How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live?


How long do bearded dragons live? It’s one of the most obvious questions that is asked by the prospective owners of bearded dragons. Some people are just curious to know how long they can spend their time with these friendly animals while others want to ensure whether they are able to provide the care which is necessary to make them live longer. Though we can state so many answers to this question, gaining some valuable knowledge on the important factors will help you enhance the lifespan of these reptiles.

The environmental factors and the care shown by the owner have a direct impact on how long do bearded dragons live. Bearded dragons are the same as humans. When these lizard creatures receive proper nutrition and care, they can live up to 16 years of age. Keeping the bearded dragons from the risk of developing various illnesses and stress can greatly improve their life span. Due to the predators, generally, bearded dragons that are kept in captivity live longer than those in the wild.

By keeping all these things in mind, I have compiled a list of factors that determines how long do bearded dragons live. Continue to read on.

Where Do Bearded Dragon Live

The habitat that is used to keep bearded dragons play a vital role in keeping them healthy. Cleanliness, adequate lighting and heat of the habitat also play a significant role in enhancing the lifespan of bearded dragons.


The size of the bearded dragon is one of the main indicators that help us determine how long do bearded dragons live. Generally, the bigger ones live longer than the smaller ones. So try to buy a large baby bearded dragon so that you can expect it to live longer (up to a decade )without any life threatening issues.


The gender of the bearded dragons actually affects how long do bearded dragons live. Usually, male bearded dragons outlive the female ones. The reason is, female bearded dragons often face health issues during the breeding processes. So when these are kept alone, you can expect it to live as old as the male ones.


As Bearded dragons are territorial animals putting so many of them in a confined space can possibly turn them more aggressive. At times, they used to fight among themselves and get serious injuries. So keeping the bearded dragons in an isolation will offer long life.


The space of the habitat also plays a role in how long do bearded dragons live. When you provide a spacious habitat, they will have more space to move around and exercise these are important for the development and growth of all bearded dragons.


As we have seen earlier, bearded dragon lizards are the same as humans. So feeding them with the proper diet will increase their life span. Feed them with the right combination of fruits & vegetables and insects.


Watch out for the behavior of your beard dragon, if it deviates from its normal behavior then it’s a sign that requires an immediate trip to the doctor. Paying the close attention and identifying the problems at an early stage make bearded dragons live longer.


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