in some other features as well, like the compatibility with many different types of ink tanks. Both envelope and other format printing, the MX532 is an excellent choice for you.

Highlighted features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Duplex printing
  • Compatible with different types of cartridges

9. Epson Workforce WF-7720

Putting another Epson’s Workforce model here, we have the WF-7720 printer, also capable of document copying and scanning. A lot of users would be looking to dig up the best envelope laser printer, but the inkjet one, like the WF-7720, will do the job just fine. After all, it possesses the aforementioned ” PrecisionCore” technology that allows some excellent quality printing while also saving up around 80% power compared to conventional printers. In addition, it also has a borderless color printing option that’s excellent for photo printing.

Its biggest strength, besides the ones we already mentioned, is a surprising capacity of 500 sheets. It also features dual trays, rear feed for specialty papers, and an impressive 125-sheet tray in the output. Now, this certainly makes it stand out on this list. It’s a great option in case you’re planning to print a large number of envelopes.

Again, like with the other Epson model we mentioned, it only supports the company’s own type of cartridges. This may not be an issue with most of the places, but some may find it troublesome if there’s not a desirable supply of Epson products with the local retailers. The online orders are available, but it could be a potential issue with some users.

Highlighted features

  • 35-page auto feeder
  • PrecisionCore technology providing great quality
  • High capacity, 500 sheets plus 125-sheet output tray
  • Saves power
  • Works only with Epson cartridges

10. HP OfficeJet 200

Last, but not least, we have another HP on the list, making it the fourth one from the famous company. Coming from the OfficeJet series, we have a bit of a different product on our hands here. The idea behind the OfficeJet 200 is to have fully portable printing controlled from any standard device you’re using – a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or a desktop computer. All you need is an ePrint by HP and an internet connection to both your device and the printer. You don’t even have to be on the same wireless network to operate it.

What’s more, the dimensions of the printer and its overall design allow you to take it anywhere you need. The setup is pretty straightforward, and it’s easy to use. Combine it with the fact that it takes up to 50 sheets at the input, and you have a product that many have named the best printer for envelopes and labels.

The downside would be a slightly higher price and some impracticality for office use. After all, there’s no copy and scanner machine on it. However, the whole idea behind such a product was to have a portable printer on the go. And that’s what OfficeJet 200 does best.

Highlighted features

  • Compact design, easy to transport and use anywhere
  • Wireless connectivity
  • ePrint app allows printing even if you’re not on the same wireless network
  • Input capacity of 50 sheets
  • Great printing quality
  • Easy to set up and simple to use

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Envelope Printer

It’s not that hard to pick the best possible envelope and label printer for your needs. After all, great quality products are abundant on the market, and you’ll never have to worry about finding a suitable one. However, with this in mind, standards are high and you’ll need to make it all look as professional as possible, especially if we’re talking about any kind of corporate or other similar environments. This is why you’d need to put at least some effort and find what you need.

We went searching through a lot of products, tried something out so you don’t have to, and we came up with this list. Basically, anything here will be more than just decent enough to make it worthwhile for you. The only question here is what you find more useful and what suits your personal or working environment.

The narrowly specialized envelope printers are not that easy to stumble upon and are usually not that practical for common use. This is why it’s a better option to go with some conventional printers. However, they must support the printing of different formats and sizes. So you’ll need to be looking at a printer that has a tray or input that supports small formats like envelopes and various labels.

Next up, you’ll need to be thinking of printing quality. The printers detailed above provide high quality and can print for long enough with a standard cartridge.

There are a few other features that can be quite useful if you really need them. For instance, wireless printing is excellent for both bigger and smaller offices, and there’s no need to have a whole bunch of cables going around connecting everything. All you need to do is click or tap on your device, and it will be printed.

But with printing larger quantities, which is something you’ll need to be thinking of for envelope printing, is that you need a fair capacity at the input. It would be quite a drag to have to refill it all the time, so the whole wireless feature would kind of be pointless.

Many of the advanced printers today offer connectivity via different Android and iOS apps. This allows you to print even if your phone or other device is not connected to the same wireless network as the printer.

On the other hand, some like to keep it simple and cheap. But as it usually goes, it’s tough to find both affordable and good products of any kind. We’ve included some budget solutions in the top list above, and these are definitely worth checking out.

Final Verdict

Whatever is the reason for printing envelopes on a regular basis, any of the products listed will do the work well. But what you’ll need to be thinking here are all the different features that are available and finding what works for you. Some of these are designed to be compact or even portable. Others have practicality in mind with all the supported apps and direct cloud printing. And some might also want to look into some of the more budget-friendly options. Just think this through and come up with the best solution for your needs. This list just narrows the choice down to ten products and there’s something available for everyone’s liking.


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