World’s Top 30 Best Countries To Live In 2016


Where on earth the happiest people reside? Which one is the best place to live in / relocate to?If you have these many questions racing through your mind continue to read on. Starting from 2013, every year our team, Lifestyle9 releases the list “Best countries to live in the world” based on the landmark surveys and authentic reports from the trust worthy sources around the world. Every year it goes viral and takes the internet by storm. We have come a long way since our first report and this year we took our research to the next level.

How We Calculated the Lifestyle9 Score?

The economic growth of any particular country is often conflated with the living standards of people who live over there. But is that enough to determine any country as “The Best country to live“? Certainly not, there are many other factors come into play.

To make sense, after conducting our extended research, we came up with our official score based on the 10 the unique factors. All the indexes are explained in detail to give you a better understanding.

Each entry in our table is marked in the range [1, 10] where the highest score (10) indicates strongly positive and the lowest score (1) indicates strongly negative.

  1. Happiness score

It’s is the correlated average of the inevitable psychological measures like GDP per capita, Social support, Healthy life expectancy, individual freedom, generosity, perception of corruption, residual and confidence level.  While measuring the well being of any country it’s very important to measure the level of happiness. Increasingly the governments around the world started to consider this measure as one of the key measures while framing their global public policies.

The happiness score we included here is taken from “The World happiness report” released by “The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)”last year.

Even if a country gets tick in all the boxes indicating the economy, wealth, power, life style, climate and any, if its people report a lack of happiness, what’s the use declaring that as the best country? It’s the reason why we have given such importance to this measure.

  1. Education index  

The Education Index is measured from the “Mean years of schooling index” and the “Expected years of schooling index.”

  1. Job Index

Having a steady decent income earning job helps people to stay connected with the society. This measure is taken from a combined score of employment rate, personal earnings, job security and long term employment among the age group 15 to 64.

  1. Work Life Balance

Work life balance (WLB) is an indicator that describes the prioritization between work and personal care (health, leisure, family, pleasure.) Upon the realization of its importance, governments around the world strive to bring a better work life balance in every sector in the recent years.

  1. Civic Engagement

Having a stable government that is transparent in making decisions is a key for a social well being and cohesion. Civic engagement is the average mean of the measures political stability, transparency, control over corruption and voter turns outs. These values are, in fact, harsh realities of people living in certain countries.

  1. Global Peace Index

This aspect concerns the crime rate and safety index in a country. The experiences of tourists, societal safety and security, Internal peace, External peace, Positive Peace Index , Militarization all these factors have been taken into account in forming this score. The original scores are ranging from [-2.25 to 2.25] where -2.25 indicates the less peaceful state and 2.25 indicates the more peaceful state. We did a simple conversion math to derive our official score in the background.

This score is taken from the popular report “Global Peace Index“.

  1. Health

This index is calculated by considering the factors like life expectancy, wellness, and public access to healthcare, advancements and quality of healthcare systems.

  1. HDI Index

    (Human Development Index)

As the name signifies, it is a combined data measurement of literacy, standards of living, life expectancy and quality of life in the countries worldwide. Analysts, by using the data, can calculate – if a country is developed, developing or underdeveloped. It is used for evaluating the importance and benefit of various economic policies on the value or quality of life in a country.        

  1. Disaster Risk Management Index

This parameter is given in the range 0 to 10 where 0 indicates the minimum risk and 10 indicates the maximum risk. The percentage usually denotes the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters and humanitarian crises around the world. The natural negative effects include floods, earthquakes, droughts, storms and sea level rises (tsunami). Data of this index is collected from the Inform index for risk management.

  1. EPI (Environmental Performance Index)

The rankings of EPI are based on the performance of countries on environmental issues in two broad areas – preservation of ecosystems and protection of health (human) from any environmental harm or destruction.  

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty – Winston Churchill

Figures apart, each one of these countries has its own traits that can make anyone astonished. We tell you those facts along the way. Now, let’s start our journey in the reverse chronological order.

Top 30 Best Countries To Live In The World

Tell Us, How Happy Are You?

In the scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the best (perfect) and 1 is somewhat okay, tell us which country you reside and how happy you are.Hit your comments in the comment section. We’re all ears !



 Lifestyle9 Score : 5.08

best countries to live in the world

  • This country offers the most stable climate than any other country in the whole Europe.(3,300 hours of sunshine).
  • Portuguese are very welcoming, gracious & friendly. 90% of the total population speak foreign languages. Mostly English.
  • Being situated in the middle of 3 continents(America, Europe, and Africa) Portugal serves as a central place for all international routes. You can find international airports all around the country.
  • Portugal is one of the very few countries that has a well-defined border with a political stability.
  • For those who want to explore the beauty of Portugal, it offers a modern road network. It only takes not more than 2 hours to move around the major cities from north to south.Its clear and transparent taxation rules make Portugal to be one of the best countries to invest in properties.
  • According to UBS, Cost of living in Portugal is very low when comparing with the all other European Countries.


 Lifestyle9 Score : 5.18


  • If you are planning an escape route to South America, your best option to settle down can’t be anything better than this “Beautiful Chilie”. Expats who live here Call this country as American Switzerland.
  • Its natural beauty, gorgeous weather, clean exciting cities, well planed efficient transportation systems, strong economy all these factors has started to attract the expats attention more and more in the recent years.
  • Its Lake District with pale green lakes, skiing, wild life and snow capped volcanoes are really hard to beat.
  • With its long 3999 miles of coast lines, Chilie offers 4 different climates and a variety of lifestyle options. From sunny Sea side beaches to the beautiful mountain villages to the busy breeze filling towns you can choose to live anywhere in your budget. Huffington post rates this country as the best place to retire and settle down.
  • Unfortunately, the people here are food addicts and their addiction goes with the name “ICE CREAM“. They love Ice Creams. In most of the times, either you can see them eating ice creams or lined up in a queue to buy it.



 Lifestyle9 score – 5.22

best countries to live in the world

  • Officially known as the ‘Republic of China’, Taiwan has grown into a full-fledged economy and is a member of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) and WTO (World Trade Organization).
  • Taiwan gains substantial points in providing healthcare, economic freedom, public education and freedom to the press.
  • For the 2nd time in a row, this year Taiwan has made its spot to the list  Top 10 safest countries in the world as well.
  • People of Taiwan are more friendly, kind hearted and well mannered.
  • Major attractions of Taiwan are the National Palace Museum (it comprises of more than 650000 artifacts, items and pieces of Chinese history – painting, calligraphy, porcelain, jade etc). Other attractions are Penghu Islands (Archipelago), Ximending, Alishan National Scenic Area and Yang Ming Mountain.
  • Taroko National Park is situated on the East Coast of Taiwan. The park covers portions of Nantou County, Hualien County and Taichung City. Taking its name from Taroko Gorge, the park contains steep cliffs, breathtaking valleys, beautiful scenic waterfalls and streams. The world famous part of Taroko Gorge is known as ‘Tunnel of Nine Turns’.



 Lifestyle9 Score : 5.26

best countries to live in the world

  • Strong religious freedom, Excellent healthcare, High literacy rate, High life expectancy are some important factors that make Japan standout from the rest of the world.
  • In Japan, people die hardly due to diseases. They maintain a high record for keeping diseases at a minimum. Unlike other countries,in Japan diseases are not a major national threatening issue that kills people in the bunch.
  • In Japan, Garbage Cleaner is given the title of Health Engineer. Getting this job is not that easy. He has to take up certificate courses to qualify for this job. Monthly salary of a typical health engineer come around $8000 while in other countries this role hardly exceeds $300.
  • People of Japan follow the rules and regulations by their nature. It made this country to be recognized as the 8th safest country in the world.
  • Regardless of the work pressure, they undergo in their working environment, they still show their compassion to co-workers and other members of society. It is often represented as one of the best qualities of these people.
  • People of Japan are known to be the inventors. Their inventions and successful adoption of technologies often take the world by surprise.

 South Korea

Lifestyle9 Score : 5.37

best country to live in the world

  • Whether want to visit or settle down in South Korea, you can pack your baggage without any second thought because people of this country are amazingly nice. However, it’s good to not plan around its below freezing winter seasons. Winter of Korea is not a joke.
  • People of Korea are tech savvy and have a strong liking towards the luxury brands. They swipe their credit cards more often than any other people in the world. Their credit card usage, high-speed internet everything turned this country as a perfect marketplace for the online luxury retailers.
  • South Korean Television shows and their pop culture often create a direct influence on international consumer purchases.
  • They are the most wired people in the world.82.7% of the South Korean population use the internet They have a virtual super market, digital countdown installed at bus stops and GPS system in every cab.
  • People around the world fly to South Korea not only for their awesome plastic surgical results but also for getting the ideal deals.



Lifestyle9 Score : 5.38


  • In Italy there are lots of things that need to be improved to make it a perfect nation but still these few not to love about Italy can’t make this wonderful country stay behind from the best countries list. Break your pre assumed thoughts if you had any before you start to read about this country.
  • Once a home to ground breaking arts and artists, today the modern Italy attracts expats by boasting love in the air. We all knew it!
  • Accompanied by its rich culture, each part of a country tells a different fascinating story and boasts the world class restaurants, art works, monuments and museums.
  • With more than 4,600 miles of coast lines, Italy boasts 27 marine parks and the Mediterranean beaches in Europe. Spending your leisure time at these beaches is more like swimming in the tropical water.
  • Italians are well known for their famous work of music and arts, close family ties and not to mention their food addictions.
  • For expats, it’s one of the most welcoming countries. Expats population comes around 6% of Italy’s total population. It’s needless to say that foreigners will not find it hard to develop friendship with locals.


United States

 Lifestyle9 score – 5.39United States

  • It’s needless to say that United States is one of the countries which offers convenience to the core. This is the place where you can get anything, at any point of time.
  • One of the best things that include United States in the best countries list is its, “Freedom Of Speech” which means they respect each others rights to voice their opinion. You can criticize even the President, the Government, Politicians, Professionals or anyone.
  • Just like Australians, even Americans are very kind hearted. When it comes to disaster-scale events, nothing can stand before the strength of Americans’ unity.
  • People of United States are remarkably creative.No other country in the world has as much expertise as Americans have in almost all fields.
  • Racial diversity & The Great Cultural Mix are two other important factors that anyone can enjoy in the United States.
  • When we talk about United States, it becomes inevitable to skip the entertainment industry, especially the movie industry.
  • The Grand Canyon, as the name signifies, is a geological wonder situated in the desert of Arizona.
  • Las Vegas in Nevada is popular for its gambling casinos and night life entertainment.
  • The moment you hear the word “United States” you are reminded of the “Statue of Liberty” the sculpture in New York City. The statue, a female figure in robes, represents Libertas (Roman Goddess).

United Arab Emirates

 Lifestyle9 score – 5.42

United Arab Emirates

  • UAE and Qatar are the two Islamic countries from Gulf region made our list. These countries may not sound the best place to live for many people because you can not own anything if you are not a citizen there. And you will not get citizenship even if you live your whole life there. Culturally they may not be suitable for Europeans and Americans. But for the people who are born in UAE and who are the actual citizens, it is the best place to live without a question.
  • Almost every resident of United Arab Emirates is rich. Their government does not impose any tax on the income. Disregarding the common belief, oil resources are not the only reason for their richness. In fact, they account for only 7% of the total wealth. Rest of the income is generated from the heavy investments made in Industrial organizations and technologies.
  • United Arab Emirates, also called as UAE or Emirates is a country comprising of seven emirates. These seven are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain, Sharjah and Khaimah. Every emirate is ruled by a monarch and all the monarchs collectively form the Federal Supreme Council. Being a Muslim country, Islam is mainly practiced while Arabic is regarded as the official language. It has multiple oil reserves (fourth largest) and natural gas reserves.
  • Burj Khalifa is a famous skyscraper in Dubai. It has achieved the honor of being the tallest man-made structure in the world.
  • The judicial system is based on the Sharia law – flogging can be given as punishment for acts such as premarital sex, adultery and alcohol consumption. The number of floggings can vary depending on the case – for example, people kissing in public may receive 80 lashes. For premarital sex, the number of lashes is 100.
  • Homosexuality is considered immoral in Sharia law and labeled a capital offense. Stoning and amputation are considered a legal punishment in the UAE.
  • If you are an expatriate, you are forbidden to publicly smoke, drink or eat during the month of Ramadan between the duration of sunrise and sunset. People exempted from the strict practice of Ramadan are children and pregnant women. The law applies to the entire public, whether you be a Muslim or a non-Muslim. You would find all restaurants closed during the set time. Football is a very popular sport in the UAE.

Costa Rica

 Lifestyle9 score – 5.44

 best countries to live in

  • People of Costa Rica are expressed the highest level of life satisfaction than in any other countries. Apart from that, there are hundreds of reasons that suggest why you should move to Costa Rica if you ever consider relocation.
  •  It offers an excellent lifestyle at the best possible cost. It’s well established, transparent political state makes this country more appealing, happier and fast growing.
  • Costa Rica is well known for their safety. You can rarely hear of people involving in any kind of crime here and there.
  • It is one of the greenest, happiest countries known for their beach destinations.
  • Since this peaceful country can cut back the costs on standing army, they spend their money for offering universal health care and free educational programs.
  • Their high quality up to date health care systems make its people healthier. Life expectancy of Costa Rica comes around 79 years which is one among the highest scores in the world.
  • Costa Rica is not behind in technologies too. It offers reliable high speed internet even in the remote areas. People of Costa Rica update their lifestyle with up to date technologies.
  • It also offers lots of business opportunities for those who intend to start their own business.


 Lifestyle9 Score : 5.51

best country to live in

  • French people are well known for their lifestyle. They usually enjoy a better lifestyle than any other people in the world.
  • France is set to have the highest number of Muslim population in the whole Europe.(Nearly 6 million).
  • One of the main factors which enable France to win the ranking is its world-class health care system. Expecting moms are treated like a treasure here.
  • It has won the title of “Best places in the world “ for 5 times in a row by International Living magazine which awards 100 points for its health care, safety & risk and 92 points for its infrastructure.
  • Special things about France are TGV trains, beaches, Food and culture, ski resorts, Extra hospital beds last, but not least it’s always warm climate.


  • Jeffrey Harris

    Just want to point out I live in America and bigotry and racism is one of the biggest problems to our country. Anyone who is different is not only made fun of but bullied,forced to be alone or with people like them,assaulted,and unfortunately there are plenty of White Supremacy groups like the KKK or Neo Nazis who are not only racist but will target anyone who isn’t white,christian,american(by birth),pro life,republican,or anyone who isn’t just like them and they are well known for seeking out and killing men and women who are different. Not as bad as it was many years ago but it still happens. Even you’re average people are brainwashed by the media and political groups like Republicans to hate immigrants,liberals,democrats,jews,blacks,hispanics,foreigners,non christians,and most of all Muslims or anyone from the middle east. If you truly want to know how bad racism is then look up videos of one of the men running for President of The United States Donald Trump (and doing very well, so well he might win)and listen to his fear mongering,lies,hate speeches,racism,bigotry,and general ignorance on everything. Most people treat our current president Barrack Obama like trash just because he’s half black, and he has actually done an amazing job in office. So before running off to America for the American dream keep in mind the people are horrible ignorant racists and most of our leaders take all our money and give it to the filthy rich.

    • tariq

      thats not true.

      • Shananang

        Yes it is ik how bad america is and how racist it is and how donald trump is a lie,racist, and insensitive person for presedent. Canada however is a great place and the best place i have lived in ever in all my life

        • tariq

          “america is racist” is a false statement. There are individuals in the country of America that are racist. I live in Ga, and go to a school full of international students. No one is racist here. The president is a racist individual, but a person can not judge an entire country with such population by just a few peoples judgements. There are plenty of good people here and much more freedom. Canada is great too, visited before, liked it!

          • Lafayette

            {I live in Ga}

            And where would “Ga” be. In the northern or southern hemisphere.

            You are abbreviating a state’s name because you “think” every one understands your “lingo”. And this is PRECISELY the problem in the US. The inability to look both outside AND inside to a question or issue.

            You presume that the world knows what “Ga” means because that is the little-world you live in. And, frankly, it is the same “world-view” throughout the US.

            Where people cannot possibly conceive other ways-of-living and, more so, other key-attributes of life-style. Like, for instance, the one Bernie is trying to convey.

            Lifestyle is NOT measured with Money, Money, Money and “Who’s Got It, and Who not?”

          • tariq

            It’s not that hard to look up Ga

          • ####

            You’re a racist for saying that all Americans think everyone gets their slang or lingo, because that’s not true. (By the way, never start a sentence with “and” you stereotypical pinecone.)

          • benson

            “And” at the beginning of a sentence is grammatically incorrect only when it introduces a fragment. Your use of “racist” doesn’t seem to have anything to do with racism.

          • Evelyn Po

            I am an American; however I have traveled many places around the world including Egypt. Morocco, Senegal, most of western Europe and some of Eastern Europe as well as Costa Rica. I absolutely love to travel and encounter new cultures and people. I think travel broadens you – you learn their are many ways to do things and that people are basically the same everywhere.I do understand your views of the USA because many people are very insulated and not interested in the rest of the world. I think the person using Ga, however, just didn’t want people to recognize the state, Georgia, which is a southern state and has had trouble with racism. I am all for Bernie and I think he would have been a great addition to the world. I totally agree that Europe has life more balanced with family and associations higher than money. Honestly, I would love to live in France or Italy, but just can’t afford it. It’s unlikely I’d get a permanent visa and would not be covered by healthcare..

          • petunia

            Doesn’t surprise me you like Bernie- I’ve read your other racist comments. He’s a nut job

          • Carlo Raab

            In either Italy or France, a US citizen would easily get citizenship after a few years of residence. Because both countries are colonies of the USA, in short. Moreover, health care is guaranteed to everyone in both countries, stupidly because that’s why those countries are getting flooded with migrants.

          • petunia

            You know where it is you moron- you’re just a show off. The US is STILL the best place in the world to live. The most opportunity and freedoms than ANYWHERE.

          • Carolina Piña Velasco

            What is it with you americans being so agressive? Is it the food they give you? The social environment?
            If a person becomes as agressive as you, must probably live in a very toxic environment. Good places make people happy. And hppy people are not rude to others. I am a chilean citizen looking for opportunities abroad and was considering the US, as I am a translator and have received many job offers, but after checking what people are like (agresive and rude as you) I will totally consider the US as a toxic place to live. If have you defend it so agressively, it means it is not a good place. I haven’t read any Finnish, Danish or even Canadians having to defend their homelands like you. It is very sad, the states used to be such a powerful and good country to live in, but with people like you, it seems like a crappy place. I wouldn’t like to have a neighbour like you. To prove me right, let’s read the kindness and courtesy with which you will reply to me 🙂
            Best regards, be happy 🙂

          • Shananang

            Most of america is racist but not all. Thanks for correcting my mistake

          • benson

            And the racism has infected American citizens of all races.

          • petunia

            A few are rasict – you need to move out of your crappy neighborhood if it’s MOST

        • steven wright

          So how is Donald Trump racist name some things since u think u know everything. Your probably one of those bitches voting for a president that like black lives matter or just voting because they will legalize pot. Tell me what u know about Donald Trump. Don’t go to Google to look shit up. U think u know the candidates because of the news and media and all those racist black people. Let me guess he’s only racist cuz he is white. Lol dumb but idiot.

          • Shananang

            Are you dumb? Why don’t you look up the wall he wants to build? And what he had said about mexicans? I don’t blame you cause i found out about the wall abit later. The world should be in a place where rights are equel to evreybody because we are all diferent but still human.

          • Gilad

            Do you live in the woods? Your HOUSE has walls. I guess that makes you racist

          • benson

            Equivocation fallacy.

          • steven wright

            he wants to build a wall because he wants people that are illegal out of this country how the fuck is that racist. wonder why shit is so pricey these days blame the illegals they are coming here commiting crimes and taking peoples jobs. its funny how all these people talk shit about america but yet they all come here in the end.

          • Derrick

            First off if you’re competing with an illegal for a job, the jobs not worth having. Second the reason why things are so ” pricey” is a direct result of supply side economics enacted by George W Bush. Third Donald The Flip-flopping Trumpanzee is racist because he says things ” Where’s my African American, I think I saw one here right? ” The use of “my” and ” saw one” is very racist, I’m sure being the under educated redneck you are, you think the only way someone is racist is if they call someone a nigger. Fourth a wall will serve absolutely no purpose at all. Immigrants will just use the existing tunnels that go under the wall that’s already there or build more. Plus to enforce a wall with the rest of his immigration security will cost more than the 117 billion it cost to support them now. Not to mention farmers will have to close up shop resulting in economic breakdown among the fertilizer companies, trucking companies that hauled products from the farm, and small businesses will lose cash money income.

          • petunia

            Wow- you twist words just like a democrat. You really have no idea what your talking about- go do some research how the Democrats have been very sneaky about keeping the AA down and poor… open your eyes

          • steven wright

            what the fuck kinda name is that you got. lmao you must be one of the illegals thats complaining lol

          • petunia

            Are YOU dumb? There is already a wall but a bad one… Hillary even said in the past we need to reinforce our borders- what do you THINK that means?

          • Freddie DC

            You’re the dumb “butt” idiot you no writing tool. MOST rational thinking people are NOT surprised when someone suggest Trump’s a racist. What rock do you live under? Have you not been following the shit that orange MF has been saying about any and all who aren’t old smelly ass white men? One thing we do know about him is that he’s a FCKN con man who has brain washed dumb asses like yourself. We may not know if he’s a racist or not but we sure as hell know that he plays to angry ass racists who storm into a conversation losing his shit about black people over some clown he doesn’t even know.

            We’re not your fking enemy.

          • steven wright

            wait so you call him racist. but what does that make you you just called him orange mfbasically calling him a orange white guy. dude also i dont live under any rock. i bet you use to live under a rock until u smoked it all crack head get a life. dude first off hows your criminal record. the main reason blacks bitch about not getting work is because they cant even pass a fucking backround check. and let me guess where you get your shit your talking about the news or media. get a life freddie bunch muncher.

          • steven wright

            dude serious and you think hillary is gonna do any better shes lied so many times but yet people keep trusting her. you really thinking shes gonna come in there and just fix shit for blacks just like that. takes time and time we dont have. plus its funny half the people complaining about trump cant even vote to begin with. blm needs to cool off also they have been causing problems on innocent people. why dont blm take it out on the cops and government what did these people do to you people. i honestly in my opinion which you have one as well is i honestly dont like none of the candidates but if i had to choose one it wouldnt be hillary. she is gonna fuck blacks over way worst you will see. just like blacks voted for obama cause he is black well that didnt do any good did it. im not choosing because of race and im not racist but i dont like any of this that is going on. i hate being put in it as if im the one who caused all this shit that is happening

          • petunia

            Still can’t name anything “racist” from Trump – he may be a lot of things but racist isn’t one… lol

          • petunia

            such a classy person you are…. would you list some of the racist quotes from Trump? Do some research and find some – you will have a difficult time…. You may not like him but he doesn’t talk poorly about a specific race. Saying you don’t want illegals in this country or Muslims that will attack us is not racist.

          • petunia

            Trump is President!!!

          • petunia

            We know Hillary was a liar and people only voted for her because she was a woman (stupid reason)

          • Evelyn Po

            We don’t have to say anything to let us know Trump is racist! He said it ALL himself! He talks like a white supremist – but he actually hates EVERYONE. Is is also probably insane!

          • steven wright

            lol yea and hillary is gonna do everything shes says right she is tricking you all to get your vote. look im not racist ok but i honestly dont like any of the candidates voting but i know i wont vote for hillary and all you know about trump is what the media talks about which is everything bad about him. im not saying he is a saint but hillary is backed by obama and others that want your vote to fill his pocket he is going to bank off continuing obama care which i think everyone should have a right to get there own health insurance and what not. look this is my opinion as you have yours. and how does he hate everyone. and if you support blm your dumb because white people that support that dont realize they fucking hate you and they laugh at you there even beating there own supporters but you have your opinion and i have mine god bless you.

          • Evelyn Po

            As I said, LISTEN to him. He talks racism hate, disgust. I am not his press agent. Listen to him for yourself! Hopefully you can make a decision if you listen to what he actually says. He is actually demented!

          • Cody Lewis

            Evelyn, do you KNOW that he hates EVERYONE, have you ever personally sat down and talked with the man, NO, you’ve only seen what you saw or read on the MEDIA, which is controlled with other people with MONEY, you see, I could say that my best friend is Gay, and you would have no choice to believe me, because you’ve never met him. Then if you here anything different, you are less likely to believe it, because humans naturally adopt the first thing they hear, and will stick to it until proven otherwise. Now my friend isn’t but it’s the theory there. I am not supporting trump either, but he still isn’t the worst person that this world has seen,look at Hitler, now tell me that Trump, is a racist.

          • petunia

            you will have to document some of the incidents when Trump said racist things…. he actually hasn’t said racist things. He may be a lot of things but racist he’s not

          • petunia

            They can’t name anything- it’s just the media and liberals spreading that. They can’t give examples

          • petunia

            STILL waiting for any of these jokers to list ANYTHING racist from Trump

        • petunia

          Move to another country or at least from your crappy neighborhood and friends

        • petunia


    • Spen418

      Let not put every American on the classification. There good people this country.

    • Shananang

      Instead of america just go to canada

      • Riddlemethis

        It’s ridiculously easy to obtain Canadian citizenship especially if you have a fat wallet and are from Asia.

      • petunia

        And have crappy healthcare? No thank you

        • Grumpus

          The US was ranked 37th in the last world wide study, and they have been falling steadily since. The US has the most expensive health care system in the world and is the number one reason for bankruptcy. before you start spilling the right wing propaganda about people coming to the US for health care check your facts. They basically come to the US for cancer treatments, treatments that were only possible because the US tax payer pays into cancer research $500 million annually, many of which will not be able to afford the results of that research. Many Americans die annually because they can not afford to pay for cancer treatments.

    • rEKTM8

      You’re the one full of hate, for collectively blaming an entire political group, religion etc… for things that a very small amount of people do. There’s only a couple thousand KKK members and have a very small if any influence on anything. “seeking out and killing men and women who are different” I don’t see that happening very much but in Islamic countries it’s legal to stone women and homosexuals, how is that not bigotry but Trump is? On the flip side most Muslims are very nice and loving people but less than 1% of them ruin the reputation of all them. I agree Trump is not a good guy and most likely won’t be a good president at all. I am neither a republican or Trump supporter, not even close but am curios to hear your response.

      • kris

        i am out and travel everyday and never experience or see any of what u speak. I do hear news of it………strange….i went to Trump rally and he spoke only of love for America. When i came home and saw the news…..well it was not reported correctly…….strange…..

        • rEKTM8

          Here’s a Muslim woman gettting stoned for refusing a forced marriage.

          • Ali Zaidi

            That may be a muslim woman, however i can gurantee its not becuase of her faith most likely its probably becuase of a family that is super cultural

          • Joshua

            The majority of a nation’s culture stems from its most-common faith.

          • Truthfull One

            Stoning is in the Bible not the Quran. Its the Christians as usual and then blaming others.

          • petunia

            I can tell by that comment you know very little about the Christian faith. Christians now follow the New Testament- has for about 2000 years… no more stoning – amazing. In fact Jesus himself said ” those without sin cast the first stone “… essentially condemning stoning. now the Muslims and Shira law have not condemn stoning – it is the punishment for many crimes -so I’m not sure how the Christians can be turning the blame on anyone

        • Evelyn Po

          Trump is a con man who despises everyone and everything except himself. He is also probably certifyably insane! Seeing you defend him shows me just how gullible you are!

          • petunia

            You talk about insane? How much money have you made? How many businesses do you run? If intelligence is insanity maybe you should be more so?

    • Btheladyinred

      I have to admit when I was reading Denmark are being number one, I was thinking how much they would want me and my half black daughter living there. I’m pretty sure she would not just fit into that perfect country. At least in America we do have diversity.

      • Gilad

        Diversity is a fifth column. Every group has their own interests, diversity breeds destruction and mistrust. Take your half black daughter to south africa

        • Muz


      • Freddie DC

        There are people of color in Denmark. You daughter would fit in well there as there are mulattos there also.

      • petunia

        They pay WAY too much in taxes and their healthcare sucks. Nice to visit though

        • Btheladyinred

          We pay too much in taxes and our Healthcare sucks!!

          • petunia

            Check it out- their taxes are much higher and they have to wait months to see a doctor… ours isn’t great but they have it much worse

          • Btheladyinred

            Their Health care is much better than ours period. We rank below them.

          • petunia

            They don’t have the experts- people are sent to the US for anything difficult they don’t understand

          • Btheladyinred

            That isn’t true and you are forgetting if you can’t afford an expert here it makes no difference how many there are. They also make more than we do. It’s on the top of country’s to live for a reason, so argue all you want but you’re wrong.

          • petunia

            wrong – my relative was there – had pancreatic cancer – they had no idea what it was – got sent to the US and was diagnosed and treated. They kept him alive longer than he would have been – and it was all written off….

          • Btheladyinred

            Yeah right. LOL

      • Ian Thomson

        You are seriously stupid madam. I’m Australian with some Danish friends who are decent ,I can’t say tolerant because that would infer that there was something for them to be tolerant of. When the rest of the world says America, they mean the USA and most people recognize this. I do not think of Canadians as American for example, and neither does the rest of the world. We are also diverse, but in the main, incredibly successful at integration. Hence our higher ratings than America in almost all important categories .But please, check other sources than American sources, not a lot of accuracy there.

        • Btheladyinred

          What are you on on about? How in the world would you know how a black person in Denmark would feel? Being a black person in Denmark you would stand out a great deal more than in the US. What about that don’t you understand? You are white, so am I so we would not have to worry about people feeling we didn’t belong there. You are very naive if you think all countries as great as they are look at all people of color equally. They do not. I am not speaking about your friends. I was talking about the fact the country is not as diverse as Even Australia. And Canada is also very diverse. Denmark no so much.

    • Dntakeitpersonal

      Well said!

    • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

      Then leave.

      • Caydence James

        He just said that he is leaving. He doesn’t need your permission to do it.

    • Gilad

      You are such a fucking idiot if you believe Donald Trump and the KKK are threats to the American public. The Klan hasn’t killed a single person in over 20 years and that was a lynching involving a black man that killed a cop and got away with it “mistrial”. And that was a single klan chapter.
      We have Muslim radical supporting Isis and blacks killing each other and whites en masse. Look at the facts and figures. If you believe in the crap you’ve written, you’re probably a lily white self-hating cuck that has never lived in the inner city. NYC born and raised, you dumb cuck and I’m not even white, sad I need to correct you. Had to say that before you pull the you’re racist card. I raise you my Jew card, any racist attacks will be countered with muh holocaust. Fuck you.

    • jammy jimmy

      Another keyboard crybaby pussy…I wonder where he lives not in my town in USA…

    • meatmann50

      I live in America and Obama’s policies have brought us back to the race wars of the 60s! It’s progressive policies that create racism

      • Evelyn Po

        Obama had nothing to dowith it! It was caused by the outrageous hatred that Trump promoted! He made it all right for all the disgusting little bugs to crawl out from under the rocks again!

        • Cody Lewis

          Ma’am there were sparks of racism in crazy numbers before Trump even started running, I am in now way condoning trump, he is a racist prick, but Hillary isn’t much better, look at the FBI, and Sanders probably only endorsed her because he was threatened or something. The whole country really is brainwashed, and it’s terrible. I live in USA as well, more specifically Maine.

          • petunia

            sparks of racism? How is that? I want references. The only reason anyone talks about racism is the Democrats started that rumor…. I have seen nowhere where there is racism.

        • petunia

          Trump wasn’t on the scene when Obama took over and ruined this country sweety. Racism has made a come back because of him. He is the racist

          • Waekup

            Your comment is flat out retarded.

          • Caydence James

            I’m going to tell you exactly what I told the guy above. President Obama didn’t “bring back” anything. Racism was alive and kicking for DECADES before you were fortunate enough to get a half black/half white President who was willing to REMIND YOU of this by these facts into the light. And that’s what the problem is, isn’t it? You were walking around living your privileged life filled with everything BUT having to deal with ignorant comments against you for no apparent reason, significantly lower pay for the same job, discrimination in housing, being denied credit despite having A1 credit, people clutching their purses when they walk past you, mumbles of derogatory words by strangers and being denied things that even WHITE CRIMINALS have an easier time getting access to. When you left the house you didn’t once have to think about being stopped and either humiliated, beaten or raped by the police that you pay to protect you or deal with people making negative assumptions about your character, education, capabilities, lifestyle…. because THEY thought that they HAD to be right because of your skin color, do you? And since no one is judging you, limiting you, avoiding you or cheating you because of the color of YOUR skin then all MUST be well, right? Well things are NOT well sweetie…… it wasn’t well LONG BEFORE President Obama took office! The problem is that YOU didn’t notice this and instead of admitting that or reflecting on how you may have inadvertently contributed to it, it was much easier for you and your fellow ignorant white people (not to be confused with the
            enlightened white people) to make up this narrative that THE PRESIDENT brought it back! That way you can both have something to blame him for (instead of the real reason you dislike him) and get to act like some sort of victim or as if you were inconvenienced in some way.

            Well, thank GOODNESS for human beings like EVELYN Po because if you were the only one representing white people, it would lead the world to believe that every white person in America was simple, oblivious and inhumane! Like I told that other guy – stop using the President to mask your obliviousness. Concentrate on being human rather than hiding behind your privilege. Only THAT will unite America and make it as great – not great again but as great as it wishes it were.

          • petunia

            You are wrong- we have riots now every other weekend- we have black America claiming wrongful EVERYTHING and more gun violence than ever before… has there been racism- of course… but OBAMA opened up a whole new age of opposite racism. Put us back 40 years in this fight against separating people by color. You assume because people are white they had a privileged life? You need to put down the crap pill that the media, Obama administration and BLM is feeding you. You don’t know anything about people, what they’ve been through, what could come out of. For that matter you think people that have money have less problems, fewer things that they have to go through become a better life? For years being poor you think “if I only have money”… that’s one of those Hallmark Movies- get real.
            You are one sad person and one of the problems in this country. A bunch of talk and no substance because you only THINK you know the truth…
            You’re one of those people walking around protesting against Trump- following whatever crazy crowd you run with. You have no idea what the truth really is but I’m sure in your head it’s reality to you. Sad really

          • Elizabeth Coats

            Trump has always been on the scene, plus, others like him. People such as Trump spread anger, hatred, prejudice, racism, bigotry and negativity like the black plague. This Country, actually, the whole World needs peace, love, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion. May love and peace fill all your hearts this Holiday Season and Beyond!
            ~Beth Coats~


          • petunia

            Tell us HOW Trump spreads hatred, predjudice, radicism bigotry etc…
            Please sight these references.
            Where you would like Love, peace and happiness – that’s an ideal that the rest of the world doesn’t believe in. We need some tough love so the world doesn’t walk all over us like OBAMA was letting them. Hillary was even worse!
            Again, need those references to all the bad things Trump has said/done

          • petunia

            I’d like you to list HOW Trump spreads racism and violence…. as a matter of fact – you should look into how the Democrats have been spreading racism and violence for years– the KKK was begun and run by Democrats. The Democrats now are full of hate and bitterness, anger and negativity. Just look at facebook and any headline! Tolerance? Compassion? The things that Democrats talk about but have not even come CLOSE to. If there was love and compassion do you think the demonstrations would have Molotov cocktails, rocks, burning the flag etc? Talking about another human being the way they talk about Trump? Compassion? Love? hahaha
            Love and peace are the Christians (no Democrats in that category that I can see)
            Yes _ I think you need to investigate these people who have “been on the scene”…. up until Trump ran on a Republican ticket people said he was philanthropic and generous and compassionate. Is he perfect – no, is he a good speaker – no. But I want to see results with my country not a guy who claims to have compassion and speaks like warm butter but is a narcissist who destroys our country.

        • Starkman123

          Stupid woman. Been watching to much CNN.

          • Caydence James

            …and you’ve been reading too many KKK newsletters.

          • Starkman123

            That’s the best you have?

          • petunia

            KKK started by Democrats? The organization where the leader and Hillary were buddies? THAT KKK?

        • jonnm

          Was racism due to anything Obama did or was it do to the reaction of racists to having a mixed race president. It seems more likely the latter along with right wingers joining them to improve their chances of power.

          • petunia

            No one cared if he was black – only maybe the AA crowd who even said they voted JUST because he was black…

        • Elizabeth Coats

          Evelyn, you are absolutely correct!

      • Waekup

        The only thing Obama has done is be black. THAT’S whats changed the racial tension in America. What it did was bring out the true nature of racist ass Americans that had subdued it over the years. Add ignorant ass Trump to the mix to stir the pot and you have what we are witnessing today. His policies have zero to do with race relations. If you’re not a racist to begin with no policy under the sun is going to change that.

        • petunia

          You are not only wrong and funny but ignorant of the world around you. He could have taken different stands on things and did not- perpetuating the race riots and all the unrest.
          And he’s 1/2 black – so we can’t even do that right lol

          • Waekup

            Whats perpetuated racial tensions is the blatant mistreatment of people of color in this country. Period. His statements didn’t pull triggers of police killing unarmed citizens. His statements aren’t handing out uneven jail sentences based on the color of peoples skin. “He could have taken different stands on things” is code for not wanting him to side with minority plight at any turn. Something that you wouldn’t understand anyway. You are living in la la land if you think it’s anything else spurring these events. If you can’t see that plain truth, you are the ignorant one.

          • petunia

            wow – you really have bit into all they have thrown out there. We didn’t have NEARLY the problems until Obama took over…. murder in every city is up – black on black and black on white – cops getting killed – riots… stats are all up. jail time is not unwarranted…. they are emptying OUT the jails of people who should still be there to make room for more! Crime, murder, rape – all up since 2006…hmmm….

          • Greg Larabel

            Uneven jail sentences? Your an idiot! Anyone who is a repeat offender gets harsher punishment. That punishment differentiates between judges. It’s ultimately up to an elected judge to determine sentences. Saying Obama or Trump has anything to do with it is fucking stupid. Get the fuck out of here. Besides if the black communities across the country would step up and do something about their communities, instead of looking to any government program to help get them out of the oppressive state they keep themselves in, they would be alot better off. Instead people like Obama and his mindless supporters want to enable further deterioration of these fragile communities into inevitable chaos, by treating them like the world owes them something. This creates divide and inequality more than any conservative ideology could ever create. Don’t expect me to read any of your bullshit comments on this either. I found this article doing research. And you stupid race busters want to turn this into a political argument. Get the hell out of my country, the UNITED States of America.

          • Waekup

            You simple, no fact having, or finding bitch. Stfu talking if you don’t plan to research a damn thing. This convo is for the grown folks. Sit your dumb ass down somewhere.

      • Roberto Fong

        I’ll never forget when the PE teacher at high school told me: Robert, you’re asian, you can’t play Basketball; just we, the americans can, because we created.

        • andrea

          Actually canadians invented basketball.

        • Caydence James

          Huh? Holy crap! That’s nuts!

      • wiseoldowl

        Your name says it all: meatmann=meat headed republican moron.

      • Caydence James

        Just so you know, President Obama didn’t “bring back” anything. It was ALWAYS been here and African Americans have ALWAYS felt it. The reason you THINK he brought something back is because up until he REMINDED you of it, you had the luxury and convenience of either pretending or not even knowing that it existed!

        Yes, even if we all won’t admit to it, EVERY AFRICAN AMERICAN has lived with and experienced racism. We literally can’t go a month without encountering it in many cases. So every time you (or anyone else) say that the President “brought back racism”, it is beyond a doubt one of the biggest lies told. In fact, when you do that, the only thing you’re actually doing is ADMITTING that you are so oblivious that you actually ignored the mistreatment of millions of people in your country just because they didn’t look like you! Meanwhile racism is NO worse now than it was before President Obama took office! All he did was point it out and now, in classic white fashion, instead of admitting it and doing what you can to correct wrongs, you’d rather once again put the blame on someone of color to avoid what’s really going on as if it’s some sort of inconvenience to you! That is sooo uncool and you’re literally embarrassing us in front of the world so do better. The world is watching.

        • petunia

          Obama is a laughing stock in the world and world leaders (with the exception of China and Iran) are breathing a big sigh of relief ( and have expressed as much ) that Trump will now be president.
          Old Barry let all the race crap keep going and building. Listen to his speeches- he egged people on. So Happy the liberals have been told to stick it by so many states!

          • CHOPPER MORTON


          • Caydence James

            None of what you said even remotely relates to what I just said so either;

            1) You’re just a raving lunatic who happens to have internet access
            2) You responded under the wrong post.

            I don’t know which one of those possibilities are the case but I DO know that I won’t be in suspense for long because your next reply will undoubtedly confirm which one of those happen to be the case.

            Either way, I’ve said what I’ve had to say and it’s understood by most people so…….have a good day!

          • petunia

            Took you a month to compose that one did it? Lol- this made me laugh. Guess you’re a liberal who “thinks” they are smart enough to have such a retort 🙂

          • Caydence James

            I wouldn’t expect you to understand this but there’s a thing called a life and sometimes it can call you away from comment alerts such as this one. In other words, It didn’t take me a month to compose it, it toook me a month to actually read your response.
            As for feeling as though I’m smart because of my retort – I’ll put it to you this way-for you to bring up the possibility that I thought that I was smart might just suggest that it was really you who found it to be a smart response. Not bad for a center moderate, huh?

          • petunia

            See… you did it again… lol
            Obama is still a laughing stock. And again, people who think they are smart shouldn’t throw out insult at others – it really makes you seem even more foolish

          • Caydence James

            It wasn’t an insult. It was an observation. Also my comment was there to make a point that much like FOX Noose and Trump you seem to think that simply stating something without valid evidence (“Obama is still a laughing stock”) will automatically make it true….and it doesn’t.

    • Will Gibson

      even though you are right about racism that doesn’t make America a bad country. It is still a very good place to live. Not everyone is racist.

      • eraofd

        With a very poor healthcare system, poor education system, and other things, I don’t think so.

      • petunia

        STILL the best country! Would be much better without Obama and the Clintons

        • Grumpus

          Best at what? We are the world’s number one exporter of military arms. We have invaded more countries than any other country since WWII. The US has the most expensive health care system in the world. So just what is the US number one at that makes them the best country in the world?

          • petunia

            Granted, the US needs regulation pf the prices of medication but
            The world healthcare rankings are based on the healthcare system not the care and skill of the medical staff and percentages of people who fair BEST after surgeries. Come up with THOSE statistics and I’ll be happy to take a look.

          • Grumpus

            The US has the most capitalistic unregulated health care system in the world and in the last world wide study they were ranked 37th in overall health care. The next highest pays a little more than half but they have a superior health care system and are universal, unlike the US. There have been numerous study’s that have shown the US greatly lagging behind for what they pay for. When it comes to the infant mortality rate they are closer to being a third world nation than a major industrialized nation.


            If you want I can post study after study… (

            Make note of the fact that while looking at the study’s that the US is by far the most expensive in the world…. (

            One must further take into consideration of who has to gain from fiscally by leaving the system as it is. Then again, many in the US do not see health care as a human right like all of the other major countries in the world…. (

            It truly is sad that so many that profit off of health care in the US see profit as more important than the health of others. (

            But I almost forgot… (

            Please, before you get into the right wing propaganda that is being pushed about people coming to the US for medical treatment, note that the US tax payer spends approximately $500 million annually on cancer research. Those that will benefit from it are only those that can afford to pay for the treatments. Obviously with the tax payer paying so much for the research, one can not consider it it an open capitalistic free market.

          • petunia

            Wow – Grumpus suits you! My point is that the study was about the healthcare system not pre and post op, not healthcare results, lives saved, correct diagnosis, being able to get surgery in a timely manner, recovery rates…etc.. I agree we have an expensive healthcare system – we are a capitalist nation and cannot expect doctors to spend hundreds of thousands on (superior) education and insurance and not get paid much in return. There ARE countries where dentist visits are $9 but what dentistry are you getting? what is the dentist like that gets paid $9 a pop? sheesh….
            Those other countries have VERY high tax rates so people can get cheaper healthcare. Unless you go by the philosophy that the rich should pay “more than their share because they have it”…so that poorer people can have what is “rightfully theirs”.
            Healthcare is NOT a right – ideally everyone should be taken care of but that is not the case. In the US – you have the RIGHT to “life, libery and the pursuit of happiness”…. no where does it say money, healthcare, free phones, etc.

          • Grumpus

            If you read the actual study’s you would have seen they did include post op, lives saved, correct diagnosis, wait times for surgery, etc.

            They too are capitalist countries. For that fact, only one country in Western Europe has “socialized medicine” and that country is the UK.

            Maybe you are confused on the financing. You would rather pay twice as much for less health care so that you would not have to pay more in taxes? For instance, in other words you would rather pay $1,000 a month with a deductible and limited coverage to a private health insurance company than have no deductible and everything covered and pay only $500 a month, but that $500 a month is in taxes? I myself would rather pay the $500 a month and have everything covered and be in a health care system that offers better health care.

            You are right. In the US, health care and education are not basic human rights unlike all of the rest of the major nations in the world. Maybe that is why nearly all of the major nations in the world have far superior health care and education than the US.

            I realize that you believe that society should help make the very wealthy richer at the costs to everyone else, that greed and selfishness is exactly what has destroyed numerous major countries. We live in a society and that society should exist for the betterment of all people within it, not just the few.

            “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” That is the preamble to the US Constitution. I’m sure that you do not need me to interpret for you that the preamble talks about ALL people of the United States, not just the very wealthy.

          • petunia

            Thanks for the history lesson Grumpy. If you read that preamble you will notice that it says the country (all the people) will provide all the conditions ( a perfect union with justice, defense, “general” welfare, and liberty) so that people could do it for themselves. It doesn’t say anything about providing people with enough money to make themselves rich. The possibilities and conditions are there- and many of the very wealthy in our country (or their families) have worked hard and started businesses that made them wealthy. It’s what has made this country great. ANYONE can do it. You are obviously a liberal and should probably move to one of those other countries you think are so wonderful.

          • petunia
          • Grumpus

            I know that you think simplistic cartoons may help you get a better grasp on the various economic systems and how they work, but they only will work for grade school educated people if the cartoons are based upon some form of reality. What your “mouse” doesn’t state is what “socialism” is. “Socialism” defined from Merriam Webster; “Definition of socialism
            1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
            2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state”

            Now please state which countries that your “mouse” shows as being “socialistic” has “no private property” within its means of production.

          • petunia

            Interesting that you believe “general welfare”, mentioned in the preamble includes social security since that wasn’t around until 1935, Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, department of Education in 1979… now the FDA was as a result of an act in 1906 but that was nothing like it is today.
            So what did this country do for 135 years without these “general welfare” programs?
            So for over 3 generations they were wrong? I’m not against social programs but this is the problem today- people think they are entitled .
            The Preamble is only an introduction, and does not give powers to the federal government. No court has ever used it in any case.
            The social programs you believe the country promises us are very new… the founding fathers did NOT write the preamble or the constitution to just give people anything but to protect us.
            There have always been those who try to help people (more power to them) in the 1800s there was a need that people wanted to fill- here is a list of some of the first “social programs”
            These set up unions, helped children in the workforce, helped people from being in poverty, Indians, people with mental illness, and women’s rights. Interesting to note is that very few of them were government agencies.

          • Grumpus

            Still having problems with “general welfare”? As I stated, those programs were created to help with the “general welfare” of the public. Noticed that you left out the US military which is a socialists dream of what actual “socialism” is. The government spends about $59 billion on traditional social programs and approximately $92 billion on corporate subsidies (that would be those that don’t need it, like Exxon.). But please get back to my question, where does it state in the preamble “so that people can do it for themselves.”?

            Further, you have ignored my question about the countries that your cartoon video states are “socialistic”. Once again, please state which countries do not have private ownership within its means of production?

          • petunia

            As I stated “general welfare” was always about protecting not giving anything away. The military is a given and is run by the government in most/every country that is organized enough to have one. It doesn’t need to have the words “do it for themselves” just as it doesn’t have the words about things being given away.
            As far as socialism –
            There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them- The countries that claim socialism share a common definition of “socialism” and they refer to themselves as “socialist states on the road to communism”. For this reason, they are generally called “communist states”. Meanwhile, the countries in the Non-Marxist–Leninist category represent a wide variety of different interpretations of the word “socialism.” many don’t bother to even define it the meaning.
            There are countries, such as Sweden, who don’t claim to be socialist but it’s the party winning the elections who have a “democratic-socialist” ideology.

          • Grumpus

            Please show where it states in the preamble of the US Constitution that “general welfare” was defined as protecting not giving away. If that is the case, then why is it that corporations receive $92 billion in subsidies?

            Further, Sweden, just like the rest of Western Europe are capitalist countries. For that fact, the only health care system in Western Europe that has “socialized medicine” is the UK. The rest are capitalized.

            You do not get to redefine what “socialism” is to suit your own beliefs. “Socialism” is clearly defined whether capitalists or anybody else likes the definition or not. That definition has been clearly established by economists to define the different economic systems (do note that economic and political systems are two different subjects altogether. )

            So once again, “where does it state in the preamble “so that people can do it for themselves.”?”

            Further, as economists have clearly defined what each economic system is, once again, “please state which countries do not have private ownership within its means of production?”

          • petunia

            Who are you to define “general welfare”?
            Please point out in the preamble where it says we will give people money, jobs, places to live…etc
            Here is the legal definition :
            Notice, but nowhere does it say that the preamble promised anything -even social programs. As I stated before, social programs started about 135 years after that was written. The preamble’s “general welfare” was more about granting States power and collecting taxes. It gave Congress the ability to interpret the preamble and what it meant to the constitution. I also stated that countries who do not claim to be socialist are run by democratic-socialist parties, like Sweden. Canada also has socialized medicine… Which started this whole thread to begin with. It’s crap .

          • petunia

            Looks like we’re at a standstill… We have to agree to disagree. Thank you for the healthy discussion… There are not a lot of people that can do that here on the Internet anymore. Have a wonderful and blessed new year!

          • Grumpus

            Did you even read anything at the link you posted? A simple quote from the link you posted is as follows; “Congress appropriates money for a seemingly endless number of national interests, ranging from federal courts, policing, imprisonment, and national security to social programs, environmental protection, and education. No federal court has struck down a spending program on the ground that it failed to promote the general welfare. However, federal spending programs have been struck down on other constitutional grounds.” All of those programs exist to promote the “general welfare”.

            I suggest you take a course at your local college on economics. It seems that you do not understand what “socialism” is even though a clear definition was presented to you. Further, I suggest that you may consider different media sources that will not mislead you on the very basics of the different economic systems. Obviously you also confuse those systems with different political systems.

            This link may help you with the Canadian health care system and show that it is not “socialized” health care. Hint: doctors do not work for the government.

            Once again, my original questions remain.

          • petunia

            Seems you don’t get that they did not use federal funds for social programs for 135 years – it was up to congress to interpret what it meant.
            I have a masters degree and I understand, I guess, more than you do. I suggest you read up on Socislism, Marxism and the like.
            As far as healthcare: Thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations have universal health care, with the United States being the lone exception.
            You really do need to investigate further and not trust CNN on your information

          • Grumpus

            So what about the 135 years before they had what are considered traditional social programs. They also had slavery and endentured servants, only property owners were allowed to vote, no interracial marriages were allowed, and these are just a few examples.

            As far as you having a masters, so what. It obviously is not in the field of economics or political science. That masters degree did not help you with the fact that you are wrong in stating that Canada has “socialized” health care, which is a clear indication that you do not know what “socialism” is.

            Glad that you know that 32 of 33 developed countries have universal health care. I assume that you know the total number of those countries that have “socialized” medicine. I’ll give you a clue, only 1 country out of Western Europe and Canada have “socialized” medicine. Ah darn, I will give you another clue in that “socialized” medicine is where all medical personal are employees of the government (meaning no private property within the industry).

            So once again, where does it state in the preamble “so that people can do it for themselves.” as you stated that it was there?

            Further, as economists have clearly defined what each economic system is, once again, please state which countries do not have private ownership within its means of production that was in your cartoon video?

            By the way, I do not watch national media supposed news stations. Meaning I do not watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc….

          • Grumpus

            I did read the preamble and more. Please post where it states “so that people can do it for themselves” as you stated it does. Further, it would seem that you have a problem understanding what “general welfare” means. “Legal Definition of general welfare clause : a clause in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution empowering Congress to provide for the general welfare of the United States (as through the collection of taxes)” The US military, Social Security, “food stamps”, etc, and federal agencies such as the Department of Education, the FDA, etc, exist to protect the “general welfare” of the public.

            In so far as wealth distribution, transferring a huge majority of wealth to the very wealthy has almost destroyed this country numerous times. Perhaps you have heard of the Great Depression? Or possibly the Great Recession? Or the numerous financial crisis because of poorly regulated industries that transferred great amounts of wealth to the very wealthy? I realize that you think that the very wealthy should have all of the wealth, that the lazy wealthy prefer to have others work so enrich them like the slave owners in the South prior to the Civil War, but they are the problem to societies, not the answers. This may help you with understanding where the wealth is going…(

          • petunia

            You put on a study where they ASKED people about wealth distribution? Really?

          • Tony Love

            Why don’t you go back to were you came from?

        • Tony Love

          PROUD American.You are so right! This country will be Much Better without Obiama and the Clintons,and their followers.

      • Tony Love

        I am PROUD American.

    • eraofd

      Democrats are just as ignorant and racist as the Republicans. As for Obama, if you think he has done an amazing job, you must be one of the upper scale folks. President Obama, like the previous Presidents, does not care about the working class and the poor. You are truly ignoring the fact that President Obama is one of the biggest supporters of the Trans Pacific Partnership and one of the pro-war Presidents.

    • Joshua

      The entire conversation this post started only proves that the USA (calling the USA America is ignorant and grossly innacurate, since there are many other countries in the Americas) is now a terrible place to live.
      If you want to live where you are surrounded by self-entitled and butt-hurt children, then move to the USA. As for me, I’m leaving.

      • petunia


        • Caydence James

          He just said that he is leaving. He doesn’t need your permission to do so.

          • petunia

            Just enjoying the fact he was leaving- but it’s only talk just like all the other liberal idiots who said they were moving but didn’t – empty liberal threats. Wish they would, the country would be better off

      • Evan Ineh

        In English, America refers to the United States.

    • Chikere C

      You’ve summed up everything I’ve ever wanted to say !

    • petunia

      Not sure where you live but you need to get away from your bad neighborhood and friends. Obama has made racism a thing again but it was practically wiped out. He has led public schools down a bad path and there are some kids who the liberal teachers have ruined. But, for much of the country people are good, decent and honest people. The US is prosperous and if you work hard and are decent you can get somewhere. You can’t say that for many other countries. The media has brainwashed you- along with many other Democrats-into believing the country needs their brand of wacko liberalism.

      • Waekup

        I’m not sure where you live but racism has thrived in America since it’s inception. If you think for a second that this country “practically wiped out” racism its because you are living in a social bubble of exclusion. Just because you have not dealt with racism yourself, it in no way, shape, or form is proof of it’s non existence. The sad thing is that I think you actually believe that close minded drivel.

        It’s been less than 55 years since the signing of the Civil Rights Act. There is no way in hell that almost 400 years of racist views on this soil can be wiped away from the collective mindset in that short period of time. Hell, the DAUGHTER of a man born a slave just helped to open the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Not the great, great, great grand daughter… the daughter. To even begin to formulate the opinion you’ve expressed you must be nuts, in denial, a bigot yourself, or have zero contact with any marginalized people in your personal life.

        The problem society has with people with your mindset is the overwhelming unwillingness to take any responsibility for damn near anything they’ve done to contribute to the racial problem in this country. Many conservatives are flat out racist who only publicly change their tune because they know their views are seen as archaic in nature. Every time some FOX news disciple actually opens their mouths about how they truthfully feel they’re immediately disciplined, and end up having to apologize for their ignorant comments, or fired from their place of employment. If their insights were so freaking spot on why in goodness name would everyone turn on them life a pack of wolves when they voice their view of the world? It’s because the base of their views rest in a time where they were superior to others, not based on actual merit, but by nothing more than color of skin and they hate that those times are gone.

        No real American’s advice to others is to move to another area or out of the country. Real Americans care about making ALL of America a place where anyone can live happily and peacefully. That’s the goal. Is it going to be easy? Hell no. However, real Americans will not quit until it’s achieved.

        Racism is the largest obstacle to achieving that reality. This will be something that will take generations to deteriorate here. The “Good ole boy” generations have to die off. People act like everyone has had the same opportunities, and that its be SOOOOO long since things have been “equal”. Things are only equal on paper. Anyone with two brain cells knows that. If all Americans truly cared about what the realities of inequality are in this country, they would get off their fat asses and explore the policies and practices of communities they so despise to see why they are that way.

        People relying on irresponsible media outlets to formulate their opinions on different factions of society is lazy and irresponsible and in no way speaks to the spirit of what this country was founded on. Since the big 3 (ABC, NBC, and CBS) are no longer the staples for news consumption, “news” outlets have turned to sensationalism to gain viewers. The easiest way for them to get people to check in is to prey on the fear and ignorance of it’s viewers. It’s pitiful.

        • petunia

          I live right by Ferguson so don’t try to tell me about racism and living in a bubble. Ferguson was/is a great place to live and people got along with minimal racism. Obama is responsible for being a racist role model to 12% of the population. He brought race issues to a low we haven’t seen in 40 years. If you deny that you have not studied history or watched the news during that time. Let me guess…. you’re a millennial … because inexperience and naïveté could bring you to the conclusions you have. You haven’t lived it if you’re under 35.
          Actually, Ferguson riots took place on one street with s bunch of people who didn’t even live there- fueled by a group that incite this young people to be angry. It’s A movement and Obama has done nothing to squelch it – so he’s to blame

          • Waekup

            You live right by Ferguson. Well woopty freaking doo. When you live IN Ferguson, in these neighborhoods, with the people that have to personally deal with the madness they must endure everyday then you will have something to say of merit. That’s as silly as people saying “I have a black friend so…”. Get out of here with that crap. The only people that see Obama as a racist role model to the black community are those who aren’t pleased with him voicing sympathy for the grievances of that community. Asking for equality for all isn’t an anti-white mindset.

            No one has to incite people to be angry. How people are treated is more than enough reason to be angry. Ferguson’s use of arrest warrants that target the poor is disgraceful. Obama didn’t set that system up. FPD did. So what did you want some outside entity to do? Obama or otherwise? Did you want him to calm the black folk by telling them that even though they have been treated like crap to just take one more on the chin for the sake of making others comfortable? If you have had a boot on your throat, would you care if the person wearing that boot was comfortable while you’re choking to death?

            Instead of waiting for some other person to make a change, how about you do something to change the system and environments that are causing you so much dismay. How about you take the initiative to make yourself aware of, and fight against, racist policing practices such as the use of quotas which only perpetuates the cycle of harassment of the poor. Use your GREAT INSIGHT to fight against the appalling arrest warrant system thats been abused to death in that city. Maybe use your morally grounded and well rounded existence to assist in putting a stop to the privatization of the prison system which imprisons your fellow Americans for profit and is a catalyst for abuse of power that effects all of us. Put pressure on your elected officials to push for removal of racial bias in the judicial system. Demand that law enforcement officers are trained correctly and not filled with a bunch of maladjusted, fearful, ill-educated individuals. Beat your fist on the desk of the police chief demanding removal of the “blue code” so that our good officers can weed out the bad and aren’t saddled up with scared idiots. When those things (and other socially imbalanced practices) are corrected, there will be no reason for anyone to be outraged in the streets. What you know about existing in that city, or in this country, as a black person can be fit into a thimble. Unfortunately too many people, such as yourself, try to act like you know what’s going on inside someones else’s house by looking through the window instead of sitting at the dinner table.

          • petunia

            The problem here is you you have no idea what I do and who I work for you do you consider yourself an expert even on what the police are taught in those communities. You’re just another armchair politician who wants to shoot your mouth off and not do anything about it except insult people you don’t even know. How are those community relations working in your living room? In your basement? Or wherever you are not doing anything to solve the problem that you are so readily willing to criticize ? I work directly with the community of Ferguson in other communities in the area. last night was a night the community was pampered by our police… They had music, games for the kids, hotdogs etc. black, Hispanic and white all getting along and enjoying the evening. We work with churches in the area and the community centers to keep the kids in the area busy and trying to help them make good decisions. So… What have you done to improve relations in your community? Or do you just like to complain? Obama has done nothing to improve race relations. In fact he could have been saying that we should all get along instead he encourages the behaviors that you see on the evening news . He’s not a good role model in his septic race relations 40 years. Sick to death of people like you who only likes to complain about it and gets everyone riled up. Put down your computer or phone and get involved yourself . Quit judging people and get to know them before you spout your mouth off .

          • Waekup

            Unlike you I have actually lived in environments that I’m speaking of. I have experienced the environments and people from all sides of the social spectrum personally. I have been entrenched in each of these locations. Everywhere from the economically depressed communities as well as pretentiously wealthy communities. Because of my exposure to multiple environments I don’t base my observations on random 3 minute news clips; nor do I judge other based on their physical appearance at a traffic stop. I understand that each of these places have issues that are sitting atop multi-layered foundations that, when dissected, reveal root causes to social behavior.

            You have painted yourself as a bigot in the truest sense of the word by the multiple insensitive comments that you have made here, and then you sit back and act like someone is verbally attacking you. What’s being attacked isn’t your person, but your infantile process of assessing your fellow citizens worth to your community and this country. If you express yourself as someone that is close minded, judgmental, and ill-informed on the root causes to the social unrest and racial division we are currently experiencing you should expect nothing less. Your glaringly obvious bias against certain people of color and the communities they inhabit places you, and people like you, at the point of problem and not the solution.

            I applaud the efforts that you have made in your neighborhood, but understand that the pat on the back that you are so desperately seeking for something that you should be doing anyway is an expectation of all of us. Community involvement has been a cornerstone of my existence since I was a youth, and not only here in America. This is why I don’t judge disenfranchised peoples by their surroundings and actions alone without researching the associated environmental sources. You would be wise to do the same. Behaviors are a result of something. Find out what that something is and you can then begin to walk the path to change.

            Obama, or anyone else for that matter, simply saying “we should all get along” isn’t going to stop protest by those being targeted by racially biased social policies across the country. He doesn’t hold that kind of power within the community. He is judged based on the content of his character and not just by his skin color. We assess his actions just like anyone else. The thought that the outcome from his making such a statement would result in dissolution of the movement towards social equality is over simplistic at best. If it wasn’t for protest in this country half of us wouldn’t have the rights that we have today. There were many people that held the same sentiment as you at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, but how does history view the results of that movement now?

            Because of the ongoing protest there now is a dialog in Ferguson that wouldn’t have existed before. Change has already started to take place within the city in regard to the unjust use of the warrant system; and with continued pressure, will hopefully result in other positive changes. A system that you don’t seem to have a problem with, but the Department of Justice does. I implore you to dig deeper into what you believe you understand, because you don’t have a true grasp of some of the dark realities that plague our society. You are far too trusting of the system. That’s common with people who haven’t experienced all sides of it. Local police departments holding community outreach programs are a positive move in building community relations, but are the tip of the iceberg in regard to deploying true change in a desperately flawed system.

          • petunia

            Again, judging me not knowing who I am, where I live, what I do. You don’t know if I am married to someone of the opposite race same race if were black or white, Hispanic or Asian . You sound very young and naïve and quite the know it all… Probably a millennial. You are one of the problems in this world, one of the people that prohibit progress by spreading your hate. You call me bigoted yeah do you have assumed many negative things about me … The problem will not get better until people such as yourself stop assuming so much about how other people feel and think .

          • Waekup

            The fact that you don’t perceive yourself as what exudes from every pore of your being is all anyone has to see. The only person that doesn’t see you as such is, in fact, you. You don’t even realize it. Sad… very sad. I wish you the best, God bless.

          • petunia

            The fact you are so young is the reason you cannot see beyond your own experiences. I pray you can open yourself up to realize there are many different kinds of people in this country and stop putting them all into one negative group of race. It goes to show how CNN and SNL has shaped the younger generation. THAT is what’s sad. I blame much on the media and Obama- history will speak for itself

          • petunia

            I go back to my original post that you need to get out of the neighborhood if you continue to feel a flawed system there. Get away from the people who are making you feel disenfranchised. You have as much, or more, chance of getting a job then the 50-year-old white male.

          • petunia

            And just so you are aware I’ve seen the people that they are giving arrest warrants… They TOTALLY should be arrested. They just don’t go willy-nilly into neighborhoods… These are criminals… These are people who done bad things, illegal things, dangerous things. so, again, until you know what you’re talking about…

          • Waekup

            Apparently the U.S. Department of Justice Department disagrees with your astute observations:

            “In March, the U.S. Justice Department civil rights investigation found that Ferguson police and the city’s municipal court engaged in a “pattern and practice” of discrimination against African-Americans.

            For example, in 88% of the cases in which the Ferguson police reported using force, it was against African-Americans. Also, between 2012 and 2014, black drivers were twice as likely as white drivers to be searched during traffic stops, but 26% less likely to be found in possession of contraband.”

            …. Know what you are talking about sir.

          • petunia

            I hate to tell you but the statistics are skewed because the people committing the crime’s, unfortunately, happen to be black. 67% of the people that live in Ferguson are black. This goes to show you that most of the people that are driving around the area will be black. Excessive force was needed because they resisted. What were they supposed to do?politely ask them to stop running away and get in their vehicles? I am sick of this self righteous, whoa is me scenarios. Bad is bad and good is good… Period.
            again, you are one of the problems

          • Waekup

            You are truly lost in a world of complete ignorance. It’s hard to believe that someone could be so totally lost. I would explain to you the errors in your logic (or lack thereof), but it’s painfully clear that you do not possess the intellectual fortitude to grasp … much of anything. Good day sir.

          • petunia

            What is sadly apparent to me, and not to you, is you live in a negative world of your own and wallow in the “black self-pity” that the BLM movement has built themselves on. There will always be those with prejudices but Obama has fueled whites and blacks alike and whether you have even been alive long enough to notice – has set back race relations to where it was in the 60s and 70s. The difference is now people are suckered into believing lies and are told to act on those lies by causing chaos and wreaking havoc. I would much rather live in my world where we all get along and there are just a few fools who we ignore than a screaming match with hatred and violence. Maybe you should think of moving somewhere better and getting different friends if all you can do is feel I am the one who is lost by trying to make the world better and getting along with everyone. Since you have never corrected me – my guess is you are young and naïve and easily swayed. Sad really…. you will learn to think for yourself, hopefully.

          • Waekup

            What’s sadly apparent to me is that “getting along” to you means to ignore the realities of my state of being to appease your delicate sensibilities. There are things wrong with this country when it comes to race relations, not because of Obama, but because things are wrong and have been since day one. You want peace through passive acceptance of condition because you don’t see that there is a problem large enough to create conflict. Being on the opposite side of American history affords you the luxury of a limited point of view. It’s many of the older generations mindset. The entire world views Trump as a complete dufus except for a portion of the close minded older American generation, and those directly taught by some of the close minded older American generation.

            Do you think that we are creating waves just for the sake of it? Where there is smoke, there is fire. No one is out here protesting, and risking their lives in the process, because there is a small injustice that’s creating slight discomfort. We have been dealing with this crap in our lives every day since birth. How you see our lives, and how our lives actually are … those are two different things.

            There is no “Black Self Pity”. There is only “get out of our way so we can achieve on an even playing field”. We want the road blocks removed. Everything else… we can do on our own. I earned my degrees myself, and I was born and raised in an environment that would scare you to death. No person should have to worry about being killed when they should be arrested no matter what color they are. No person should have to worry about being constantly harassed by law enforcement because of quotas put upon the community to satisfy a privatized prison system that profits from Americans lives remaining incarcerated. If you have not given an iota of research to the the systems that are being questioned then you need not speak on them.

            The fact that you concede that your mindset is “there will always be those problems” is in fact part of the problem. Those problems don’t have to exist, but if you aren’t open to the possibility that the world is more cruel and uneven than you think it is then you need to just step aside and let the doers work things out. You can sit over in the corner and live on fantasy island.

            As usual, your generations old go to “think of moving somewhere else” was placed nicely on the table. You guys are as predictable as the sunrise. You go somewhere else. The only ancestral individuals that have to right to start booting anyone are the indigenous people that were here prior to either of our arrival. If you’re not one of them then have a seat in the back of the class and shut it up. The rest of us ask only that you not interject your 1950’s thought process into a 2016 world. You guys are screwing things up, and have been doing so for quite some time.

          • petunia

            You are funny… I know you believe you are right. The young often think they are right because of ignirance

          • petunia

            You are funny… I know you I think you’re right. The young often do… When it is merely ignorance and inexperience. There is a “black self pity” that is taught by the generation before, public school teachers, the media… and groups like Black Lives Matter and the NAACP. You’ve bit into it…
            There is also a “get out of my way and give it all to me” mentality. This is also taught- I’ve had people tell me they should get the job because they are black. I’m sorry, are YOU trying to say we should give people who are black a job over anyone who is more qualified regardless of any race??
            As an employer who is, let’s say, running a factory – would you want the person running the machine a person who is highly qualified of hire someone over the qualified person because they are a different race? That should be insulting to any black person – like there is no one out who CAN be better?
            My family were indentured servants (slaves, if you don’t know that term)… brought over on boats in the hold- many dying before they ever got here. Sound familiar? The Jews were slaves for more than 1,000 years- I don’t hear Jewish people demanding reparations.
            You were one of those younger people who have taken everything in and excepted it hook line and sinker her. You need to think for yourself and you need to read history books. Get out of your surroundings if they’re that bad and get into the real world where people treat each other equally. Again, you were speaking about things that you are not familiar with and your inexperience shows.
            I have never once written for you to “shut up” or called you any names other than young, inexperienced, and ignorant.
            The problem with the younger generation is they cannot debate civilly and you are a prime example…
            Now, I have better things to do more fish to fry and people of all races to get along with… Why don’t you try the same

          • Waekup

            Now I get it. I understand. You are literally Archie Bunker walking around in today’s world. Now I know for certain what I’m dealing with. I’ll play the role of Mike Stivic. Aaaannnd Action.

            So the NAACP & BLM are self pity groups? It would be laughable if they weren’t your actual views. Fortunately your gen has one foot out the door, and the other is crossing the threshold. One more generation of bigotry gone. poof. Thank goodness your generations offspring has a more diluted view of the world than the one you have painted for yourselves. The next gen will be even less. Once all the Archie Bunkers are gone, or at least embarrassed into silence to stew in their bigot soup, everyone else can work on getting things socially in order.

            Where all this affirmative action stuff you’re spewing came from I don’t know, however blame your generation for even having to install affirmative action in the first place. If they weren’t blocking minorities at every turn from getting hired for eons who were actually qualified for the positions they were seeking back in the day, then it wouldn’t be a need for affirmative action now. If you’re going to be mad at someone, be mad at yourselves. Your generation caused the problem, now you have to deal with it being in existence. BTW any affirmative action hire must still hold the qualifications to do the job. That’s how that works. Do you actually think that there wouldn’t be stipulations in place for that kind of thing? Unfortunately history shows a lack of honesty in hiring practices which calls for such a program to exist. Don’t try to blame us for the lack of ethical and moral business practices in corporate america that made this mess to begin with.

            Your even bringing up reparations shows me how disconnected you are from anything even closely resembling reality of the black experience in America today. Do you think we sit around talking about that? Like it’s a real thing? You have got to be kidding me. We could care less. Any discussion about reparations is anecdotal at best for media consumption only. As an adult I can honestly say that I have never once had a serious conversion discussing it. Not in my youth. Not in college. Not as an adult. Not once. If anything we laugh about it because it’s a joke to us. If we WERE in fact sitting around talking about it, we would have a right to do so because it’s something that was actually promised. If you are going to be upset about reparations be mad at the government for putting it on the table and then retracting it immediately. If the governments word was kept when the offer was initially made then we wouldn’t even be talking about this. In short, we don’t care.. nor have we. What we want is a fair playing field and fair treatment going forward. Keep your reparations. We don’t want them. Reading your words is like reading a paper from 1947.

            What I will never understand is how a person who’s linage has such a utterly horrific history of suffering unjustly at the hands of multiple oppressors can’t conceive that it’s possible for systematic injustices to fall upon another people. Not only that, be a willing instrument in spreading ill informed views on said people. How the heck that happens I have no idea at all. Mind boggling.

            Again, please view “13th” on Netflix. SO many realities await you.

          • petunia

            And does Petunia sound masculine to you? Again, another indication of your youth and inexperience

          • Waekup

            What I need you to do is… #1 go on Netflix.. #2 search for the documentary “13th”… #3 Be enlightened… #4 thank me later for welcoming you to the real world.

          • petunia

            You need to think for yourself and it to propaganda- bet you like Michael Moore too

          • Waekup

            I’m sure that you view anything not promoted by Fox “news” as propaganda.

          • Waekup

            It sounds like a name not given since dancing the charleston was in fashion.

    • EGPMH

      Glad someone else sees the problem and that it has not ever gone away from when it originally started, some say it came back they are wrong to blame anyone one person the majority of the country is to blame. Sadly that is why I am not proud to be american at times.

    • petunia

      You are just totally and unequivocally wrong



    • Elizabeth Coats

      Excellent Jeffery. Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

  • Sumantr Arora

    Nor Sweden niether Norway are now places to be in this list …… These two countries will be worst place to live in next five years.

    • Neil

      No they won’t.

  • Fed Up

    Don’t forget that if make a simple business mistake even with no criminal intent as I did you can be convicted in federal court and labeled as a felon for life here. I’m disgusted and fed up with what’s going on in our so called justice system. I will leave this place and see what the world has to offer. Anyone considering moving here should understand how this criminal system operates. I’ve see many lives needlessly ruined. I’m ready for a change for the better.

    Fed Up

  • Fed Up
  • TyLean Polley

    What a poorly written post.

  • Shananang

    I farted

  • Nathan

    This post is on the right track for many concepts, but I know well educated american people that would die before they lived in Scandinavia. (Of course Vise Versa the other way too). Yet, I also think that someone who is an outdoor enthusiast is going to have a really really hard time in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and or Belgium. I am not saying they don’t have outdoor opportunities, but very little compared to New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, USA or Norway. As a Canadian who has lived in Australia and Norway, I can easily say that our daily lives are MUCH happier than most Scandinavians. We get more sun and are more open with one another in times of need or just in day to day life. My Norwegian girlfriend and I still joke about the struggles of myself as a Canadian when I was living in Norway. She explained that my natural open Canadian self was too open for Norwegians, and that the reserved boxed approach is more or less the only way to do things there. People would walk on the streets in Oslo and would look miserable. They are almost terrified to ask another norwegian for help with directions. My girlfriend nearly begged me to not ask someone for direction help. If you ask in USA/Canada or many other countries, you would have a swarm of people wanting to help you.

    ON a different note, Another big wrong thing here is that people throughout Australia, Canada, USA and other larger countries live completely different lives from region to region. The West/North of Canada/USA is largely involved in foreign concepts, has a lot lower obesity rates, is happier, and has large access/use of wonderful outdoor abilities. Unlike the east of Canada or the South of USA that is very obese, lack of outdoor ability, and in the east of Canada’s case has harsher winters and shorter summers.

    I think it’s all about perspective. No doubt the social benefits are amazing in the scandinavian countries but the long dark winters of the scandinavian countries give countless reasons for many to either use the “Happiness lamps” provided or simply commit suicide. I love all of the countries named in the top 30, but for some to put others over one another in many cases is actually just false/ going to cause some nationalism.

    • Nyarlathotep Flagg

      I’ve lived in Norway, Finland, Sweden and traveled around the world. And I will say this straight out: You’re lying. That or you’re badly misportraying this.

      It is a social norm in many parts of the northern countries, not to just bother people you don’t know. But it is not a norm for them to be unfriendly, unsocial or putting up any “Reserved boxes”. Personal space is something that is generally highly respected, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to ask anything.

      Another point which a certain known youtuber debunked, was the presumption that winters are just dark and gloomy here in the north. It is as of fact: White. Blindingly so, it is actually really annoyingly white. The way he said it was: “You expect Scandinavia to be dark and gloomy during the winter right? Like a darker version of what we get? But it’s not, it is as of fact white and bright. It is actually so fucking bright, that I can hardly keep my eyes open. And everywhere I look everything is white and shining, and not in a very pleasant way. It is blinding.”(Now I don’t remember it perfectly, but that was a very close likeness to what he said). That is not to say the sun doesn’t go down a bit earlier, but for most of the year, it is not as much of a difference as you might think. It varies ofc, but this last year, I can remember 4 days when the sun settled unusually early. In general it didn’t go down till somewhere past 17-18:00. I as of fact find that rather comfortable, when the sun goes down just as you’re having dinner.

      But considering the BS about Japanese Health Care in here, I don’t think this misconception is even half as bad. They do by far, have the best health care in the world. With an average life expectancy of 83. No other country comes close. But they give it the worst scores. Pathetic.

      • Lafayette

        {That or you’re badly misportraying this.}

        The above is most likely. Americans grade “everything” foreign in relation to the US.

        That hardly is the best measuring stick. A Yank, I’ve lived abroad in Europe for 30-years and the lifestyle here is far and beyond what work-work-work Americans can even conceive.

        Americans love-to-work, they are the only developed nation that gives vacation-time back to their companies, because otherwise they get bored-silly.

        But, that’s the fault of who or what? Their upbringing, I say … a wrong set-of-values. Very wrong values adopted without thought.

        Neither money nor work-work-work is the be-all and end-all meaning of our brief existence on this planet …

      • Nathan

        I was referring to our ability to be open with one another, especially here in North America/ oz/ many other countries; this really can possible lead to a more friendly life. Of course you can ask random people on the streets of Norway where to go and what to do. I maybe shouldn’t of said reserved boxes, but don’t bring your macho out too much since Norwegian people really are very reserved and shy. It’s not rude or wrong, it’s just different. My significant other has told me numerous times to not ask people where to go in Oslo, as she said it’s a little uncomfortable for Norwegians. So as a Canadian, I find this a little to closed. I feel as if nobody is happy here. I know they are, but even like smiling to people on the streets can be odd. Pardon me if I said something offensive, but essentially I am agreeing that this article is very poor mis represented. -Like most articles we will find. As soon as you start saying that one thing is better than the other, you are going to have personally opinions fly up. No youtuber has debunked the myth, if he did, it’s more than likely biased. I also meant that there isn’t much sun in Norway, like just sun you can feel on your bare skin. Historically, the climate of Norway receives more precipitation in the summer, hence why the summers are also not very long and hot. & If you live in say North of Bergen, your winters are obviously darker and longer. Even on the 60th degree of latitude in the capital of Oslo, or Helsinki, or almost Stockholm for that matter, it is a darker winter. It’s a mathematical fact. At worst, the sun comes up at 9:30 and sets at 2:30 in Oslo!! Imagine in the North!! 2 months of pure darkness. I will post link of it below and it can show you all the times of the sun. I have no idea why you say they are bright. My winter in the southern most part of Norway was painful. Can’t even imagine if you lived in the North. I know it’s dark up there.

        I just spent some time in those countries, and to say that it’s better than somewhere else is wrong. It might be for some people for some reasons, but like every article, it might be biased or not include certain pieces of information. I like the work life balance of the scandinavian countries, but they are definitely NOT happier people than many of the other countries on this list.

        • “Unlike the east of Canada or the South of USA that is very obese, lack
          of outdoor ability, and in the east of Canada’s case has harsher winters
          and shorter summers.”

          Have you ever been east of Quebec?? Lack of outdoor ability?? I honestly think a quick Google search would help you to not look so ignorant in your comments. Google “Things to do in outdoors in the Maritimes”. Or any tourism website for any province east of Quebec. And harsher winters? Really? Again, I live in Nova Scotia and while we can have some doozies for storms our winters are generally mild, like the west coast, and our summers are pretty much warm/hot from June to the middle/end of October.

          • Nathan

            Although I didn’t mention anything about Quebec, I will fully agree, it’s one of the places that is an exception. Quebec has a lot of outdoor activities and has almost the same level of obesity level as BC( the lowest). Actually you are wrong on the rest sorry, Go read the Government of Canada’s obesity information page. The east of Canada does have a much higher level of obesity. For example, Nova Scotia has a 10% higher rate than the national average. The government of Canada states that the mentality in the west is already leaning towards a healthier lifestyle/diet.Yet, I am just saying that in the west we have a ridiculous amount of possibilities, of course you can have an active lifestyle in the east, but since there is so much here in BC particularly, everyone eventually finds some niche like thing to do. It has to also be a combination of our diet as my step mom from Saint John eats like absolute shit. I’m not sure what your diet is over there, but there is proof that it’s leading your obesity levels higher.

            Your weather absolutely sucks, yes I have been there. The summer’s are absolutely breathtaking as you say, but otherwise, it’s cold and not really raining nor snowing. It’s like a mix and nothing sticks. At least when it gets cold here in interior BC, we’re talking snow, mountains, epic snowboarding, ice fishing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, endless possibilities. In Vancouver, you have a world class city that sure as shit gets to much rain I admit, but it’s still warmer than Halifax or Saint John’s for much of the year. Go look at the weather charts. Not to mention, if you’re in Vancouver, you can seriously do so much. Not like the east of Canada is a bad place to live, but there’s no way it trumps the west in my opinion.

          • Riddlemethis

            In Canada, you either get frostbite or you rust. That’s their climate.

          • LOL As if.

  • Snerp

    You have a picture of Banff, Alberta, Canada representing #29 Chile LOL!

    • Nathan

      haha Glad someone else noticed that. Chile is spectacular, but that beautiful Gem is from my home land 😉

  • Zachary Zarko

    I’m American, but I have lived in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iraq. All of those countries are medieval when it comes to women’s rights, gender equality, religious tolerance, and outright hostility toward non-Muslim westerners (infidels). Wearing a visible crucifix or carrying a Bible can land you in jail for proselytizing. In fact, all of these countries are so intolerant of Christianity that the Red Cross has to use the red crescent symbol there.

    Also, Shia, Sunni, and Kurds hate one another just as much as they hate infidels. All young people are required to serve in the military – so there are lots of teenagers running around with AK-47s. It’s a pressure cooker situation – not a nice, relaxing, peaceful place to live or work.

    • Carlo Raab

      The reason for all this backwardness is simple: the Muslim world feels threatened by the West and its assault on their resource. Simple to understand: stop getting so high on hydrocarbon derivates all the time.

  • Sig.ra D’Acciaio Lama

    I think there are a lot of false statements about Denmark. Denmark produces 71% of energy from fossil fuels It has 39% of women in parliament Health expense is higher in Germany I guess that the ranking was written by considering people living in the country, and the Danish are pretty proud of their own country, they live without problems and do not thinking about the future. So to say: dummies are happier

  • Rin

    I’m pretty sure the photo for Chile is Alberta’s Rocky Mountains…

  • jonesy

    Sweden, Rape Capital of the world. And second best city to live in!

    • Maximiliam

      Not really true and the data can not be compared as every country have their own rules of counting. Some countries does not even report any data!

      There are three types of factors that determine the outcome of crime statistics: statistical factors, legal factors, and substantive factors. The combined effect of these “make it safe to contend that the Swedish rape statistics constitute an ‘over-reporting’ relative to the European average”.

      Unlike the majority of countries in Europe, crime data in Sweden are collected when the offence in question is first reported, at which point the classification may be unclear. In Sweden, once an act has been registered as rape, it retains this classification in the published crime statistics, even if later investigations indicate that no crime can be proven or if the offence must be given an alternative judicial classification.

      Sweden also applies a system of expansive offence counts. Other countries may employ more restrictive methods of counting. The Swedish police registers one offence for each person raped, and if one and the same person has been raped on a number of occasions, one offence is counted for each occasion that can be specified. For example, if a woman says she has been raped by her husband every day during a year, the Swedish police may record more than 300 cases of rape. In many other countries only a single offence would be counted in such a situation.

      People are more prone to report sexual misconduct in Sweden as it is a very equal and open society.

    • Fraught

      Sweden is not a city, fucktard. Also, one news article from a sensationalist publication is not a good indicator for the overall statistics of a country. 99(.999999) percent of Swedes go their whole lives enjoying all the benefits of a life in Sweden (as compared to other countries) without coming into contact with rape at all in their everyday lives, or even the THREAT of rape.

      There is no country in the world that is completely free of crime, so what do you suggest should be put into the top 3?

  • Salama


  • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

    Denmark is #1? Somebody needs their head examined.

    Here are the first page of results of a google search for “muslim rapists in Denmark.”

    Something is rotten in Denmark.

    Every day, at least eight Danish women are raped or attempted raped, shows the latest victim study from the Danish Crime Prevention Council. It is estimated that around 3600 and at least 2,800 rapes are committed per year, the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reports. Of the cases that are reported, seven out of ten are rejected before they go to court, either by the police or by prosecutors, says the most recent figures from the Crime Prevention Council.

    Denmark ‘astonished’ at 1,000% Muslim Somali majority crime numbers.

    Sweden and Denmark have highest number of sexual assaults in Europe
    The finding was made by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights

    DENMARK: Muslim immigration means “Danes can no longer sit on their own balcony and eat a ham sandwich”
    MUSLIM immigrant gangs in Denmark are stronger than ever and hatred for the native Danish population continues to escalate.

    DENMARK: 17-year-old girl who successfully fended off a would-be (Muslim?) rapist by using pepper spray is now facing criminal charges. The muslim said “She should just be silent and allow the rape.”

    • Gilad

      We’d kill the rag heads entire family in Israel for attacking that girl, no shame. You should NEVER treat a wild dog like he is your brother. Put it down.

      • Carlo Raab

        Even a wild dog has its good reasons for being rabid. Cure it, if you can.

    • Krelle757

      I’m sorry but most of these “incidents” are poorly rephrased or dramatized. I’m from Denmark so i’ve of course been listening to the news regularly and i of course also heard about that last thing you mentioned about the girl fending off the muslim rapists but the rapist argument was, that “she never said no” and not that poor lie you told. They did debate of course what would be correct to do, but after a couple of weeks people concluded that it was the rapist to blame and not the girl. The same with the other incidents you wrote, most are simply just “lies” to make it more dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not trying to defend my country as the “best country”, i’m simply pointing out that lies like these happend in every country due to news stations trying to make it more dramatic.

      • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

        So everybody is lying? I’d really like to know. A guy from Sweden told me the same thing you did, yet the stories keep on coming.

        • Krelle757

          Well tbh i don’t really care if you think im lying. I’m simply telling you not to believe everything you read on the internet especially in these cases. I’ve personally also experienced a bunch of lies being told by news sites when i read about what is happening in other countries but yea i guess they are just a bunch of attention hungry morons.
          Anyways have a nice day

          • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

            I didn’t tell you that you were lying; I asked you if everybody else was lying. Get your story straight and don’t put words in peope’s mouths.

          • Krelle757

            My bad, i read your previous comment wrongly, i apologize. My previous statement still holds up though. Do not believe everything those news site tell you, especially in the likes of this situation. Cheers.

        • Carlo Raab

          Fact is, most of the new immigrants are MALES. So what did you expect?!

    • Carlo Raab

      That’s the result of letting all the rabble from the Muslim world (and Africa) in the EU …. to please the globalists. The safety of most of the EU countries has been heavily compromised by the diktats of the EU officials on immigration. The EU is just about finished.

  • Interesting collection. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Joyce

    i love how you did not mention Africa you piece of shit. What you think Africa is not one of the best countries to live in? Think again asshole, Africa is great, WONDERFUL cultures, food, music and lifestyle. NEVER forget.

    • Freebandz OG Double D

      Africa is a continent, ma’am…

    • Riddlemethis

      Go back to your trophy hunting.

  • Brian Richard

    Nothing written in this article is true. For instance Costa Rica. My God, literally everything they wrote was a lie. Extremely expensive, High Crime, crumbling infrastructure, a bankrupt CAJA ( universal health care system ) that is incapable of providing basic care such as removal of tonsils or hemorrhoids.

    • peter93

      I agree, you have to be on the ground to see the true character of each place for YOU. For example, I live in Canada and hate it, think it’s one of the worst countries you can ever have the misfortune to end up in. Others say it’s really great. Same for all the others. Too subjective to be meaningful. But I agree that generally one can divide countries into those with pretty nature/climate, those with less pretty nature, and everything else somewhere inbetween depending on who you are and what you want.

  • ANN

    I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (No. 13) and really love the life style here. Canadians are blessed and most realize it, especially when you’ve traveled. We have medical care under our government, although it may not be 100% perfect, it is still there when you need it. Beneficial to not having to give up your house to pay the financial burden when a family member has health issues. Not as good as the German medical system, which is very impressive, but still better than most countries. We have the city life, urban life and country life…your choice.

    Quebec has so many activities and events all year round that include water sports, boating, beaches, tons of lakes, balloon riding, horse back riding, ski hills, formula 1, dancing and musical artists, car and motor bike racing, arts, theater, football, soccer, hockey, free fireworks and free festivals, dog sledding, snow shoeing, snow castles, water surfing, hiking, fruit picking, skateboarding, biking trails, iron man, etc. You name it and we have it from coast to coast there is little Canada does not offer. The weather is wonderful, blue skies most days both in summer and winter. The winter can be a little long if you don’t get out and enjoy it. The sun on the snow can be blinding (put on sun glasses) but beautiful none the less and winter air is crisp and fresh. Fall you have the trees of many colors and gorgeous scenery’s.

    There are a multitude of international cultures that are integrated into this great country. All nationalities here are considered equal and treated as humans not like outsiders. It is an ignorant and small person who attacks others instead of embarrassing their differences. Here people laugh and smile all the time. We say hello to strangers and help outsiders when needed. Last winter I was stuck in a ditch due to slippery road conditions and within 30 minutes, 4 vehicles had stopped and asked if I required assistance. What a great place, when people care about each other. In Montreal, we respect our differences and take what is the best from all nationalities. The French language is used in Quebec and commonly use in Montreal however, you will hear many languages. There are so many diversities of people that we get to enjoy the best from other places without having to go very far. I’ve enjoyed the African, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German and many other types of foods, languages, music, arts and stories from their homes during activities and festivals held in and around Montreal. These various cultures contribute to make Canada the wonderful environment it has become. I am proud to be a Canadian and part of this world. It is inspiring to see people of all cultures join together and make a better place for all to live and enjoy.

    The work force is strong here and there are jobs for those who are willing and able to work. The minimum wage is presently at $10.55, not as strong as it should be in my opinion however it is better than starving. We have other government assistant programs for those who need them.

    Air pollution is high in Montreal compare to some places. Most rural areas are clean but the downtown core can sometimes get dirty as there are many activities where people litter and the clean up can sometimes take time. There are also drunk people who have a tendency to urinate in corners leaving an unpleasant odor at times. We also have a homeless population that beg on street corners, mostly in the core of Montreal. I believe there are negative sides to any place you get to know. Not everything is nice and rosy, there is bigotry racism and hatred everywhere, you should stop it by removing it from your life…if everyone did this it would disappear.

    The scenery in Canada is impressive when you travel, which I have seen from coast to coast, and I would recommend this trip to anyone. I loved it, seeing all the wild life, rocky mountains, lakes, and life styles in general. I had been ignorant to some facts about Canada and this trip made me realized that Canadians are truly blessed, also that Canada has a protected rain forest. Fantastic right… lol I’ve been lucky and have traveled to Egypt, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, USA, Cuba, Dominican, Mexico and all of Canada (except PEI and Newfoundland) which I will do soon. Each country has many wonderful things to see and do which are unique to themselves.

    I was looking for a new home to semi-retire, where the ocean water is warm and life has an easy pace. Where I would encounter new friends and create my new world of happiness within. That is what brought me to this site. After reading the comments here I am certain I can eliminate some places and thank those who took the time to write. I would definitely keep my base home here in Canada but still build another life in a foreign country. Hopefully I will choose wisely.

    • Riddlemethis

      Montreal sucks and Vancouver is the best place on earth…at least that’s what Vancouverites say despite all their issues with money laundering and high cost of living.

      • Carlo Raab

        Canada and the USA are far too expensive places where to live. If you don’t have a very well paid job you live a simple life because everything about you is gauged by those societies on the amount of money you make. Pathetic. I forgot to mention the unpleasantness of the Canadian Immigration officers … like the Inquisition and all devoted to fend off possible “illegal” immigrants. From a country made up by waves of illegal immigrants (as seen from the natives’ point of view) that is unacceptable!

    • Carlo Raab

      I’m from Europe and have lived in Montreal for several months, on two occasions. The place sucks, as an American would say, and came to prefer the USA which still I find a racist and dangerous place. The people in Montreal are the problem, they are of many races but never mix and you can end up being very isolated if you are a newcomer. The impression they gave me is to be there just to study, work and earn money. They cannot talk about anything else: study, work, make money. I don’t know about other places in Canada, yet, but find the USA better than Montreal and Quebec and many countries in Europe, despite all the new illegal immigrants, are still best.

    • petunia

      Thanks for sharing- I can tell you love your country. You have made it sound so nice- if Hillary wins I may be moving there! Cheers

  • Riddlemethis

    Denmark? The lack of sunshine and cold climate? You need to have a lot of Viking in your DNA or you’ll end up getting many health issues as a result of their climate.

    • Maximiliam

      The fantastic summers more than make up for the cosy winters! 🙂

  • That’s really nice countries to live and you think economy of France is high after Truck driver attack on peoples read more about France make change France Number

  • steven wright

    so it goes vote hillary and we got obama still in the picture which alot of people dont realize hes helping hillary so he can continue to fill his pockets which alot of people dont realize thats why they want you voting for her and all her donations are from people that have nothing to do with this country. and if i vote trump idk yet what will happen but either way were fucked.

  • Patrick Nguyen

    Soon all these countries will be destroyed by Chinese investments.

  • Jim Doe

    Sweden is nr.1?Yea right,the worst country to live in at the moment.
    Things have changed drastically in 2015/2016 and the countries that used to be in the top are now at the bottom.Reason?Terrorism and high crime rate due to the influx of illegals.
    The safest countries to live in,at least in Europe right now are Slovenia,Slovakia,Czech Republic,Croatia,Hungary and Poland,
    This is the new safe Europe,the other EU countries have been compromised.

    • Carlo Raab

      Slovenia,Slovakia,Czech Republic,Croatia,Hungary and Poland? … maybe, but can you speak ANY of these languages? And NO, you cannot really do away with just knowing English in these countries. You need to get to learn the local language and it’s very hard. That’s partly why the illegal immigrants don’t go there, besides their welfare system is non-existent.
      And YES, the safety of life in most EU countries has been compromised by the invasion of new illegal immigrants from the ME and especially from Africa. We Europeans have to thank the globalists for that disaster.

  • Nick Adshead

    Number 29 is emerald lake Canada not Chile.

  • peter

    No Woman will want to live in Quatar or any muslim Country , Second as i know there are a lot of suicides in Denmark . From The weather .
    So i don’t believe these are the best countries to live.

  • Denmark is also a country full of anti-depressants so………

  • Derrick

    USA- The cost of living is on the rise, education is some of the worst in the world, maternity leave is based on where you work but rarely over 2 weeks, crumbling infrastructure, quality of life is put on the back burner, 50 to 84 hour work weeks, health and well-being of citizens is among the lowest priority, more pollution from automobiles than most if not top spot, racism is and always will be rampant, military spending 6 times more than that on education at 601 billion while only spending 85 billion on transportation, people are generally nice and polite to your face at least, generally speaking the quality of life in the US is very fast pace work oriented, with little or no time to watch your children grow into poorly educated adults who will almost certainly need government assistance due to economic deterioration. Oh drugs and illegal immigrants are rampant as well. Super Power USA, the next Russia in 15yrs or less!

    • Carlo Raab

      I entirely agree with this analysis. The USA (and North America in general) sucks.

  • Omar Seguna
  • Andreas Ursin Hellebust

    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your list here, even though I had really low expectations to come to a new (to me) website to read “just another list”. The facts for each country are really interesting and different compared to similar lists. It must have taken quite a bit of time to research all these things 🙂

    As a constructive tip, I think you should include also “weather” as one of your categories. I live in Northern Norway, and even though we have 24 hour sunlight in the summer, we also have 24 hour darkness in the winter. The winter months are really brutal on most people, and will have health issues for many people (both physical and psychological).

    But once again: thanks for such a refreshing and thorough list.

  • Felicia Morris

    I live in America and I seen that America is known for freedom of speech? That I am big fat lie. We don’t have freedom of nothing. Americans are full racism and if you are different you will be bullied mistreated and put down. If you have any brown color you will be discriminated against. You don’t have Freedom of religion. They say citizens have constitutional rights but they are broken every day. Also civil war means nothing because they still treat and carry black people like slaves. America moto should be if you are white your right.

  • Steve

    All that matters in America is money… Not morals, not honesty, not integrity, not decency, not rationality. Everyone plays the role of a rat. Nobody is trustworthy and it’s everyone for themselves. You will hate life here or try to convince yourself it will get better… but it never does

  • Keith B

    OK .. Jeff… You start out saying 2 things is the 1 thing. so which one is it? one thing or the other? Not even worth responding to really. But the topic is hot. So why not?

    Bigotry and Racism are NOT the biggest problem with america. The FDA, DEA and IRS are three of the biggest problems with our country. Not to mention corruption in government. (except that’s the problem with all 3, corruption)

    You people with attacking any one group.
    Saying it is all one group, republican or democrat. is lumping people into groups. Which is unrealistic, to start, but also alienates the one side, while endearing the other. Republicans and Democrats have both made this problem. No one president is to blame, no religious group.
    YOU sitting there not voting, but crying about the elections.

    All of you can stay though. We started this country with the idea that all people no matter how brainwashed, uneducated, hateful, or stupid.
    They are all welcome here.
    We will take my tax money and give it to them too! WHY NOT!

    If you think that America is in some way referring to the America’s, you are not from here. If you are not from America, then talk about something you know. This isn’t for you.

  • Roberto Fong

    let me tell you, Costa Rica is a big lie, I went to there and the people are disrespectful, the cities are always dirt, there is no order, I loved the nature of the country but, they don’t take care of it. I heard Costa Rica is the Switzerland of Central America but I never saw it. I don’t think countries like Costa Rica, Qatar or United Arab Emirates are at the European freedom level or citizen education. Greetings from America!!

  • debra beverly

    I really appreciate, contact him for any hacking help because he help me reveal my ex cheating profile, now am free from cheating lover thanks to him. Tell him Debra.

  • Rinald Covington

    Man, fuck America… Land of the Free my ass. People don’t leave thia country because of the fears of the world that the media portraits to keep us here. Why do you think it’s so hard to leave or make enough to see other places outside of this fucked up country. Hard working people die to live and can’t even retire no more hardly.

  • Rinald Covington


  • Tim

    Why is everyone so mad about living in the US? There might be 200 bad cops in a population in 340 million. Our election is in fact terrible, but how much will it really affect us as citizens? Will our national debt matter when I go to work? No. It won’t. Hillary is corrupt and Trump is a complete idiot – I know that. But what I don’t get is why people judge the United States on the candidates. I also don’t understand why you think the KKK is such a big problem. They are a hate group that is under control now. What they say and do is terrible, but they aren’t a problem. If you ask me, I could not live anywhere else than the United States, despite my race. Muslims are here, but they have only had a few accidents. If you want to see a melting pot of cultures, come to the United States. If you want the assurance of safety, come to the US. If you want freedoms in all shapes and sizes, come to the United States. God Bless America.

  • Brian Fellow

    WOW. Explains why I haven’t lived anywhere but Australia and New Zealand. I wouldn’t emigrate to the US unless I had a compelling reason to. Feel sorry for the Mexicans that go there thinking that it’s better lol. I do lots of business with the US (just the nature of the industry I’m in), but am desperate to avoid ever having to move there. I do want to do a “theme park holiday” with my daughter there admittedly, as some of those theme parks look awesome! Notwithstanding, I am grateful that I live in the relative land of milk and honey, as opposed to the naive Adam Smithian wealthy and vast tracts of bitter poor that are endemic to the US.

    Australia and New Zealand are far, far better countries to live in. New Zealand is growing at nearly 4% GDP per annum, it won’t be long before it is wealthier than the US in a GDP per capita sense due to the US GVT debt (NZ GVT virtually has no debt in comparison) and the 100M poor people that the US has created within its own borders. You can’t GROW with 40% of your population on the poverty line or below with no access to proper education and healthcare, and GVT debt at 70% of GDP. Where’s the growth going to come from lol? Wake up. America can’t grow. 100M people in the US on or below the poverty line – you only have to drive outside of Plano Texas and you hit the slums, and everyone you meet is illiterate and earns $7 bucks an hour and has no chance of earning more. Massive poverty belt getting worse, massive GVT debt, and they actually think they can trade their way out of that hole. GVT tax take has to pay interest on money borrowed before health care and education. It’s a bloody time bomb over there.

    To avoid the US time bomb, NZ and Australia have aligned themselves with Asia and Europe in terms of trade – minimal dependencies on the US as it is in a deep, deep hole due to decades of economic and social mismanagement. The Trickle down Adam Smith economic model of the US is WRONG. It keeps the 100M poor, meaning they can’t contribute to growth, can’t educate their children, sad really. Need a more European egalitarian model like New Zealand, Australia and Europe if you want long term sustainable growth, health, wealth and low GVT Debt. US – you got it WRONG and you need to fess up and change at a fundamental level. Issue is, US, you are way too divided to change. There will be many who STRONGLY agree with what I am saying (in the US), and many who VIOLENTLY disagree. There’s the problem. DIVISION on an almost tectonic scale.

    A guy like Trump is just a manifestation of the Central and Southern States finally having a vent for their anguish at earning 7 bucks an hour at Burger King, and a few wealthy Republicans who will vote Republican irrespective of how insane to do so is, or who know that lower corporate taxes will benefit them directly (which it will).

    Trump is like Hitler – “listen to me, I’ll squash the Jews – they are your problem (read illegal immigrants and Mexicans) – they are why you earn 7 bucks an hour at McDonald’s. I’ll cancel NAFTA (cars being manufactured in Mexico etc.) etc.”. Putting tariffs on car imports isn’t going to do squat, except make cars more expensive AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, RAISE GVT REVENUE TO REPLACE THE TAX CUTS HE IS GIVING TO HIS MATES (I.E. Working PEOPLE PAY MORE FOR IMPORTED GOODS SO CORPORATIONS CAN PAY LESS TAX – HUH?. There’s no fundamental shift in trying to change the declining productivity base in the US in Trump’s policies – it’s shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic stuff.

    The US GVT can’t afford to subsidise manufacturing, only to put tariffs on imports to raise GVT revenue which MAY (and I say MAY) bring some manufacturing onshore, but I DOUBT it. It costs billions to setup manufacturing and who is going to fund that just because genius Trump puts a few tariffs on imported Mexican cars. OK – Trump is going to make coal exporting easier. What a bloody genius. China (world’s largest demand source) is trying to EXIT coal. I’m from AUSTRALIA which has some of the world’s largest coal reserves (bigger than the US), and we can’t sell it, and we can land it in China cheaper than the US. Nobody wants coal, and if China does, they can buy it out of India for next to nothing and rail it straight into Chinese power plants. Trump thinks because his daddy gave him a few hundred million to start in property (he says a million, but that’s a crock – his father was the successful one as he started with nothing) and he purchased some real estate in New York that went up in value (not to mention he blew half of the capital gains on shonky Casinos, Universities [Trump University lol – I’d be ashamed to have that one on my CV] and Beauty Pageants to feed his own ego) he has some credibility to run the US economy. The guy’s a disaster economically, and he’s not right in the head, but, sadly, he does represent the state of the US at present – divided, broke, broken.

    However, it’s not all doomsday for the US. I would rate the US #1 globally at innovation and top end education. If it can nurture more people to utilise these innate US capabilities by giving them access to the resources where they can flourish, it can come right. US people are entrepreneurial by nature, and risk takers. This is to be respected, and is wonderful – that’s what makes the US great. The US needs to go back and have a look at how it distributes wealth (be more European and Antipodean in nature) to create more opportunities for more people, WITHOUT losing its core capabilities that do “make the US great” – innovation, entrepreneurship, risk taking, top end education (if you can access it). This requires an adjustment of somewhat tectonic proportions in socio economic thinking and policy.

    On border protection. The US has a serious problem with its southern border. Trump is right here. This problem does degrade the quality of life for Americans. Importation of illicit drugs and people into the US is a problem of herculean proportions, and must be addressed. You put Australia superimposed where the US is geographically, you would have a harsher response to the southern border issue. I just think that the ‘build a wall’ rhetoric wasn’t the right way to go about solving the issue. For a start, there is a wall already for a portion of the border – it’s not a new concept. Are walls really the best way to go? Use technology – have drones going up and down the border continuously 24 x 7, use satellites, use lasers between points that crisscross a zone and track movement . Secondly, if an illegal immigrant commits a crime, they get deported immediately – they shouldn’t be there. There are all fair and valid measures and easy to justify. But saying “you’ll round em up like cattle and ship them back” seems a) expensive and b) so 1940’s. And if they stay in the US, pay taxes, contribute, don’t commit crimes and don’t draw down pension of social services (because they are illegal), who cares? They shouldn’t be there, sure, but there’s not much point in rounding them up house by house, which will cost billions. Just beef up the justice system a bit so that if they commit a crime, they are gone.

    On free trade and NAFTA. Because Mexico has taken on all the manufacturing that used to be in the US, DON’T cancel NAFTA? That will make Mexico poorer, increase the demand side of border flow, and won’t do anything to improve the US economy (i.e. won’t bring jobs make home). All Western countries have had to evolve and have lost manufacturing. Nowadays, if you don’t have a capability in IT innovation, biotech, high end manufacturing (manufacturing where unit cost of the product has a large margin because it is unique and has a technical patent or other barrier to competition) and top end service industries you are going to go backwards. Bulk manufacturing is ‘donkey see, donkey do’ stuff – there’s no wage growth in it for Western countries – leave it to countries who have a lower wage based. Countries have to play to their competitive advantages nowadays, and I am sort, but low margin manufacturing where wages are more than 4% of the COGS is not a place Western countries want to be playing in. If you want industries that you have to compete on wage (i.e. where labour cost forms a major part of the competitive advantage) and are a western country then “sorry, you are in the wrong industry”.

    Take DAIRY in New Zealand. New Zealand has a relatively high wage structure. BUT, it grows more grass per hectare than anywhere else in the world. Cows produce more milk per cow per week, and production plants are closer to the farms on average than anywhere else in the world. The higher cost of labour (compared to Brazil, for example) is more than offset by Supply Chain advantages (New Zealand is a dairy farm) , on farm productivity and the ability to grow grass and produce more milk per cow per week than anywhere else on the planet. Part of this competitive advantage is climate, part is technology and innovation and part is New Zealand has been constantly improving for well over 100 years in Dairy. New Zealand dairy plants are the most advanced in the world. Trust me – I worked there. Every single drop of milk that is drawn from a cow in New Zealand goes into Dairy products, medical supplies (e.g. lactose interferon), back into the energy grid (methane is a by-product) – every production run is truly optimised from every angle. Fonterra has 50-100 pHD graduates (NZ’s best and brightest, and whoever they can import) working flat out to improve technology on farm and in plant. When a product is packaged from Fonterra and it states “At least 150g”, there will be 150.0000001g in the packet. This precision yield optimisation needs world leading capability, and it is constantly evolving. The US cannot compete on Dairy, and is propped up through quota and tariffs (i.e. by the US tax payer, contributing to the huge GVT debt). The US should REMOVE tariffs, focus on what it does best (which is NOT dairy) – redeploy the money from quota protection to where it is better served. Partner with New Zealand to secure dairy supply rather than pay the US Dairy Farmers guaranteed minimums for $/KG milk solids, which creates mountainous global dairy inventory heaps that take years to sell off and cost the US billions of tax payer dollars to prop up, whilst the rest of the economy that could better use the funds wilts like a rose without water.

  • Starkman123

    If they put New Zealand as the worlds “least corrupt country”, then there is a problem.

  • Frank Ofasisi

    So – I want to get out of America. People are war monkeys and the winds of war are blowing this way. Don’t want no Alt-Right, Gun-toting, redneck, black lives don’t matter BS. Let me find a place where people just want to chill out.

  • Lindsey M

    Oh look a bunch of Americans arguing over politics and racism. Please, don’t anyone go on a goddamn shooting spree. I’d rather deal with giving up 50% of my income in taxes and live in Sweden than stay here and deal with all of this neandertal bullshit. Wake up, people. Don’t you have anything more intelligent to do?

  • John Jones


  • Tony Love

    America is The Best Country in the World.
    You have a choice,go back to Africa.
    Nobody is telling you to live here.

  • S Taurua

    I don’t know if the US is only 24th, but it’s definitely not a top 10 country. An education system that leaves most Americans to the world outside their borders, massive levels of inequality and levels of poverty in the South, in Detroit etc., a wage system in service industries where the customer has to pay the wages of the staff rather than the business themselves and a voting system that is not very democratic at all.

  • saeid

    shut that fuck offfffffffffffffffffff about qatar , I don’t know even where the hell is this damn land located , then you are saying it’s No 8th in the world but stoning punishment is legal ??????? just fuck up lifestyle you are really made a shittttt ….so if it’s like that PERSIA must be number 1

  • i like spanish for insule

  • Carolina Piña Velasco

    Hi, I got here looking for info about life quality in other countries to emigrate from mine, and it was very surprising to find such good comments about my homeland, Chile. I wish that description you wrote was accurate. I have two degrees and yet live in poverty (and I’m not unemployed). This is the “american switzerland” only for wealthy people from developed countries. Here, everything is cheap for them since our currency is so low. 700 chilean pesos (the price of the subway ticket) is 1 usd. The thing is, the salary for 60% of the population is 250 thousand pesos and the basic cost of life (rent, basic services, food, transport, etc is near 800 thousand. (even more if you pay for health and education…. because although they are free in the public system, people die in hospital hallways waiting for assistance and public schools are worse that keeping kids at home without studying). In Chile you HAVE to pay. And it is a very good place for those who have money. The remaining 40% who do not get the minimum wage of 250, most make between 400 and 600 thousand (someone I know is an engineer and is making 600 thousand) and less people make above 600 and so on, as a pyramid.. As a translator I am unemployed but as a teacher, I used to make 350 thousand. Yup, being a professional. The thing in chile is inequality. If you research well, you’ll find that 10% of the population earns 85% of chile’s total income, from which the 1% richest alone owns 35% of total income. according to a report published recently. Chile is beautiful, its landscapes, climates, culture, it is amazing. But it is corrupt and sold out to foreign companies that own everything here. Even water is foreign (spanish). All those beautiful lakes in the south and the glaciers, and the geysers as well as wildlife is being destroyed by such companies. To chile’s owners (that 1% richest, the most powerful businessmen, who are about 8 men and their families), all that matters is to fill their pockets and therefore working conditions are extremely awful (more that 50 hours a week, half the salary you need for basic expenses) and leave no room for family life. Three salaries are needed and since we work from 8 to 19:00, who can raise children? That is why the government here is now proposing to exend daycare until 20:00 pm. I wonder if soon our children will have to spend the night at the daycare and adults at work. The pension system is a scam. Experts said so and people know so, yet they force us to remain subjected to it. It is mandatory (democracy??) No one wants that system. When retiring, the money pension companies have saved is less than what we would save under the mattress (because losses are grantes to us and not the company. The company keeps making profit, but affiliates lose their money). Besides, they give you the money monthly and they calculates as if you lived 110 years. Really. 110 years. Pensions for the majority goes from 70 thouand to 150 thousand. Did you know that the richest man in Chile is richer than the richest person in the US? It is. Research. (I could teach that as a tongue twister to my students, hehe).
    I could continue to write for hours. In short, abroad Chile has a good reputation because since the media is controlled, they inform whatever the government wants. And the governement is at the service of the aforementioned 8 billionaires who own Chile. This started after our dictatorship and it’s going worse. Many here wish to leave, many can’t afford it. Who could, with these salaries? A shame, being suh a nice place to live. Corruption is sucking the life out of my dear beautiful Chile.

    • Carolina Piña Velasco

      surveys should stop going to the eastern side of santiago (our capital) to ask questions. That is the rich area. Go north, go south, go to the countryside, go talk to the people who pick up fruit (main activity at where I was raised), go talk to the fishermen, to the lady who sales that icecream you think we love so much. We can’t afford icecream!
      Talk to people from outside that 10% rich who live as if this was switzerland. People here spend from 20 to 30 years paying their college loans! The fee for college goes from 250 to 500 thousand a month) God, who made this report? He/she knows less than jon snow.
      Go research

  • Nathaniel Pillar

    Not only is this terribly written, It is also ridiculous to see UAE ranked so highly. You even stated that they stone and perform forced amputations on homosexuals, and stone people for kissing. The country is just flat-out babaric, and the residents few rights and almost no freedom, with so many extremely strict rules. It is NOT a good country to live in at all.

  • Persephone

    Any nation that mutilates its citizens has no place on best or happiest countries in the world.

  • Jeff Sessions

    The picture from Chile is actually Lake Moraine in Canada.