Top 50 Most Popular New Year Resolutions That People Make


New Years are amazing as we start our life with a new year with lots of hopes and possibilities. Every one of us thinks of New Year from a different angle. Some of us think of making our life easy and some of us think to travel more. The only common thing that unites us here is that we all make lots of Resolutions. But not all of us bother to follow that throughout the year. That’s another side. Whatever it may be, resolutions are a great way to keep us motivated. There’s no denial.

Every year we start our year with new resolutions which are actually very common but still we keep them as long as we can. Research says only 8% of people actually get success in their New Year Resolution. Here we have assembled the Top 50 Most Popular New Year Resolution that people make at the starting of the year.

1. Lose Weight

This is everyone’s favorite and one of the most unsuccessful resolutions of the New Year.

  1. Yoga

    For better lifestyle Yoga is a must and for better New Year resolutions also.

    1. Daily Walk

    Walking is amazing especially in the morning, it is also a priority in our New Year resolution list but we can’t walk too far.

    1. Running

    Talking of health, we all know that running is a great way to exercise but it doesn’t go well with resolutions.

    1. Join A Gym

    The most popular New Year Resolution, this makes every Gym owner rich.

    1. Get a Six pack

    This is one of those goals that you always want it to complete but never succeed.

    1. Regular Health Check Up

    Health is wealth but often times we forget that and Heath Checkups became past stories. We will go to the Doctor in January but later we will only think.

    1. Eat Healthier

    One of the most popular New Year resolutions is also the least accomplished resolution, at New Year we eat a lot of junk and decide to go all healthy by quitting Fast Food but our body refuses after a few weeks.

    1. Stop Eating Too Many Sweets

    We make resolutions to keep our sugar intake a little low but we all know how sweet it goes.

    1. Get More Sleep

    In our busy life we have many things to do, from work to meeting people to sleeping but the only one that gets sacrificed in our busy schedule is our sleep. We make resolutions to change that but it doesn’t go very well even in our dreams.

    1. Quit Smoking

    The hardest addictions are really hard to quit. And quitting smoking is also the most popular New Year Resolution.

    1. Quit Drinking

    Celebrating New Year with booze is common and deciding to quit it after tonight is very common but in real life not very common.

    1. Quit Laziness

    Too tired to write anything.

    1. Give Up One Bad habit

    Old habits die hard but it’s time to quit biting nails.

    1. Quit Farting

    Natural Gas is part of life and passing on them is also a natural process but not always. So try to be fit.

    1. Travel More

    Every year we think to Travel more but somehow we always cancel it. At the end of the year we complain about how our lives are busy and next year we will travel more but it seems like an infinite loop.

    1. Be More Adventurous

    Ride Cycles on mountains, Bungee Jumping or trekking in the wilderness, are our New Year goals for every New Year.

    1. Go to More Sporting Events

    Watching sports is something that gives us pleasure but many times we miss any sporting event. we make a list with a resolution to watch more sports in the stadium but the list gets disappeared every time.

    1. Start playing your Favourite Sport

    It’s time to be fit and to be fit it’s time to lay your favorite sport in real life not just in New Year Resolutions.

    1. Organize

    This will make life easy, manage your time, do stuff as decided and your life will be organized.

    1. Be Punctual

    The one habit that we all want yet we can’t achieve.

    1. Start Saving

    We spend money on many useless things and at the end f the year we see our bank acc and get all sad. This is a cycle, a non changing cycle.

    1. Establish a Budget

    One of the most important things in daily life and also one of the most common New Year resolutions to make and to even break.

    1. Don’t buy every latest gadget

    Every year you make this promise to yourself and every year you spend thousands on them.

    1. Reconnect with an Old Friend

    Remember a few years back you thought of meeting or calling your old friend n New Year, well it’s been many new years since.

    1. Spend less time on Facebook

    It’s great to be in touch with people but stop spending a lot of time n it.

    1. Socialize more in real life rather than Facebook

    It’s time we do this not just on New Year but very often.

    1. Call people more than text

    Texts are cool but not every time.

    1. Fun with Family

    The family bond is the most important bond in our life so make it happen in real life not just on a list.

    1. Talk to Parents more

    Parents miss us and we also miss them but the resolution to call them daily doesn’t go very well after the first week.

    1. Go for a Blind Date

    We want little excitement and Blind Dates are a way for that. So if you keep that in your Resolution then complete it.

    1. Find a Girl Friend/Boy Friend

    After spending the whole year we think that with New Year we will change our relationship status but this is the story of every year.

    1. Start a Hobby

    To do something productive we should get a hobby but the only hobby we have is to make New Year Resolutions.

    1. Learn To Cook

      We always thought that how great it would be to cook. But the Chef in you is still waiting.

      1. Write More

      On New Year we make a resolution to write a Diary or keep a Blog but the entries after a few weeks and every year we just change the dates.

      1. Read More

      We make a list every year to read books but later we don’t even read the list.

      1. Learn To Paint

      It is one of the Most Popular New Year resolutions. Who doesn’t love to paint, the colors are awesome but doing it as a habit is not so popular.

      1. Learn A language

      Everyone wants to learn another language, it’s a great way to learn about the culture but every year we make this same resolution.

      1. Worry Less

      In our busy metropolitan lifestyle, one thing comes in a package and that is a problem and these problems make us worry. We always thought to cut down our panic but the only thing we do is to make a New Year resolution.

      1. Recycle More

      The world is in danger and it’s time we should go green but these things only stay till our Google search.

      1. Get a Tattoo

      Story of every New Year to get a meaningful Tattoo but yet not found any meaningful thing.

      1. Get Rid of a Tattoo

      Made a mistake but it’s been many years and many New Year resolutions.

      1. Adopt a Pet

      Who doesn’t like a Pet and it is one of the most common New Year resolutions but it is also one of the hardest New Year resolutions.

      1. Stop Over thinking

      Sometimes our thinking part becomes over thinking part and this needs to stop ASAP.

      1. Go a Week without Phone

      It’s hard but not impossible. So just don’t make a Resolution, even try to achieve it.

      1. Start Own Business

      New Year’s first morning starts with a business plan that you planed a few New Year back.

      1. Help Others

      A good thing to do the whole year but it doesn’t go well the whole year.

      1. Charity

      Charity is a great way of saying Thanks but we should commit to it. We should help people in shelters and this will make us happy.

      1. Contribute to a Cause

      It is like giving back to the society in which we live. Volunteering for a cause.

      1. Meet New People

      Not just on New Year Day but very often. But as with every other resolution, his also fades away. It is also one of the popular New Year resolutions.


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