Top 10 Slowest Cars In The World


For some reason or the other, you have arrived here to check out what is the slowest car in the world. Well, we have the list you secretly wanted to go through. It’s not that bad anyway because every car fanatic knows that driving the slowest car fast is far better than driving the fastest car slow on a busy peak road.

Manufacturers can take the pride in producing the fastest cars. But what on earth makes them produce the slowest cars? Just like you, this same question is peeping into millions of minds. Sellers coin this flaw with the statements like “These cars are eco-friendly and can use the alternative fuel resources like a hybrid or electric ” blah blah blah. Driving a slow car does not give you the joy of driving the fast one car but hey, driving these little boxes of fun is sometimes quirky and interesting too.

It’s needless to say that the slowest cars listed here have a little horsepower and remarkably low top speed. The maximum amount of time each car takes to achieve 0-60mph is given in seconds. Take a look. You would be a little surprised to see the makes and models of the cars that are qualified for this list.

Tell us whether you struck up with any of this slowest car ever in your life?

Top 10 Slowest Cars In The World

10. Nissan Versa Note SR

Nissan Versa Note SR

0-60 mph: 10.3 seconds, 109 HP

Price : $17,930

Anyone will get easily fooled by the sporty look of Nissan’s Versa Note SR. But beware, buyers rated this as one of the slowest cars in the world since it takes 10.3 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. However, with added features and a rich roomy interior, Nissan rules its rivals in refinement and performance wise.

9. Mitsubishi i-Miev

Mitsubishi i-Miev

0-60 mph: 13.4 Seconds, 66 hp

Price : $33,000

Not all electric cars are slow. Think about the Tesla Model S. It’s highway speed comes around 80 mph. Third year in the row, it is the indisputable choice for the fastest electric car of many. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi offers only the marginal high performance that makes it to get an entry into the list of top 10 slowest cars. On the plus side, it is much cheaper than many other electric cars on the market.

8. Fiat Qubo Natural Power 1.4

Fiat Qubo Natural

0-60 mph :  17.7 seconds , 76 hp
Price : $25,950

Italian makes and models carry a big name and reputation in the market. But it’s not the case with this semi-convertible Fiat Qubo. It achieves 0 – 60 mph sprints in 17.7 seconds. You are right, this time is more than enough to make our Sunday special popcorn. With its sporty look, you may pretend like driving a sports car but in reality, the 7 airbags protection mechanism is the only sporting feature that can grab the attention of the crowd.

 7. Daimler Smart CDI

Daimler Smart CDI

0-60 mph : 19.5 seconds, 61 hp
Price : $9,150

It is a 2 passenger, rear engine, rear-wheel drive car from the brand Daimler AG. Daimler incurred a massive loss of $4billion making this car. To be frank, this loss incurred much faster than what it takes for their ForTwo Model to sprint 0-60 mph. There are not so many things that you can do when you are stuck up with this car. So just lay back, relax and enjoy watching the beauty lying outside.

6) Hindustan Ambassador 1.5 DSZ

Hindustan Ambassador 1.5 DSZ

0 to 30 mph : 28 seconds, 52hp

The next contender that breaks into the list of slowest cars is Hindustan Ambassador 1.5 DZ. These 56-year-old cars can only be seen in India and nowhere else. This car is the same as “classic Morris Oxford”, but additionally it has some cosmetic work on it. This car is powered by a 1.5 diesel engine.

If you ever go to India, never miss the chance of driving this vehicle. Because doing so will be like going to Paris and skipping to visit the Eiffel Tower.

5) Tata Nano

Tata Nano

0 to 60 mph :  29.4 seconds, 37  hp
Price – $1,700

Launching the TATA  NANO was the lifetime dream for its CEO Ratan TATA. The main aim behind the production of this car is to offer the most affordable car to every citizen of India. With a price tag of just $1600, TATA NANO provides optimum performance worth the money. However, being an ultra compact car, it takes 29.4 seconds to achieve 0-60 Mph. If fuel efficiency and ultra-compact are the important features you are looking for, then look no further.

4) MIA electric car


0-60 mph : 30 seconds, 13 hp
Price : $16,532

You heard it right. You can charge this electric car fully in just 3 hours. But sadly, you have to wait up to 30 seconds just to reach 0-60 mph. This car has a boot space of 9 cubic inches, and it can comfortably hold around 3 people. If you ever stuck up in this car and want some positive energy to get going on, imagine its central driving position with McLaren of F1. It may give you a bit of solace

3) Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

0-60 mph: never, 17 hp

Price : $10,000

This 2 seated compact pocket-sized quadricycle is manufactured by Valladolid. It is available in 3 different models, each with its own price tag. This car was first debuted in the Frankfurt Motor show as a “concept car”. Then it was quickly designed and launched in the French market in the year 2012. Soon it was opened for the UK and other European nations too. Though it is not so fast, it provides a lot of grips. You can enjoy driving this car as long as the sun is bright.  So, what about 0-60 mph? You will never make it.

2) Aixam Coupe

Aixam Coupe

0-60 mph: never, 5.6 hp
Price : $16,177

With the launch of single seated Aixam Coupe in the market, Axiom Corporation has achieved its dream of producing a “Secure, Safe, Slow & Stylish”  vehicle. First sight at this car may remind you of the city car but in reality, it is a light quadricycle. Though you don’t need to get a driver’s license to drive an Aixam coupe on public roads, you would definitely need a moped license. The top speed of this car is 30 mph. It is not much appreciated by the hard core drivers but it can give a good start to the first time young drivers, probably your teens. About the price, It is a little expensive than the Ford fiesta. As this car is proven to provide safety through vigorous crash testing, it is often preferred by the parents who are more bothered about their Teen safety.

What Is The Slowest Car In The World?

1) Peel P50

Peel P50 – The slowest smallest car in the world

 0-60 mph: never, 3.35 hp

Price : $17,000 to $20,000

Manufacturer: Peel Engineering

We are not deviating from the topic. We still remember your query, what is the slowest car in the world. You don’t need to be too suspicious by looking at this picture. The height and width of this tiny cartoon-like car is 45 inch and 41 inches respectively. This car comes with a tag line of “1 adult and 1 shopping bag“. Even when a dwarf like human squeezes their body into this car, he will only look like a monster while driving this car. The price? Its  $16,000. The top speed of this car is 30 mph. Even the people who walk with their bare feet can overtake your $20,000 vehicle easily. Give a try with this tortoise like moving electric car, you’d get a feel of most slowest man or woman in the world.

This slowest car does not come with reverse gear. Due to its low weight (56 kg)m, one can easily take this car and turn it around anyway. As safety is highly questioned with this car, these are not allowed on public roads. You can see them


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