Beach waves for hair are a universal style symbol and look great on any girl, irrespective of age or color. Those twirling curls on hair add volume and drama to your hair, short or long; beach waves look amazing on all hair lengths. Beach waves give you a messy look, which is also sexy, and so you can wear them at a party or on the other hand beach, you can even go to your office with beach waves because they make you appear like a confident woman. The right beach waves give you a carefree look, but only the girl knows how much trouble she has been through to get these curls. Worry not because we will explore the easiest way to get beach waves.

However, before you start, there are certain things that you must keep in mind before you get on with how to get beach waves. You need a curling rod for your hair. Use a branded good quality rod that will treat your hair gently. Heating your hair damages the hair strands, but you do not want your hair to be furthermore damaged because of a cheap quality rod. Also, you will need a hair spray handy so that when you are done curling your hair into beachy waves; you can spray the hair with some hair spray so that the curls remain intact.

Treatment for different hair beach waves is different. Let me explain to you how you would want to treat your hair before you start with the beach hair process.

  • For frizzy or dry hair, use extra moisturizer cream or oil to soften the hair so that your waves look natural and stay intact. If need be, use double the amount of hair product that would normally be required for normal hair. Add more hair product to the mid-section of your hair and then to the roots and the ends. Work diligently and give some time to the beach waves, as frizzy hair needs more time.
  • For thick, strong hair: If your hair is naturally thick, strong and straight, then you might have to work a longer period. As they are naturally straight and strong, it will be difficult to bend the hair strands, as you want them to. Use a heavier hair moisturizer cream to bend your stubborn strands. If you use the right hair product, even a light touch with the rod can make a lot of difference.
  • For curly hair: Naturally, curly hair is difficult to manage and even though there are curls, these curls are not exactly the type you want, that is beach waves. Stretch the strand and pull it in a downward fashion. Dump your hair with some hair product from the roots to the end. Slide your fingers through the curls and then pull them straight. Once your hair has softened, you can easily curl them with a rod.

Now let us get on to the details as to how to get the perfect beach waves.

Step 1: Untangle your hair and keep it frizz free. You can try using a one handed curling rod on freshly washed hair or a day after you have washed your hair. Now take a clip and separate your hair into layers depending on how many curls you want. The standard procedure would be to divide your hair into four layers. Tie up the top portion of your hair with a clip and then separate the hair hanging below and separate it into two parts.

Step 2: Now, take one of the two parts, divide the hair strands, and divide them into further smaller sections. Now take one section of hair, preferably one inch of hair and curl it on to the curling rod. Hold the rod away from your face, if you do not want to burn your face. Curl the hair on the rod leaving two inches of hair for you to hold. Hold it for a few seconds and then let loose the hair. Repeat this for all the sections. To get the better volume to the curls, take one section of hair, curl it towards your face, then take the other section, and then curl it away from your face. This way your beach waves will look more voluminous. Use this process for only the bottom layers, for the topmost layers. We have a different plan for the topmost layers of your hair.

Step 3: Now spray the hair with some hair spray so that your hair remains intact and does not become frizzy. Repeat this procedure as you curl layers of hair section by section. Start from the bottom and work your way up, leaving the top most portion of hair untouched.

Step 4: Once you are done with all the layers. Now take the top most layer of hair and spray it with a hair spray. Divide it into sections and brush it backwards as this will add volume to your hair and then curl the hair onto the rod. This way the beach waves will appear natural.

Step 5: Once you are done with all the layers of hair, let your hair cool down for five minutes now. Now break out the curls with your fingers so that the curls look natural. Also, use a comb to make sure that the hair looks smooth and then spray it with a hair spray so that the hair remains intact.

The above method is for beach waves using a round rod, but many girls tend to use a flat heating rod to straighten their hair. Well, not all can afford to buy both, a flat and a round rod. We have a solution for that too. Here is an easy way in which you can use a flat rod to make curls. It is not at all difficult and gives the same impact as a round rod.

Apply argan oil to your hair from roots until the end by holding it like a ponytail. You can even use a hair spray so that your hair stays intact.  Place your hair strand in between the rod, curl it in an outward fashion, and use your palm to give direction to the curls. Hold the ends and drag the rod until the end leaving the last two inches of your hair untouched.

Both the above-mentioned methods are easy are you would not need anyone’s help to do it. You can try it at home all by yourself and get the perfect beach waves for your hair.


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