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How Much Does Your Hair Grow In A Month

We are seeing too many fancy advertisements around us. Products claim to grow your hair a feet long in just a month. But if you know how much does your hair grows in a month for real, you wouldn’t fall for these fake claims ever.

According to the medical systems, whichever product you use even in a healthy person, hair can grow only around 1/2 inch per month i.e., 1.25 centimeters. So 6 inches per year. When you get older this growth decreases and it comes down to 0.1 inches per month. Speed of hair growth is the same all over the head.

Generally, men’s hair can grow to the length of 6 to 7 inches per year and the growth rate is quite faster than women’s. Although it is just impossible to grow your hair longer faster, maintaining a proper diet will help you to stimulate and sustain natural hair growth. Above all, there are some factors like temperature that have a direct impact on hair growth. Because of the warm climate, the hair growth rate will seem high in summer than in winter.

Though you can’t grow a feet long hair in just a month, you can do a variety of things to get your hair to look longer and stronger. If you master the below tricks you don’t need to worry about how much does your hair grows in a month or a year.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that help you get a look of healthy longer hair

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

The texture & moisture of your hair is something that reflects how healthy you are. So if you truly want to enhance the elegance of your hair structure, establish a healthy lifestyle. No bumbo jumbo techniques will help you achieve it. To make your life more healthy follow a healthy sleep and exercise routine, stay away from excess stress and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drinking a sufficient amount of water will help you maintain your hair’s moisture.

Trim The Split Ends Regularly

Only the hormones and follicles are responsible for your hair growth. So trimming your hair clearly does not play any role in promoting or diminishing your hair growth. Do you know how long does your hair grows in a month now? So confidently remove the split ends. It will not take more than 1/4 or 1/2 inches from the total length but definitely, it will make a big difference in appearance. Try it.

Say No No To Chemical Products  

Instead of using harsh chemical products, start using organic care products. Find the product that suits your hair type normal, dry or oily. The advanced technology used in these products will help to lock the moisture off your hair thus improving the hair condition.

Save Your Hair From Heat

If you are the one who changes hairstyles straightly right to perm, you are making more harm to than good to your hair. Yes, you get your hair a temporary stylish look at the price of permanent damage. Heat is one of the main factors that damage your hair drastically. As you seem to be concerned about how much does your hair grow in a month, to maintain the moisture of your hair I suggest you go with the natural methods such as wet sets or twist & wraps or suggest your hairdresser to apply a very reasonable pressure so that it will not affect your hair deeply. Also avoid flat iron, curling and even blow dry.

These Matters In Hair Care

No matter whether your hair type is straight or curly or wavy, you must always remember a thing in your mind. These are your inborn characteristics determined by the genetic codes. You can’t change that by any external applications. But you can of course keep your hair nourished and healthy using natural methods. Maintaining a proper texture and moisture are the 2 most important factors in hair care.

Handle Your Hair With Care  

Hair loss is a natural condition. It happens to everyone. But what if you damage and break your hair with often brushing or combing? You knew clearly how long your hair takes to grow 1/2 an inch. So avoid too much of combing. Your hair follicles are so sensitive to tolerating too many strokes per day and it has a great impact on your hair growth.

As it breaks your hair every time you wear it, avoid using tight elastic bands on your hair.

Hair Extensions To Make Your Hair Look Longer  

You may have recently spoiled your hair with a haircut and you may have an important function to attend around a week or a day. In such cases, it is just impossible to wait for your hair to grow naturally. I already told you how long does your hair grows in a month. It is not even 2 inches. But don’t worry. To help your situation hair extensions are readily available. Talk to your hair stylist and get their proper suggestions on the hair extensions. Fix it on your hair and fake the appearance.


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